In Video: Mary Elizabeth Monroe vs Nyla Rose & Amber Rodriguez in title action at Covey Pro

Nyla Rose & Selene Grey Covey Pro Covey Pro Wrestling is not a promotion that is talked about often. Like other promotions, its forced to take the backseat to conversations involving its competitors, as majority of indy wrestling fans tend to support those with bigger audience. Growing up in Virginia, I had no knowledge of independent wrestling or that there were promotions operating within the state. It wasn’t until I started following the career of a young Alexis Laree (Mickie James) that KYDA Pro Wrestling of Manassas, Virginia was brought to my attention. Vanguard Championship Wrestling (Norfolk, Virginia), Maryland Championship Wrestling and West Virginia Championship Wrestling are just some of the promotions that are running within proximity, in addition to the occasional shows from other promotions like Ring of Honor.

On a Saturday night back in 2010, I came across Covey Pro while channel surfing. Going through the list of local channels available to me, I noticed it said “wrestling” and immediately I turned to it. The show was taped in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and featured former WWE Superstar Tatanka. I admit, keeping up on the promotion has not been a top priority, but seeing a women’s division has been more incorporated into the product, just might bring me back into catching the show on Saturday nights. For starters, Mickie James, Jessie Belle (McCoy) and Mary Elizabeth Monroe (going by Mary Elizabeth Hatfield) are former women’s champions in the promotion. Back in April of 2011, James defeated Hannah Blossom to become the first titleholder; she dropped the belt to Belle that November. From there the title was traded back and forth between Jessie Belle and Mary Elizabeth Monroe, making Monroe a three-time champion.

The first video sees Nyla Rose taking on Mary Elizabeth Monroe for the Covey Pro Women’s Championship. Defeating Monroe with a Muscle Buster from the top rope, Rose picked up the tournament win with her feet on the ropes to become the champion. The match took place a year ago, as this episode was leading up to the then upcoming Paddle on the Pole title match between Rose and Amber Rodriguez. Rodriguez retained after rolling up a distracted Nyla Rose for the win, Rose believed she had won the match, though the referee had initially counted to three, he realized that Rodriguez’s foot was under the rope and threw out the call.

That leads us into last week’s episode, which seen the current champion defending against the debuting Selene Grey, with Rose as the special guest referee. The show starts with a message from Grey to Rodriguez, saying that she is going to take her title. The match starts around the twenty-eight minute mark with some word exchanged between both competitors. Frustrated with the referee’s counting, Rodriguez confronted Rose, all for Selene Grey to capitalize on the distraction and rolled her up for the win. Grey’s first title defense is scheduled for this weekend’s card in Gettysburg, PA, defending against both Rodriguez and Rose.

Video courtesy of Covey Pro on YouTube

Information courtesy of Covey Pro


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