Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship rematch booked for November 29

Nikki Storm Rhia O'Reilly EVEBack in May of last year, Pro Wrestling: EVE had something of a bottleneck when it came to challengers for Nikki Storm‘s title.

It started three months previously when Carmel Jacob was meant to challenge then-champion Emi Sakura on the Preston City Wrestling show the day before No Man’s Land 2. Unfortunately, Sakura’s flight from Japan was delayed meaning that she didn’t make it to the building on time. As a result, Jacob never received her shot, which she is still waiting to get. The following day, her Glamour Gym partner Sara-Marie Taylor won the Three Minute Warning match to earn a crack at the title which ended up in the hands of Storm for a second time.

In May, EVE held its Queen of the Ring show in Nottingham, England which saw Shanna defeat Leah Von Dutch, Kay Lee Ray and Sakura to secure her own title match at WrestleFever 2, though the promotion went into hiatus after this show so it didn’t happen. Also on the show, Storm was beaten by DQ in her defence against Rhia O’Reilly, so Nikki still had the spectre of the Fighting Irish looming over her. Four contenders who all had a claim at a championship challenge, and following its comeback last weekend, the backlog within EVE looks like it will be cleaned up.

It was announced earlier today that Storm will defend the EVE title against O’Reilly at XWA Wrestling‘s show on November 9 in Colchester in a rematch from Queen of the Ring with a clear winner promised, as the match will not have count-outs or disqualifications and cannot end in a no contest. When you consider the actions both took last May – Rhia used the belt on her opponent behind the referee’s back while Nikki did the same later on a got caught – you can anticipate that neither woman will be hesitant to turn up the aggression to get the win.

Since their last encounter, both have made big strides. O’Reilly has warred with Addy Starr in some very well-received matches around the country and has impressed in her latest United States trip where she had a career highlight in wrestling LuFisto at SHIMMER, while Storm has adopted the moniker of Best Wrestler in the Galaxy, has made a splash in the US and found herself on TNA‘s radar thanks to the latest season of British Boot Camp. Both wrestlers are better both in ability and character than they were 18 months ago, and this should make for a stronger return match.

Tickets for XWA’s We Need a Hero show are available now by clicking this link.


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