Wrestling Cares Association & AWS to present women’s Race For the Ring 2

Katarina Leigh WCAWrestling Cares Association will be presenting their second women’s tournament this coming January. The promotion will be collaborating with Alternative Wrestling Show for the “Race For the Ring 2: California Gold Rush,” as next year’s tournament will feature eight tag teams from the AWS roster. The two-day tournaments will be kicking off at the American Legion Posts in South Gate, California on January 23rd, as the first rounds will be worked through-the semifinals and finals will be held the following day, January 24th.

Katarina Leigh won this past year’s tournament; she defeated Candice LeRae in the first round of the “Beat the Champ Series” after submitting her to a Boston Crab to gain the final fall, besting LeRae two-to-one. Her next opponents scored the first pinfall in their match, Taeler Hendrix and Tracy Taylor gained the upper-hand on Leigh immediately into the contest, all for the match’s momentum to shift in Leigh’s momentum favor, becoming more aggressive throughout the rounds. On January 18th of this year, Leigh faced off against Cheerleader Melissa in the finals of the tournament. She and Melissa fought to sudden death- by the two-minute mark; both competitors tied with three wins apiece. Leigh reversed Melissa’s Air Raid Crash into a sunset flip to end the match. Leigh’s hand was raised-making her first Ladies Beat the Champ Series Champion.

As opposed to five women competing in the previous tournament, this time around twelve women will be vying for the championship ring, which will be presented to the winner. The first eleven competitors announced for the tournament are; Hania, Nicole Savoy, Datura, former AWS Women’s Champion Christina Von Eerie, Savana Riley, Kahmora, Marriah Moreno and regulars of AWS in Kikyo Nakamura,

Katarina Leigh vs Cheerleader MelissaRaze, Brittany Wonder and Sage Sin, the final competitor to be announced. Wrestling Cares Association has a scoring system implemented for their tournaments. Matches will be under a ten-minute time limit, as competitors will be fighting to collect the most points. Every win through pinfall, submission or count-out will be one point. If competitors are tied while the time limit expires, additional three-minutes will be added. If there is no winner at the end of the three minutes, both competitors will be eliminated from the tournament.

Photos courtesy of Wrestling Cares Association

Information courtesy of Wrestling Cares & Alternative Wrestling Show


Ringbelles Roundup (16 September 2014) – WSU alleged disloyalty, latest Diva goings-on and more

Drew-CordeiroWomen Superstars Uncensored is the top story of this week’s Roundup, but not because of what was a particularly underwhelming show on Saturday, with the most newsworthy items of Resurgence being the demise of Pegaboo – who was torn apart by DJ Hyde as a symbolic killing off of the character – The Juicy Product holding on the Tag Team Championship as part of their quest to show that equality in wrestling goes both ways, and Jessicka Havok being pulled from the show by TNA. Rather, the most pertinent talking point occurred the following morning on a wrestling forum.

It’s common knowledge that Hyde and Combat Zone Wrestling are now the sole owners of WSU. CZW took a part-ownership last October as part of a deal with then-owner Drew Cordeiro, following an agreement for WSU to hold event in the afternoon ahead of CZW shows at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ along with holding the secret shows at CZW’s training facility. This led to a complete transfer of power in May of this year, with Cordeiro walking away after close to two years in charge of the company following its purchase from Sean McCaffrey.

At the time of his departure, Cordeiro encouraged fans to carry on supporting the product, and said that he was proud of the developments made during his time in charge, which included an improvement in in-ring talent, better matches and better production values. Attendance numbers steadily increased – though not by a huge amount – and the promotion as a whole looked much more professional. However, Cordeiro revealed in a post at the ZandigFans website that he was swimming upstream when it came to getting members of the roster to fall in line with his plans.

Drew Cordiero quote

Bear in mind that the statement seen in the screengrab above is only one side of the story and it is unlikely that the wrestlers being accused of disloyalty are hardly going to reveal themselves in order to offer a differing opinion, but it’s an interesting accusation. There are no details on who was being disruptive or what storylines had to be altered as a result but there are some names who where known for being supportive of McCaffrey such as Alicia and Brittney Savage, who both publicly slated Cordeiro’s running of WSU in February 2013, while Leva Bates also intimated in a tweet around the same time that a number of names were upset. More recently, Jessicka Havok was banned from the promotion and stripped of the World Title when she elected to choose a booking for TNA rather than defend the belt against LuFisto as had been previously advertised, though she was brought back into the promotion following the transfer to CZW.

