Taryn Terrell wins the TNA Knockouts Championship

Taryn Terrell TNATaryn Terrell has impressed in the past year and a half.

Considering she was hugely lost in the shuffle in WWE and then spent two years away from wrestling following her departure from the company, her ascent to this point in her career is pretty damn impressive. She originally showed up in TNA as a referee and then became a wrestler as part of a feud with Gail Kim, leading to two great contests – a Last Knockout Standing victory at Slammiversary in June 2013 and a defeat in a Ladder Match the following month. To make the situation even more remarkable, she bowed out for 11 months to have her first child before coming back at the Knockouts Knockdown 2014 taping back in May.

Admittedly, her third match with Kim over the summer didn’t compare to last year’s contests and her relative inexperience – after all, she’s still had fewer than 100 matches since 2008 and just 24 in TNA since her first in March last year – sometimes flares up in matches against wrestlers other than Gail but she still shows flashes of real promise and excitement. Plus, TNA has confidence in her – and that was demonstrated on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling as she won her first Knockouts Championship in a 3-way with Kim and defending titleholder Havok.

The contest – which went close to 15 minutes – saw the two challengers gang up on their larger and more powerful opponent for large portions but the champion also got to flex her muscles, delivering another spine buster to Kim to re-injure her shoulder and hit Terrell with an Electric Chair onto the guardrail. In the end, it was Gail and Kim taking Havok out with a DDT, two crossbodys, Eat Defeat and a cutter – but Gail tried a jackknife pin on Taryn as she went Gail Kim Taryn Terrell Jessicka Havokfor a cover on Havok, though that was reversed into a sunset flip for the title-winning pinfall. Some of the match was very exciting while other bits – like Havok’s splash attempt onto her opponents – looked pretty weak.

Taryn’s win is interesting in that she pinned Kim and protected the monster heel Havok – though it’s a head-scratcher as to why she lost the title after just seven weeks on TV (or three days as the tapings were completed in a big block) following a huge push to the top of the heap. On a positive, it offers options for title defences for Terrell as she can put the belt up against Gail and also has the spectre of Havok arguably looking to regain the belt. Plus TNA has finally announced a new TV deal with Destination America so it seems that we will get more Knockouts action in the future rather than Terrell closing out the promotion as champion.

– Photos by TNA


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