Another women’s wrestling website, you say? Well, let us explain.

The genesis of Ringbellesonline.com lies with the collaboration of Stew Allen and Lee Burton on what became known as the “Women of Wrestling Podcast”. Both had podcasted on pro-wrestling before (Stew with the Brit-centric “$&M Show”; Lee with “Powerslam Radio”) and had become friends and regular travelling buddies based on their shared admiration for the often overlooked and underappreciated women of the wrestling business. After striking up some good relationships with people in the industry, and expressing a desire to give a soapbox to the participants in this niche product, they made the decision to jump back in the podcasting waters with the Women of Wrestling Podcast.

After one show (and there was only ever one choice for a first guest – Allison Danger) on an amateurish podcast-hosting site, the very well received podcast suddenly had several offers on the table for hosting. The most attractive option was to jump on board with Diva-Dirt.com , which had already built a solid reputation and had a regular audience – but at the time lacked regular quality audio content. In about a year and a half at Diva-Dirt, the Podcast attracted guests from all over the wrestling world – from WWE Divas (Kelly Kelly, Jackie Haas), TNA (Amazing Kong), through the cream of the US indies (Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez) to the best Canada (LuFisto), Australia (Madison Eagles) and Europe (Jetta) had to offer – in some of the best and most in-depth audio interviews you’re likely to hear. Fast forward to the start of 2011, and with the expansion of Diva-Dirt’s own in-house audio shows (and the inevitable clash of interest that created over guests etc), Lee & Stew decided to pull the trigger on something they’d been discussing on-and-off for several months – complete independence, and a brand new website.

Ringbellesonline.com is envisioned as more than just a new home for the Podcast, but a new, unique source of news, analysis and opinions on the women’s wrestling scene. While happy to embrace partnerships with any of the other websites out there covering this product, and keen to foster close ties with those promotions which produce quality women’s wrestling, it is intended for Ringbelles to remain 100% independent. With regular episodes of the Podcast, and weekly content such as the “Ringbelles Roundup”, news, TV digests and retro video clips, supplemented by reviews and opinion pieces, Ringbelles will be a place where you’ll get honest opinion and analysis with a personal touch that you just won’t get elsewhere. We hope you enjoy the site.

Notable Dates:

March 10, 2011: Ringbellesonline.com is officially launched
December 18, 2011: Kay Lee Ray wins Discovery of the Year 2011
December 21, 2011: Jessicka Havok wins Breakout Star of the Year 2011
December 24, 2011: Hailey Hatred wins Wrestler of the Year 2011 as part of the biggest Women Of Wrestling Podcast ever
December 17, 2012: Kimber Lee wins Discovery of the Year 2012
December 19, 2012: Allysin Kay wins Breakout Star of the Year 2012
December 21, 2012: Ayako Hamada wins Wrestler of the Year 2012
January 4, 2013: Ayako Hamada awarded with the Wrestler of the Year trophy at Pro Wrestling WAVE in Tokyo, Japan
January 17, 2013: Women Of Wrestling Podcast named Best Radio Show/Podcast by lethalwow.com
December 20, 2013: Nikki Storm wins Discovery of the Year 2013
December 22, 2013: Kimber Lee wins Breakout Star of the Year 2013
December 22: 2013: Mercedes Martinez wins Wrestler of the Year 2013
January 5, 2014: Women Of Wrestling Podcast nominated for Best Show in the 2014 Wrestling Radio Awards