The accusation also makes out that some wrestlers were in it for the money rather than having a desire to expand WSU’s drawing power. It’s strange – the product was not as polished or well-received under McCaffrey’s ownership but had the loyalty of the roster, though that loyalty dissolved when Cordeiro took the helm and improved the all-over appearance of the business. It will be interesting to see what happens with Hyde running show. Will he have the support of the roster? We’ll see.

6 LuFisto Allysin Kay WSUSpeaking of the roster, the quality of the wrestlers is better overall than in the McCaffrey days but there is little going on as far as storylines and character development goes. Resurgence featured six matches where only one had a real story behind it – which turned out to be the best of the lot – though there were some good performances from the likes of Jenny Rose, Marti Belle, Niya Barela, Athena, Hania, Allysin Kay and LuFisto. However, what draw is there for potential paying customers without a real reason for them to be having these matches? There is a regular group of wrestlers, so it should no be difficult to do some episodic booking for them in order to create attractive storylines and build up new challengers for LuFisto to defend the World Championship against – though it seems that Sassy Stephie is next in line because of her association with Hyde. Like Kay, her win-loss record is not the best, and that creates a belief among fans that she is unlikely to win the title – or that if she does, she isn’t that deserving based on her past results, though this can be explained away as being in a privileged position with Hyde getting her the perks rather than a sparking run of victories. With virtually every promotion boasting a women’s division or all-female roster holding a show between now and the end of November, it’s going to take a lot to separate yourself from the pack, especially if the fans you are talking to have a finite amount of money. WSU needed to do what it can to make itself a priority.


We’ve posted three videos this week: footage of Shazza McKenzie’s first PWWA Championship defence against Jessie McKay, and two retros – one of Nikki Storm against Carmel Jacob from 2009 and bundle of contests from the 1950s which took place in Chicago, IL.


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Summer Rae worked both Superstars and SmackDown last week. She was beaten by Naomi in a Total Divas showcase on Thursday’s broadcast and was defeated on Friday’s show by Paige, who took the opportunity to antagonise her frenemy AJ Lee by using AJ’s Black Widow submission hold. Lee, who was offering commentary on the match then took to the ring to retaliate by taking out Summer’s Slayer teammate Layla with the Paige Turner before skipping off while Paige tried to yell at her. Paige’s SmackDown character work was great – her promo before the match which involved AJ and Nikki Bella was wonderfully condescending. The amalgamation of the two feuds continued on Raw last night when Paige and Nikki defeated AJ and Brie, with Paige getting the Brie Nikki Bella WWEpin on Brie with the RamPaige, before Nikki assaulted her sister with the Rack Attack. Paige skipped inside the ring, while AJ did the same outside… Elsewhere on Raw, Naomi beat Cameron in a stinker where neither woman shone. Cameron told the referee to count Naomi down despite the fact that she was trying to pin her former partner while she was on her face – something that Matt “Evan Bourne” Sydal said that Taryn Terrell did while in training. In the end, Cameron actually tapped out before Naomi’s submission hold was properly applied… Charlotte defeated Bayley to retain her NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover 2 on Thursday. Sasha Banks came out afterwards to attack Bayley but Charlotte made the save. The trio then had a verbal set-to on the post-show. Charlotte’s development is utterly amazing.

The Impact Wrestling episode where Dixie Carter was driven through a table by Bully Ray received one complaint to the UK industry regulator OFCOM last month on the grounds of gender discrimination. The complaint wasn’t followed up… The Beautiful People dissention continued on last week’s Impact when Velvet Sky was revealed as the covergirl of the 2015 Knockouts Calendar, much to the chagrin of Angelina Love. Havok came out afterwards, and Gail Kim went after her, but was sent into the guardrail for her troubles. Sky and Love then pushed Brittany into harm’s way and she ate a chokeslam before Havok left with Kim’s Knockouts title belt. Gail and Havok fought again backstage later in the show.

