Kay Lee Ray defeated in the final of TNA British Boot Camp 2

Kay Lee Ray TNA British Boot Camp 2Moments ago, Kay Lee Ray fell short of winning the TNA contract on offer for the winner of British Boot Camp 2. She and fellow finalist Rampage Brown lost to Mark Andrews after strong showings from all three in tonight’s season finale.

After impressing on last week’s show to make it to the final three, Kay Lee wrestled British Boot Camp judge Gail Kim in her final test and put on a hell of a contest with near-falls, dramatic spots and allowed the redhead to showcase her aerial abilities. Unfortunately, her Gory Bomb wasn’t enough to get the win and she eventually fell to Eat Defeat, though her efforts elicited a strong response from the audience.

Following the match, the final three competitors spoke to TNA President Dixie Carter individually to allow them to express their desire to win. Kay Lee talked about living on her own at 15, finally reaching a point where wrestling is her full-time job, and stressed that she would love to continue that career in TNA. In response, Dixie said that she wasn’t sure if the 22-year old was ready to be a member of the Knockouts roster, and selected Andrews to be the winner.

In reaction, the Glasgow, Scotland native said “I’m so gutted that I haven’t got [the contract] but at the same time I’ve watched Mark this whole time and I’m so happy for him. I thought I wanted that contract but seeing him get it made me realise he wanted it that much more.”

Even though she did not win the contract, Kay Lee Ray’s profile has swelled massively as a result. She has introduced herself to swathes of wrestling fans and may have created some new ones along the way. She fully deserves to be very proud of herself.


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