In Video: Ice Ribbon’s show from November 24th: Fujimoto defends the ICEx∞ Championship/Tomoka Nakagawa’s final appearance

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs KizukiMonth from now, Tsukasa Fujimoto heading into her tenth title defense as ICEx∞ Champion at Ice Ribbon‘s year-end annual show “RibbonMania.” Just a few days ago, its announced that Fujimoto’s next challenger would be in the form of a current champion outside the promotion. It turned out; current JWP Openweight Champion Arisa Nakajima would be the competitor stepping up to the plate, as her title is also on the line. On December 28th, Fujimoto will be defending her title against Nakajima in the main event of RibbonMania at Korakuen Hall. That same day, same building, Fujimoto will be challenging Nakajima for the Openweight Championship as part of JWP’s “Climax.” A possible unification of the titles could happen, as this wouldn’t be the first time Fujimoto or Nakajima have unified championships.

The video features the entire show from November 24th, featuring Fujimoto retaining the ICEx∞ Title against Aoi Kizuki after two Venus Shoots. The International Ribbon Tag Team Championship is also on the line as champions Maki Narumiya and Risa Sera (STAP) take on Cherry and the soon-to-retired Meari Naito. Yuuka wrestled twice on the show, taking on Kurumi in singles action and teaming up with Mio Shirai and Yuri Kotobuki against Akane Fujita, Kyuri and 235 to open the show. Tomoka Nakagawa also appeared on the show, she and Mochi Miyagi took on Maya Yuhiki and Tsukushi; Nakagawa’s final match in Ice Ribbon. Moreover, Neko Nitta makes her first title defense as Triangle Ribbon Champion against Miyako Matsumoto and Chon Shiryu. Peep the entire show; share with us your comments about the show on our Facebook and Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Ice Ribbon, Kazushi Mitsuhashi

Video courtesy of Gaijins Stuff via YouTube


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