North America
Seleziya Sparx is consulting with legal experts after being reportedly banned from the United States for five years after being stopped twice at the Canada/US border on Friday and Saturday… Heidi Lovelace retained the AAW Heritage Championship on Friday, beating Davey Vega… D’Arcy Dixon was stripped of her number one contender status for the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship because of her attack on titleholder Mickie Knuckles at the promotion’s show last month. Instead, Angel Dust got the title shot but was beaten by Knuckles… Raze won the 4th Razeannual Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup at Friday’s Vendetta Pro Wrestling show by beating Laura Palmer, Kikyo Nakamura, Sage Sin Supreme and Andrea The Giant in a gauntlet match… Nicole Matthews is still the Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Champion after former titleholder Bishop was disqualified in their rematch on Friday. Kaitlin Diemond made her debut in the promotion, and was beaten by Jaida… Christina Von Eerie won Quintessential Pro Wrestling’s women’s tournament, which was held on Saturday. Weirdly, he beat Joey Ryan in the final, as Von Eerie was to win the tournament on a bye after Veda Scott and Candice LeRae went to a double count out in the semi finals. Ryan stepped in to make sure Von Eerie didn’t have an easy ride to the tournament victory… Angelus Layne made her return to action at Dreamwave’s Good as Gold show on Saturday, close to four months after breaking both wrists on during a dive at an IWA Mid-South show. She was part of the main event rumble match… SHIMMER has revealed that its joshi contingent for the upcoming DVD tapings next month will all be debuts, except for Tomoka Nakagawa and Kana… You have probably noticed but it’s now been confirmed: Mercedes Martinez is taking a leave of absence from the ring after close to 13 years of performing. The 33-year old lost the NCW Femmes Fatales International Title last month, which was her last match for now… Allysin Kay, Jasmin, Mia Yim, Jenny Rose and Annie Social have been added to the Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out tapings next month. Chasity Taylor will make her debut, and Mary Elizabeth Monroe will make her first appearance at a GNO since the original show in May 2009… Heidi Lovelace v Angie Skye has been added to SMASH Wrestling’s CanUSA Classic this Sunday… Courtney Rush will defend the NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship against ongoing rival Cheerleader Melissa at Femmes Fatales XVI on October 25. The pair have been feuding for more than a year and neither holds a victory over the other. They have fought to no-contests and also drew an Iron Woman Match. Rush won the title by making Mercedes Martinez tap out so the feud between she and Melissa can continue. A win over the reigning SHIMMER Champion – though she could have lost the belt by the time this match rolls around because the SHIMMER tapings are the previous week – would be a huge boost in Courtney’s credibility as International Champion and as a main-event talent.

Mio Shirai ran a show on Thursday featuring talent from the four promotions to which she in contracted – UNION, Ice Ribbon, Pro Wrestling WAVE and OZ Academy. The main event was a six-woman Dangerous Weapons & Barbed Wire Board Death Match… Makoto and Maki Narumiya will head to Mexico next month to wrestle for CMLL… Arisa Nakajima racked up her fourth successful title defence of the JWP Openweight Championship yesterday, beating Leon.

Following her heel turn on a previous House of Pain: Evolution show, Nixon Newell picked up a count-out victory over Zak Northern on Saturday. It was easier than she imagined as Nothern left the ring, refusing to fight her… Sammi Baynz won the vacant Herts and Essex Wrestling Women’s Championship on Saturday by beating Bacardi.



September 5: Lucha Libre Femenil (Monterrey, Mexico) – Sadica b Tsunami & Guerrera Negra in a 3-way; LuFisto v Hudson Envy went to a no-contest; Jordynne Grace b Angelica; Lady Flammer b Lady Jaguar & Justiciera in a 3-way; Alicia b Princess Maya

September 9: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Comandante, Tiffany & Zeuxis b La Vaquerita, Marcela & Princesa Sugheit

September 10: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Misaki Ohata b Shiori Akiba & Miyako Matsumoto in a 3-way; Tsukasa Fujimoto b Meari Naito & Cherry in a 3-way; Risa Sera v Rabbit Miyu went to a time limit draw; Neko Nitta b Mio Shirai & Maki Narumiya in a 3-way

September 10: Combat Zone Wrestling (Blackwood, NJ) – Irritating Igor b Brittany Blake

September 11: Mio Shirai Produce (Tokyo, Japan) – Mio Shirai b Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto in a 3-way; Neko Nitta b Mika Iida; Hamuko Hoshi & Hiroshi Fukuda b Yumi Ohka & Masayuki Mitomi; Dynamite Kansai & Aja Kong b Shuji Ishikawa & SAGAT; Mayumi Ozaki, Shu Shibutani & Yuko Miyamoto b Mio Shirai, Maki Narumiya & Isami Kodaka

