NXT Women’s Title match announced for Takeover: R Evolution

NXT Sasha Banks CharlotteIt’s official: following months of tension, former Beautiful Fierce Female stablemates will collide when Charlotte will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks at Takeover: R Evolution on December 11.

Hostilities between the pair have been rumbling since Charlotte won the Women’s Title in a tournament final back in May as Banks felt as if she was responsible for the rapid rise of the new titleholder and that she was due a crack at the belt. This frustration led to her coming out at the end of the title match at the last Takeover show in September and mocking Bayley for coming up short only to see Charlotte come to the aid of her defeated opponent, after she start to gain some respect for the hug-happy Diva. Banks later made her intentions known as she interrupted a show of mutual respect between Charlotte and Bayley on the post-show to say that she wanted the Women’s Championship.

In recent weeks, Sasha has made a point of soundly defeating Bayley and Alexa Bliss with her Bank Statement finisher (lungblower into a crossface) as well as forming an alliance with Becky Lynch, who turned heel on Bayley after The Boss got into her head. Called Team BAE (Best At Everything), they have victimised Bayley in order to antagonise Charlotte, who has taken up the role of big sister to her former enemy.

Sasha Banks CharlotteWhile there was hearty speculation that Bayley would have won the belt at Takeover 2, it seems even more likely that Banks will rise to the top of the heap on December 11. She has been plugging away in the division for what feels like forever while other wrestlers have had shots at the title. During that time, she has honed her gimmick and made herself into a character which is far away from anything that any other woman in WWE is doing. Blinged up and with a huge chip on her shoulder, coupled with the ability to cut a decent promo, Sasha may be the next NXT Women’s Champion. Coupled with the ever-growing rumours that Charlotte is on her way to the main roster – with her being booked for Raw in Greenville, SC at the start of next month, it may be time for her to drop the title to move to the next level.

We’ll find out the future of the NXT Women’s Division in just under two weeks. Leave your comments below as to who you think will be champion at the end of the show.

– Photos by WWE


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