Survivor Series: Bella ruse gifts Divas Title to Nikki, and a clean sweep elimination match

Naomi Paige WWENikki Bella challenges AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Championship as part of Survivor Series, while eight women compete in an elimination match.

Natalya, Naomi, Emma & Alicia Fox v Paige, Summer Rae, Layla & Cameron

The Background

• Not much really. Paige and Alicia Fox used to be buddies, though that relationship went south when Paige failed to regain the Divas Championship from AJ Lee at Hell in a Cell last month. Meanwhile, Naomi and Cameron have been squabbling since the summer and Natalya is seemingly having problems with husband Tyson Kidd, who is seemingly more interested in his own success than his wife’s.

The Match

• Captains Natalya and Paige kicked off proceedings with headlocks and escapes before tagging out to Layla and Emma for a couple of sequences, before Paige took to the ring to establish dominance again, though an attempt to climb to the top did not pay off for the former Divas Champ, as she suffered a superplex from Emma.

• Cameron tagged in for the first time to attack the Australian but Emma made the tag to Naomi who flew into the ring with a crossbody. The match saw its first breakdown as all women got into the ring to fight and Naomi took advantage to eliminate Cameron with an O’Connor Roll.

• Summer Rae made her first legal appearance in the match to attack Naomi but Alicia Fox managed to get in and attack the three remaining heels with a running crossbody before dispatching Layla with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Summer Rae Emma WWE• Summer Rae didn’t fare well against Natalya as she ate a low dropkick and discus clothesline for her trouble before tagging in Paige who had to quickly fight out of a Sharpshooter attempt with the help of Summer, who tired to imitate Paige with the knees in the ropes. It didn’t work out that well and didn’t impress her partner either. Emma got in to lock in the Tarantula and hit the Emma-mite Sandwich on Summer before executing the Emma Lock for the tap out, leaving Paige on her own.

• Not liking the odds, the Briton attempted to walk out but was thrown back into the ring by Emma, though Paige was able to get the edge before the Aussie tagged in Natalya, though she ate a big Paige super kick before rebounding with a German Suplex.

• Paige countered Naomi’s split-legged moonsault but walked into an Fox forearm before suffering Naomi’s Rear View and a headscissors spike to secure the clean sweep for her team.


• No real story to the match but it was fine for what it was. Paige was the star of the match as the story centred around a lot of Divas trying to get their hands on her or trying to impress her, in the case of Summer Rae.

• I can’t really say that anyone really elevated themselves though. Emma had a lot of ring time but her stock is unlikely to rise, while Naomi’s match-winning stuff doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. The match was what it was, and the commentators didn’t give a crap, talking about lame Survivor Series teams of years gone by. It showed you just how much interest you should have paid to the match.

Nikki Brie Bella AJ Lee WWEWWE Divas Championship
AJ Lee v Nikki Bella

The Background

Nikki Bella turned heel on sister Brie at SummerSlam and then defeated her in their first PPV singles match at Hell in a Cell in order to make Brie her personal assistant for 30 days. Following that, Nikki won a battle royal to become number one contender to AJ Lee’s Divas Championship.

• Most recently, Nikki has forced Brie to dress up as AJ to taunt her opponent, while AJ returned the favour on Friday’s SmackDown by coming out in Nikki’s gear.

The Match

• It wasn’t really a match. Brie got up onto the apron while holding the Divas Title just after the opening bell rang and kissed AJ. This allowed Nikki to nail the champ with a forearm and hit the Rack Attack for the title-winning pin. Brie seemed happy that her sister had won the championship, and the commentary team made out that this was like when AJ kissed Brie’s now-husband Daniel Bryan back at WrestleMania XXVIII, causing him to lose the World Heavyweight Title to Sheamus.

Brie Nikki Bella AJ Lee WWEThoughts

• So the heel turn and personal assistant thing was all a ruse so Nikki could win the Divas Title? Does that mean we’ve had three months of our lives wasted on this terrible storyline? Or does it mean that Brie has come round to Nikki’s way of thinking and is doing what she has to do to make things right with her sister? None of this was foreshadowed, so none of it makes any sense.

• More to the point, why do I care about Brie’s heel turn? It’s not like she’s been that sympathetic as a babyface so I’m not rattled by her actions here. There are too many question marks for me to even comprehend what’s going on. All I know is that this match/angle sucked.

– Photos by WWE


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