September 11: WWE Superstars (Baltimore, MD) – Naomi b Summer Rae

September 11: WWE NXT Takeover 2 (Winter Park, FL) – Charlotte b Bayley

September 12: Target Wrestling (Carlisle, England) – Kay Lee Ray b Kasey Owens

September 12: House Of Pain: Evolution (Mansfield, England) – Jim & Lee Hunter b Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell

September 12: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Heidi Lovelace b Davey Vega

September 12: WWE SmackDown (Baltimore, MD) – Paige b Summer Rae

September 12: WWE House Show (White Plains, NY) – Paige b Natalya

September 12: Vendetta Pro Wrestling (Santa Maria, CA) – Raze b Laura Palmer, Kikyo Nakamura, Sage Sin Supreme & Andrea The Giant in a gauntlet match

September 12: RESISTANCE Pro (Chicago, IL) – Crazy Mary Dobson & Thunderkity b Camron Star & Lucy Mendez; Mickie Knuckles b Angel Dust

September 12: Squared Circle Wrestling (Rome, NY) – Cherry Bomb b Nevaeh

September 13: House Of Pain: Evolution (Derby, England) – Nixon Newell b Zak Northern via count out

September 13: Target Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Saraya Knight b Kasey Owens

Vanessa Kraven Courtney Rush TabercilSeptember 13: Herts and Essex Wrestling (Braintree, England) – Sammi Baynz b Bacardi to win the HEW Women’s Championship

September 13: SMASH Wrestling (Oshawa, ON, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven b Courtney Rush

September 13: Proving Ground Pro (Lincoln, IL) – Lucy Mendez & Randy Ray b Nina Monet and Bull Bronson

September 13: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – Jenny Rose b Marti Belle; Cherry Bomb b Miss Diss Lexia; Nevaeh & Brittany Blake b Niya Barela & Jessie Kaye; Sassy Stephie b Solo Darling; Athena b Hania; JT Dunn & David Starr b Annie Social & Kimber Lee; LuFisto b Allysin Kay

September 13: Combat Zone Wrestling (Voorhees, NJ) – DJ Hyde b Kimber Lee via DQ

September 13: SoCal Pro (Oceanside, CA) – Kitana Vera b Bruce Gwarstein

September 13: Premier Wrestling Xperience (Thomasville, NC) – Tessa Blanchard b Ronni Nicole

September 13: Quintessential Pro Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV) – Christina Von Eerie b Kahmora; Heidi Lovelace b Ivelisse Velez; Candice LeRae b Laura James; Veda Scott b Hudson Envy; Christina Von Eerie b Heidi Lovelace; Veda Scott v Candice LeRae went to a double count out; Christina Von Eerie b Joey Ryan

September 13: Underground Empire Wrestling (Sun Valley, CA) – NY Knockout Nikki v Sage Sin went to a no-contest

September 13: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews b Bishop via DQ; Jaida b Kaitlin Diemond

September 13: WWE House Show (Springfield, MA) – Paige b Natalya

September 13: WWE House Show (Jackson, MS) – Brie Bella, Eva Marie & Naomi b Alicia Fox, Cameron & Nikki Bella

September 13: WWE NXT House Show (Starke, FL) – Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch b Kendall Skye & Sasha Banks; Bayley b Charlotte

September 14: No Limit Wrestling (Naas, Ireland) – Kazza G b Katey Harvey

September 14: Apex Pro Wrestling (Ventura, CA) – Sunami & Terra Calaway b Buddy Royal & Sage Sin; Savannah Riley b Shelly Martinez

September 14: WWE House Show (Boston, MA) – Paige b Natalya

September 14: WWE House Show (Monroe, LA) – Brie Bella, Eva Marie & Naomi b Nikki Bella, Cameron & Alicia Fox

September 14: Wrestling Eclipse (Oshawa, ON, Canada) – Xandra Bale b Beautiful Beaa

September 14: AAA (Cancun, Mexico) – Dinastía, Jennifer Blake & Octagoncito b Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psycho Clown & Taya Valkyrie

September 15: Stardom (Osaka, Japan) – Kairi Hojo v Io Shirai; Cheerleader Melissa v Star Fire; Kaori Yoneyama v Nanae Takahashi; Kyoko Kimura v Yoshiko; DASH Chisako v Koguma; Mayu Iatani v Takumi Iroha

