In Video: A short documentary about intergender wrestling

Veda Scott at AIW Battle of the Sexes, by Dave MuscarellaIntergender wrestling is always a hot topic. It’s not seen in WWE or TNA anymore and as a consequence, the man v woman contests in Lucha Underground stick out on wrestling shows on TV. On the indies, women are wrestling men in increasing amounts, and one marquee match between a male and female will be taking place tomorrow when Heidi Lovelace faces Missile Assault Ant on CHIKARA‘s iPPV to determine this year’s Young Lions Cup winner.

We’ve discussed this a lot here at the website and it seems that others are looking to bring the subject out to a bigger audience and see what the reaction will be. To that end, wrestlers like Combat Zone Wrestling‘s Chrissy Rivera and Absolute Intense Wrestling stars Veda Scott and Seleziya Sparx have contributed to the documentary poster below produced by Kenny Johnson. It features a lot of footage shot at AIW’s Battle of the Sexes show in July which featured nothing but intergender contests and was headlined by a bloody Veda Scott defeating Gregory Iron in a cage match.

You’ll see from watching this feature that it’s not setting out to be impartial and is very supportive of men wrestling women. Whether you feel the same way is your call but here’s a piece putting forward to positives of it. We feel there may be a discussion to be had about it so leave your thoughts on intergender wrestling in the comments below and let’s see what you have to say.

– Photo by Dave Muscarella (1)


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