Pro Wrestling: EVE returns in XWA collaboration

Pro Wrestling EVE ChampionshipBritain’s Pro Wrestling: EVE promotion has been absent for close to 18 months. Reasons for the disappearance are still merely rumours with nothing officially being said, but it’s now back as part of a collaboration with the similarly returning XWA Wrestling promotion which was previously based in the north of England. Instead of having standalone all-women shows, EVE has now been integrated into XWA with multiple matches under the EVE banner, partially similar to what is going on with promotions like Absolute Intense Wrestling in the United States and Smash Wrestling in Canada, and has a nod to EVE’s Special Edition shows which featured matches from both genders. EVE returned this weekend with a series of matches to mark its revival.

Champion Nikki Storm retained the belt in a No DQ match on Friday evening in Sudbury, England by beating fellow Scot Kay Lee Ray in a match where the fallen challenger was attacked by Jimmy Havoc as part of his efforts to be re-inserted into the XWA Heavyweight Title tournament. That was followed up last night in Colchester when KLR defeated Havoc in a hardcore contest.

Elsewhere on last night’s Please Don’t Die card, Storm notched up her sixth successful defence by beating the increasingly impressive Pollyanna Peppers, while Rhia O’Reilly and EVE debutante Addy Starr continued their feud which has spanned promotions across the country, with O’Reilly getting the victory with her Rhiadjustment DDT.

It’s encouraging to see EVE return and with a different mindset to before, aiming itself to an older audience rather than catering to families. It separates them from Bellatrix, who are billed as being more family friendly, and offers similarities to Fierce Females in Scotland, though it’s different as it is set to be integrated with XWA and sees story lines with male and female performers being intertwined. Some may be disappointed that bona fide EVE shows could possibly be a thing of the past and that the title of the shows is XWA rather than EVE, but this means that the promotion (or division, as it may be now) can continue under promoter Dann Read‘s direction.

What do you think about EVE being back? Is it good to see it return and can offer a new aspect to the women’s wrestling scene, or has it been too long and things have moved on in its absence? Let us know in the comments.


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