In Video: Leva Bates in Switzerland

Layla Rose Leva BatesBack in May, Leva Bates made a relatively quiet European debut when she wrestled on the Pro Wrestling Live 2 show in Cadempino, Switzerland. Taking on Germany’s Layla Rose, she competed in front of hundreds of fans on a show which didn’t get much publicity outside of where it was trying to arrant fans, but certainly did the job of selling tickets and putting butts in the seats.

It’s an example of how a promotion doesn’t necessarily need to market itself online if it’s not planning to sell the show on a DVD or show it as part of a VOD or iPPV. With the right sell to the audience which is likely to show up, the internet doesn’t need to know who you are – in fact, the longest running wrestling promotion in the UK has virtually no presence in cyberspace.

Anyway, back to Leva – her arrival in Switzerland was covered as part of a full-page article in one of the country’s newspapers, which helped with publicity. Dressed as Black Widow, Leva doesn’t dig too deeply into her geekdom but does enough to show off her personality and let the audience know what she’s all about.

While we’re here we should also mention what Layla has coming up. She is in action at Fierce Females in Glasgow, Scotland next Sunday. Having seen off Lucy Cole, Fiona Fraser and Courtney, she is pitted against Viper – someone who will offer Rose more of a brawl than her previous opponents.

The match between Leva and Layla is below – and as a bonus we’ve also got the other women’s match from the Pro Wrestling Live 2 show with Germany’s Lady Lory facing Finland’s Sara Elektra.

Front page photo by Marco Amitrano


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