Fierce Females – Come and Say G’Day live results

Fierce Females Come And Say G'DayAfter a slow start to 2014, Fierce Females has really hit a confident stride, culminating with tonight’s Come and Say G’Day show in Glasgow, Scotland, headlined with Kay Lee Ray defending her Scottish Championship against Leah Von Dutch. Also on the card, Viper attempts to stop Layla Rose‘s rampage through the roster, Nikki Storm continues her fight against Hardcore Glamour in a rematch from Priscilla, Queen of the Walkabout against Sara, while Fiona Fraser and Courtney seek to settle their stalemate with a Three Stages of Hell match.

Elsewhere, Bellatrix‘s Liberty and Sammi Baynz face the Owens Twins, and Chanel makes her Fierce Females debut against Carmel Jacob.

We’ll have all the results below, courtesy of Ben Ward, Martin Alexander and Keeley – thanks to you all.

1. Viper pinned Layla Rose with the Viper Bomb.
2. Carmel Jacob beat Chanel with an elevated DDT – Sara and Kay Lee Ray attacked Chanel after the match.
3. Sammii Jayne defeated Bete Noire with the Daycutter.
4. Nikki Storm made Sara tap out to a double undertook crossface. Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob had been sent to the back before the match.
5. Three Stages of Hell: Courtney defeated Fiona Fraser
Regular rules: Courtney won the first fall via DQ when Fraser used a chair.
Submissions only: Fraser won the second fall with an armbar submission
Glasgow Street Fight: Courtney won the third fall with a Dragon Sleeper tap out.
6. The Owens Twins (Leah & Kasey) beat Sammi Baynz & Liberty. Leah pinned Sammi following a kick to the face. Liberty – who was squabbling with Baynz throughout the match – didn’t seem to mind the defeat.
– Bete Noire and Debbie Sharpe had an altercation prior to the main event.
7. Fierce Females Scottish Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) pinned Leah Von Dutch with a Gory Bomb. Carmel and Sara came out for a post-match beatdown, with Viper, Noire and Storm making the save.


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