Cameron Naomi WWESeptember 15: Ice Ribbon (Yokohama, Japan) – Kyuri b Shiori Akiba; Kurumi & Mochi Miyagi b Akane Fujita & Aoi Ishibashi; Makoto Oishi & Neko Nitta b Cherry & Meari Naito; Aoi Kizuki & Hamuko Hoshi b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Yuuka; Mayumi Ozaki b Miyako Matsumoto; Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Rabbit Miu & Tsukushi

September 15: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsukushi b Yako Fujigasaki; Eri Susa & Kayoko Haruyama b KAZUKI & Rydeen Hagane; Hanako Nakamori b Yuki Shizuku; Command Bolshoi & Tomoka Nakagawa b Rabbit Miu & Yume Hayashi; Arisa Nakajima b Leon

September 15: WWE Raw (LaFayette, LA) – Paige & Nikki Bella b AJ Lee & Brie Bella; Naomi b Cameron


September 19: Southside Wrestling (Sheffield, England) – Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae v Kay Lee Ray & El Ligero; Morgan Webster, Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney v Nixon Newell, Jonathan Gresham & Chris Brookes

September 20: Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Charlestown, Australia) – Madison Eagles & Mick Moretti v Ryan Eagles & Robbie Eagles

September 20: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Wickede, Germany) – Svetlana Kalashnikova v Nixon Newell

September 20: Pride Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – DCT & Viper v Mr Byers & Fiona Fraser

September 21: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Leah & Kasey Owens v Bete Noire & Viper

September 21: SMASH Wrestling CANUSA Classic (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Amazing Kong v LuFisto; Allysin Kay v Vanessa Kraven; Kimber Lee v Xandra Bale; Cherry Bomb v Courtney Rush; Taeler Hendrix v Leah Von Dutch; Heidi Lovelace v Angie Skye; Veda Scott vs Jewells Malone

September 21: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Solo Darling v Athena

Paige AJ Lee Nikki Bella Night of Champions WWESeptember 21: WWE Night of Champions (Nashville, TN) – Paige v AJ Lee v Nikki Bella

September 23: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama v Cheerleader Melissa; Io Shirai v Nanae Takahashi; Star Fire v Kairi Hojo; Koguma v Mayu Iwatani; Kyoko Kimura v DASH Chisako; Yoshiko v Takumi Iroha

September 26: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Hudson, MA) – Nikki Valentine v Davienne

September 27: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Glasgow, Scotland) – Nikki Storm v Bete Noire

September 27: Ronin Pro Wrestling (Miami, FL) – Leva Bates v Dynamite Didi

September 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Raze v Melissa Coates

September 28: PAID Promotions (Morecambe, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob

September 28: Bellatrix X (Norwich, England) – Sammi Baynz v Blue Nikita; Liberty v Allysin Kay; Penelope v Violet O’Hara; Lady Lory v Erin Angel; Miss Mina v Skarlett; Amy-Lee Krammer v Shax; Chanel v Saraya Knight

September 28: Alternative Wrestling Show (Hemet, CA) – Leah Von Dutch & Kahmora v Melissa Coates & Sage Sinn

September 29: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Aja Kong & Tsubasa Kuragaki v Mayumi Ozaki & Kyusei Sakura Hirota

October 3: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Ivelisse Velez & Tommy Dreamer v Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan; Hania v Veda Scott

October 4: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Toni Storm v Savannah Summers

Leah Owens Audrey Bride Hikaru ShidaOctober 4: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Audrey Bride v Leah Owens v Hikaru Shida

October 4: Empress Pro (High Wycombe, England) – Addy Starr v Pollyanna Peppers

October 4: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Maria Kanellis v Ivelisse Velez; Candice LeRae & TBA v Veda Scott & Christina Von Eerie

October 4: American States Wrestling Alliance (Mansfield, OH) – Nevaeh v Samantha Heights

October 4: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 13 & 14 (Cleveland, OH)

October 5: Dragon Pro Wrestling (Newport, Wales) – Addy Starr v Pollyanna Peppers; Rhia O’Reilly v Nixon Newell

October 8: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Violet O’Hara v Kimber Lee

October 10: SHINE 22 (Ybor City, FL)

October 11: Southside Wrestling (Nottingham, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Kimber Lee

October 11: East Coast Wrestling Association Women’s Championship tournament (Carneys Point, NJ)

October 12: Southside Wrestling (St Neots, England) – Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak v Jim & Lee Hunter; Kay Lee Ray v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Mark Andrews v Rich Swann v Shane Strickland

