JWP & Ice Ribbon’s champions face each other twice on December 28

Tsukasa Fujimoto Arisa NakajimaThe next title defences for JWP Openweight Champion Arisa Nakajima and Ice Ribbon ICEx∞ Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto have been announced, and it offers a range of possible outcomes. That is because they will be facing each other for their respective titles, but it won’t be a winner-takes-all situation.

Instead, they will each defend their respective titles on the same day in 30-minute time limit contests. Fujimoto will put her belt on the line against Nakajima in the main event of Ice Ribbon’s RibbonMania 2014, which will take place at Tokyo, Japan’s Korukuen Hall on the afternoon of December 28. Later that day in the same building, Nakajima will defend her title against Fukimoto in the main event of the JWP Climax 2014 event. It’s an unprecedented situation which could lead to a unified champion.

Tsukasa was nominated as the next challenger for the Openweight title by Arisa herself on October 26 after the 25-year old beat Hanako Nakamori to hold onto her championship and rack up her fifth successful defence in the 11 months since the start of her second reign. Meanwhile, four-time titleholder Fujimoto has turned back nine successful challenges in her 16 months with the ICEx∞ gold, with wins agains the likes of former titleholder Maki Narumiya and Manami Toyota – the latter of whom is the reason why the title changed from having a 60kg weight limit to being open to wrestlers of any size.

It is conceivable that Nakajima could roll into Climax as a double champion – or if 31-year old Fujimoto retains at RibbonMania, she will then be in line to unify the titles for herself. Two other options include the competitors swapping the championships or each finishing the day with the same championship which they already held. All will become clear as both promotions close out the year in just over a month’s time.


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