Stephane Bruyere parts ways with NCW Femmes Fatales

Tomoka Nakagawa trolls StephaneIn an unexpected announcement, Stephane Bruyere has stepped down from the role of talent coordinator for Canadian promotion NCW Femmes Fatales after five and a half years in the role. The statement on the promotion’s website reads:

“It’s with regret that I announce the resignation of Stephane Bruyère as Talent Coordinator, effective immediately.

Stephane has been the leader of NCW Femmes Fatales since its creation on April 2009. As a Talent Coordinator, he gave great opportunities to local stars and brought top performers to Montreal. Without Stephane, Femmes Fatales wouldn’t have had the success it has today.

It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Stephane success in his future endeavors and thank him for all his hard work, patience and dedication.”

In his time in the role, Bruyere has helped to establish Montreal as a great hub for female wrestling and has made the city a very desirable place for talent. In addition, the Femmes Fatales International Championship has become one of the premiere female titles in North America with veterans like LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez holding the belt, as well as providing the next step for promising talents like Kalamity and Courtney Rush. Meanwhile, Quebec-based wrestlers like Angie Skye, Deziree, Missy, Sweet Cherrie, Pink Flash Kira and more have received more international exposure through the promotion.

In a statement to Ringbelles, Bruyere explained: “I just needed some changes… sometimes you need to know when to turn the page. I’ll be taking some relax time. I’m not sure what I’ll do in wrestling for now… but one thing for sure is that I will continue my role in SHIMMER.”

Stephane’s role will be taken over by Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screwjobs author Pat Laprade with assistance from some other names. He told us that “What the women’s scene needs to know is that nothing will change. What Stephane did was a heck of a job and Femmes Fatales wouldn’t be where it’s at without him – we want to continue that great job he did. With any changes like this Ayako Hamada with her Wrestler Of The Year award, presented by Stephane Bruyere Joshi4Hopethere’s always a few things being done differently but we want to keep the reputation that Femmes Fatales has and everything that comes with it.” Laprade’s first show will be on April 4, with Courtney Rush defending the International Championship against Saraya Knight.

Bruyere has been a big supporter of this website over the years. He took the 2012 Wrestler of the Year award to Japan for us to present it to Ayako Hamada, and has also spoken to us on a number of occasions to discuss his ethos and feelings about wrestling. For examples, have a listen to our Women Of Wrestling Podcasts from October 2011 and December 2012 as well as a Promoters’ Corner earlier this year. Thanks for the great memories, Stephane.


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