Heidi Lovelace advances to Young Lions Cup final

Heidi LovelaceHeidi Lovelace is on the verge of making history. She is just one win away from becoming the first female Young Lions Cup winner after advancing to the finals following last night’s Wrestling Is Fun show in Norristown, PA.

Attendee Dave Muscarella reports that the Punk Rock Ragdoll advanced to a 6-way semi-final by pinning Eddie Smooth when her opponent missed a Shooting Star Press. Elsewhere, Kimber Lee made her way to the 6-way by defeating JT Dunn in the opening contest. Dunn countered Lee’s Ganso Bomb attempt, but the counter was countered into a roll-up pinfall. As it turned out, it was the only two women in the tournament who ended up fighting it out to make it to the final.

After Arctic Assault Ant, Will Ferrera, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Joe Black were seen off – with Heidi seeing off the Boar and Kimber dispatching Ferrera – the pair went at it, with Lovelace getting the win by making her opponent tap out to the CHIKARA Special.

Lovelace’s accomplishment is the latest in a line of big moments in CHIKARA and its affiliates. She made a positive impression at National Pro Wrestling Day last year, and got a win over then-CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston at Wrestling Is Heart just over a year ago. She was also part of this year’s NPWD in February where her match with Joe Pittman was seemingly the catalyst for the return of CHIKARA. Their match was a no-contest, but Lovelace won the rematch at Wrestling Is Fun later that month.

Heidi’s victory means that she will face Missile Assault Ant, who made it to the final the previous evening when he emerged victorious in another 6-way featuring Donovan Dijak, Prakash Sabar, Race Jaxon, Rex Lawless and Shynron. You can watch the final live on iPPV as part of CHIKARA’s Tomorrow Never Dies show from the the former ECW Arena on December 6. You can order the show by clicking here.

– Photo by Dave Muscarella


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