In Video: Ivelisse Velez’s AAA debut

Ivelisse Velez Sexy Star Taya ValkyrieIt’s a rare venture into the world of lucha libre, thought its profile has seen an upswing since the debut of Lucha Underground on US TV. A combination of alternative production and some entertaining matches has made it a desirable show to watch, and it is already seeing some crossover of talent among the luchadoras to AAA in Mexico – namely Ivelisse Velez.

The former SHINE Champion has had the opportunity to showcase her verbiage as well as her wrestling skills during her time on Lucha Underground, playing the nasty heel alongside Son of Havoc and has got under the skin of the promotion’s premier babyface Sexy Star. That rivalry has continued into AAA but has seen a flip-flopping of their demeanours as Sexy was already a heel in Mexico, meaning that Ivelisse is working face.

The video we have for you here is Velez’s debut in the promotion from November 28 where she teamed with Faby Apache against Sexy and AAA Reina de Reinas Taya Valkyrie in tag team action. The video shows the build-up – which would be more useful for you if you can speak Spanish – as well as the post-match antics. Have a look.


In Video: Tomoka Nakagawa’s final match… in Japan, anyway

Tomoka Nakagawa Youji KawauchiWe talked about Tomoka Nakagawa wrestling her final match in Tuesday’s Roundup and the point about her still being SHIMMER‘s Tag Team Champion despite her decision to retire. As it turns out, she is due to return to the US in the spring for the next set of DVD tapings, so fans travelling to those shows will get to see her wrestle live one more time. However, Japanese spectators have seen Nakagawa have her final match, and we have it for you right here.

As part of her final show on Thursday, Nakagawa teamed with her former Jungle Jack 21 stablemates AKINO & Aja Kong (with Ran Yu-Yu & Hiroyo Matsumoto at ringside) against Dynamite Kansai, Mayumi Ozaki & Kyoko Kimura. The main event match and retirement ceremony of the Oz Academy show in Tokyo is below, though if you want to watch the whole event, you can do so by clicking here for the playlist.

– Photo by Youji Kawauchi

In Video: A short documentary about intergender wrestling

Veda Scott at AIW Battle of the Sexes, by Dave MuscarellaIntergender wrestling is always a hot topic. It’s not seen in WWE or TNA anymore and as a consequence, the man v woman contests in Lucha Underground stick out on wrestling shows on TV. On the indies, women are wrestling men in increasing amounts, and one marquee match between a male and female will be taking place tomorrow when Heidi Lovelace faces Missile Assault Ant on CHIKARA‘s iPPV to determine this year’s Young Lions Cup winner.

We’ve discussed this a lot here at the website and it seems that others are looking to bring the subject out to a bigger audience and see what the reaction will be. To that end, wrestlers like Combat Zone Wrestling‘s Chrissy Rivera and Absolute Intense Wrestling stars Veda Scott and Seleziya Sparx have contributed to the documentary poster below produced by Kenny Johnson. It features a lot of footage shot at AIW’s Battle of the Sexes show in July which featured nothing but intergender contests and was headlined by a bloody Veda Scott defeating Gregory Iron in a cage match.

You’ll see from watching this feature that it’s not setting out to be impartial and is very supportive of men wrestling women. Whether you feel the same way is your call but here’s a piece putting forward to positives of it. We feel there may be a discussion to be had about it so leave your thoughts on intergender wrestling in the comments below and let’s see what you have to say.

– Photo by Dave Muscarella (1)

Ringbelles Retro: Ashley Lane & Nevaeh work heel against Hailey Hatred & Mary Elizabeth Monroe

Ashley Lane NevaehDid you know that inaugural SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Ashley Lane (now TNA‘s Madison Rayne) and Nevaeh enjoyed as many successful title defences away from the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL as in it? That’s right – as well as beating the Canadian NINJAs, the International Home Wrecking Crew and the tandem of Amazing Kong & Sara Del Rey, the Ohio natives also racked up title defences elsewhere – and we’ve got one of those matches from November 11, 2008 for today’s Retro.

