Harley Wonderland wins the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship

Harley WonderlandAfter months of toying with Demi Bennett, Harley Wonderland executed her end game plan at last night’s Riot City Wrestling City Chicks Unleashed 3 in Adelaide, Australia show to win her first RCW Women’s Championship.

Wonderland’s tormenting of Bennett began at an RCW show back in June when she tried to mock Demi by dressing up as her, but the titleholder fought fire with fire by doing the same back to Harley. Later on, Wonderland challenged Bennett to an arm wrestling contest, which she won by distracting the referee and then raking Demi’s eyes, then claimed that she was the Women’s Champion before flipping the tale over and storming off when she was told that wasn’t the case. She then returned for a third time in the evening by challenging Bennett to a game of musical chairs but took a swing at her but was sent backing with a big boot from the lofty teenager.

After staking a claim to the title, Harley officially became the number one contender to the belt when she won a 3-way involving Izzy Shaw and Savannah Summers on August 23 before starting the mind games again by demanding that her title match be postponed until a time of her choosing and then caused Bennett’s title v title match against Warzone Women’s Champ Summers to end inconclusively when she attacked Demi to give her the DQ win but deny her the chance to become a double champion.

Harley Wonderland Demi Bennett RCWThe latest chapter took place last Saturday’s show when she cried off a match against Kellyanne English which was arranged by Bennett as part of a Pick Your Poison affair, where Demi was also pitted against Siren Monroe. Claiming she was injured, she had her “sister” Marley Wonderland take her place so she didn’t have to risk her health ahead of the City Chicks title match. In order to swing things even more in her favour she attacked the champion after her win over Monroe, leaving her with an injured leg.

That all led to City Chicks Unleashed 3 in Adelaide with Wonderland culminating her master plan to take the title. Our friends at NHB Girls were in attendance at the show and reported that Harley snared the title after striking her opponent with a chain hidden inside her feather boa, ending Demi’s six month reign.

Story-wise, it’s been an interesting run from inception to conclusion and while it was hardly a happy ending for Bennett, she’s certainly not lost any steam from losing the belt. At 18-years old, she’s a prodigy, a great prospect for the future and has many more successes to come. Wonderland’s victory is the high point of her six-year career and her character lends itself to a lot of entertaining storylines in the future.

As mentioned, NHB Girls were at the show which featured five matches. You can read the full results by clicking here.

– Photo by Harley Wonderland (1), Riot City Wrestling (2)


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