Rhia O’Reilly becomes Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion

Rhia O'ReillyEvery wrestler should have some sort of Achilles Heel – some sort of weakness that means that they are not an invincible athlete. Shawn Michaels sold head injuries in 1995-6 following a real concussion in order to draw sympathy as a babyface; Brock Lesnar‘s heel run in 2003 was littered with tap-out defeats, showing his was susceptible to submission holds, and Undertaker‘s bogey wrestler is Lesnar, whom he has never defeated in a singles contest.

Nikki Storm seems to have discovered her own kryptonite in the form of Rhia O’Reilly. The mouthy Scot was racking up the successful defences as Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion, turning back challenges in her home country as well as in England, Japan and Romania – however, her only blip in her run came in her match with the Fighting Irish as she got herself disqualified in their match in May last year at Queen of the Ring. With the return of EVE last month, the backlog of challengers started to be cleared and O’Reilly was at the front of the queue due to her win over the titleholder. Announced as a no count-out, no-DQ affair with no possibility of a no-contest added to the stipulations, we were guaranteed a winner – and it was a big victory for the challenger.

According to Martin Bentley who was in attendance at last night’s XWA Wrestling show in Colchester, England, the finish came after O’Reilly jumped from the ropes and injured her knee which almost caused the contest to be stopped. Arrogantly, Storm taunted her opponent while Rhia demanded that the match continue and saw the challenger catch Nikki with her Rhiadjustment double-arm DDT onto the EVE title belt for the championship-winning pinfall. So distraught with the defeat, Storm sat on the canvas for close to 20 minutes and was only coaxed out of it because the crew wanted to dismantle the ring.

However, the title win came at a cost, and that was damage to O’Reilly’s knee. In a Facebook post, the new champion – who had her official first match on the EVE’s debut show back in May 2010 – said:

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Undoubtedly, this is the biggest victory in what has been a big few months for the 29-year old. As well as getting into the best shape of her career, expanding her wrestling ability, teaming with Saraya Knight and Mayumi Ozaki in SHIMMER, sharing ring time with LuFisto and being a focal point for the emerging Empress Pro outfit based in England, this championship win is the cherry on top of what has to be a very satisfying cake.

– Photo by Rhia O’Reilly


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