The interesting thing about this Tag Team Title defence is that their opponents are two women who – at that point – had not set foot in a SHIMMER ring. While Hailey Hatred debuted for the promotion in October 2011, Mary Elizabeth Monroe has never been booked for the group. However, the MEM of today is a much different creature to six years ago – dubbed the Rated G Superstar, she is a statuesque bombshell who’s into rainbows and has rediscovered her enthusiasm for wrestling after a few years of sporadic bookings in lesser-known promotions – it’s possible that she will find her way to Berwyn in time.

The interesting thing about this match from Heartland Wrestling Association‘s High Def show in Middletown, OH is the demeanour of the champions. Babyfaces to the end as a team in SHIMMER, the pair work heel in this match against their popular opponents. Watch the match below and check out a different side to Ashley Lane and Nevaeh.

In Video: Leva Bates in Switzerland

Layla Rose Leva BatesBack in May, Leva Bates made a relatively quiet European debut when she wrestled on the Pro Wrestling Live 2 show in Cadempino, Switzerland. Taking on Germany’s Layla Rose, she competed in front of hundreds of fans on a show which didn’t get much publicity outside of where it was trying to arrant fans, but certainly did the job of selling tickets and putting butts in the seats.

It’s an example of how a promotion doesn’t necessarily need to market itself online if it’s not planning to sell the show on a DVD or show it as part of a VOD or iPPV. With the right sell to the audience which is likely to show up, the internet doesn’t need to know who you are – in fact, the longest running wrestling promotion in the UK has virtually no presence in cyberspace.

Anyway, back to Leva – her arrival in Switzerland was covered as part of a full-page article in one of the country’s newspapers, which helped with publicity. Dressed as Black Widow, Leva doesn’t dig too deeply into her geekdom but does enough to show off her personality and let the audience know what she’s all about.

While we’re here we should also mention what Layla has coming up. She is in action at Fierce Females in Glasgow, Scotland next Sunday. Having seen off Lucy Cole, Fiona Fraser and Courtney, she is pitted against Viper – someone who will offer Rose more of a brawl than her previous opponents.

The match between Leva and Layla is below – and as a bonus we’ve also got the other women’s match from the Pro Wrestling Live 2 show with Germany’s Lady Lory facing Finland’s Sara Elektra.

Front page photo by Marco Amitrano

In Video: D’Arcy Dixon v Mickie Knuckles

D'Arcy Dixon 2At first glance, D’Arcy Dixon and Mickie Knuckles are polar opposites. However opposites tend to attract and that’s what’s happened in this case. Last weekend, Dixon made her Women Superstars Uncensored debut against Knuckles, just one day after the pair fought in and around a steel cage over the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship in the main event of the show. It was the climax of a feud which has been raging since July last year, and could have migrated over to WSU.

For the uninitiated, we’ve posted a match between the two which should give fans who may be unfamiliar to D’Arcy a chance to see what she is like. Despite being a physical specimen, she is happy to get down and dirty in the ring and has also developed a great heel persona during her RESISTANCE programme with Mickie. You can also learn more by listening to our interview with her from earlier this year.

Below is their first match in their feud from the promotion’s Alive show in Willowbrook, IL on July 26, 2013.

In Video: Bellatrix’s premiere TV episode

9 Penelope Violet O'Hara BellatrixBellatrix made TV history last week by becoming the first all-women wrestling promotion to have its own show on British television. Broadcast on My Channel last Saturday, the premiere episode featured three matches from Bellatrix X and had a hot crowd giving the impression of a hot product. Coupled with the studio setting and long banners highlighting the big names in the promotion and it would have come across pretty favourably to new viewers.

As the channel is only available on satellite TV, there would have been people without the capability to view it but that has been thought about, as the whole programme has been uploaded online for the whole world to see.

Hosted by Zak Knight and Carl Ford, the show mentions the passing of RingbellesStew Allen and announced an annual match in his memory which was due to take place at Bellatrix 11 – though the vacation of the British Championship means the match has seemingly been postponed for now. The matches featured in this episode are Erin Angel against Lady Lory, Saraya Knight fighting Chanel and the British Title match with Violet O’Hara defending against Penelope. Have a watch, and leave your thoughts in the comments as to what you thought of the matches and the show.