Reunited! Seleziya Sparx regains custody of her dog in a Ladder Match

Seleziya Sparx Jasmin TabercilThings have not gone so well for Seleziya Sparx recently. After being blocked from entering the United States, the kooky Canadian has been forced to refocus and is looking to make the best of things in what is a flourishing women’s scene in her home country. Part of that has seen her be part of a four-month feud with fellow rising Canuck Jasmin over a pretty unusual topic.

Canadian wrestlers have feuded after some rather abstract beginnings in the past. Winnipeg’s Chris Jericho entered a feud with Kane in late 2000 after bumping into him and spilling hot coffee on his gear, while Toronto’s Edge and Booker T had a match at WrestleMania X8 because Booker was upset that Edge had scored a shampoo commercial in Japan which he felt he was odds-on to get. Sparx and Jasmin battled after the latter responded to losing a match between the two on July 6’s Alpha 1 Wrestling show by attacking her during a post-match interview and abducting Seleziya’s dog Peanut – and one look at her Twitter will show you just how much she loves her pet pug.

The hostilities increased on September 21 when Jasmin used Peanut to distract Sparx during her match with Justin Sane, leading Seleziya to says she wanted to face Jasmin on November 2 in any sort of match that Peanut’s abductor wanted. Jasmin selected a Ladder Match with the winner gaining custody of the dog.

The pair fought on Sunday with Sparx winning the cosiest with an Air Raid Crash off the ladder through a table to end a feud which was the first all-female storyline in Alpha 1, and it’s seemingly done its job. Hopefully we’ll see more female story lines in the promotion in the future.

You can see a range of videos below chronicling the storyline. The original match from July 6 is there as well as the dognapping, the hype video for the Ladder Match, highlights of the contest and an Instagram video of the high point of the contest.

– Photos by Tabercil


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