In Video: Tomoka Nakagawa’s final match… in Japan, anyway

Tomoka Nakagawa Youji KawauchiWe talked about Tomoka Nakagawa wrestling her final match in Tuesday’s Roundup and the point about her still being SHIMMER‘s Tag Team Champion despite her decision to retire. As it turns out, she is due to return to the US in the spring for the next set of DVD tapings, so fans travelling to those shows will get to see her wrestle live one more time. However, Japanese spectators have seen Nakagawa have her final match, and we have it for you right here.

As part of her final show on Thursday, Nakagawa teamed with her former Jungle Jack 21 stablemates AKINO & Aja Kong (with Ran Yu-Yu & Hiroyo Matsumoto at ringside) against Dynamite Kansai, Mayumi Ozaki & Kyoko Kimura. The main event match and retirement ceremony of the Oz Academy show in Tokyo is below, though if you want to watch the whole event, you can do so by clicking here for the playlist.

– Photo by Youji Kawauchi


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