In Video: Bellatrix’s premiere TV episode

9 Penelope Violet O'Hara BellatrixBellatrix made TV history last week by becoming the first all-women wrestling promotion to have its own show on British television. Broadcast on My Channel last Saturday, the premiere episode featured three matches from Bellatrix X and had a hot crowd giving the impression of a hot product. Coupled with the studio setting and long banners highlighting the big names in the promotion and it would have come across pretty favourably to new viewers.

As the channel is only available on satellite TV, there would have been people without the capability to view it but that has been thought about, as the whole programme has been uploaded online for the whole world to see.

Hosted by Zak Knight and Carl Ford, the show mentions the passing of RingbellesStew Allen and announced an annual match in his memory which was due to take place at Bellatrix 11 – though the vacation of the British Championship means the match has seemingly been postponed for now. The matches featured in this episode are Erin Angel against Lady Lory, Saraya Knight fighting Chanel and the British Title match with Violet O’Hara defending against Penelope. Have a watch, and leave your thoughts in the comments as to what you thought of the matches and the show.


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