October 18: DOA Wrestling (March, England) – Penelope v Chanel v Addy Starr

October 18-19: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

October 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Sumie Sakai v Kacee Carlisle; Kimber Lee v La Rosa Negra

October 25: Southside Wrestling (Stevenage, England) – Mark Andrews v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Rich Swann v Kay Lee Ray v Curry Man

October 25: NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling (San Antonio, TX) – Kat Green & Danny Ramons v Athena & Mathew Palmer

October 25: NCW Femmes Fatales XVI (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Jodi D’Milo v Vanessa Kraven

October 26: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

November 1: Flemish Wrestling Force (Limsburg, Belgium) – Leah Von Dutch v Katey Harvey

November 8: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ)

November 16: Tidal Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Shax

November 16: British Empire Wrestling (London, England) – Dragonita v Dean Michael

November 21: New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Perth, Australia) – Saraya Knight v Demi Bennett v Evie v Madison Eagles

November 23: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

March 14: Rock N’ Wrassle (Nottingham, England)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE (3,6), Raze (4), Tabercil (5)
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

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Review: Alternative Wrestling Show 4th Women’s Tournament (31 May 2014)

AWS RosterThere is a lot of attention put on women’s promotions across the US, with groups like SHIMMER, SHINE and Women Superstars Uncensored and others getting a lot of column inches. Meanwhile, there are also outfits like Absolute Intense Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling and Anarchy Championship Wrestling who are giving women a larger platform than most. The thing is that we hardly ever cast an eye over the West Coast – and that’s a horrible oversight considering there are quite a few women in the California area who are making impressions.

To that end, we’re taking a look at Alternative Wrestling Show’s 4th Women’s Tournament which took place back in May. It featured some names which you would likely know and others you may not, highlighted by Cheerleader Melissa and Serena Deeb facing each other in – to our knowledge – their first singles match ever. Seriously, how could this match not have happened before this year?!

Tournament First Round
1. Cole Pistol beat Kikyo Nakamura with a crucifix
2. Christina Von Eerie defeated Kahmora with a back duplex
3. Nicole Savoy bested Datura with the Royal Butterfly
4. Amazona pinned Candice LeRae by countering a sunset flip
Tag Team Match
5. Raze & Sage Sin defeated Allie Parker & Kitana Vera. Raze pinned Parker following a Cobra Clutch Saito Suplex.
Tournament Semi Finals
6. Christina Von Eerie made Cole Pistol tap out to the Tequila Sunrise
7. Amazona defeats Nicole Savoy by submission
Singles Match
8. Cheerleader Melissa pinned Serena Deeb with the Air Raid Crash
AWS Women’s Title Match
9. Hudson Envy (c) beat Brittany Wonder with the Air Raid Crash
Tournament Final
10. Christina Von Eerie made Amazona tap out to a Cobra Clutch
12 Person Tag Team Match
11. B-Boy, Hector Canales, Joey Ryan, Lil Cholo, Rick Knox & SoCal Crazy beat Allie Parker, Candice LeRae, Datura, Kahmora, Kikyo Nakamura & Kitana Vera. Knox pinned Vera with a schoolboy

Cole Pistol Kikyo Nakamura Larry Carlin AWS• The commentators did a good job introducing me as a first time viewer to the show, laying out the history for Cole Pistol and Kikyo Nakamura. There were also at least half a dozen gun-related puns for Pistol, which I appreciated. They veered into the cliched sexist commentary from time to time but reeled themselves in when they felt they were going too far.

• As for the match, it was mostly technical with wrist locks and headlocks, but then opened up to allow Nakamura to deliver some more clubbing shots, though I don’t think she needs a standing moonsault in her repertoire if she is working heel. Pistol got the win with a crucifix after Nakamura went for a lazy cover following a pump handle slam. Nothing terrible, but it wasn’t hugely exciting either.

• Christina Von Eerie’s match with Kahmora upped the intensity level, but the kicks to the back after a snapmare is already overdone on this show, and we’re only into the second match. I’m not sure if Von Eerie was working heel, but she was much more aggressive with her opponent and the match-winning back suplex looked pretty scary. Kahmora’s offence was pretty nonexistent.

• Nicole Savoy and Datura had quite a few mis-steps at the start, mostly when the luchadora attempted armdrags that Savoy wasn’t ready for, as well as more kicks to the spine. However, there were plus points like Datura’s smoothness and aggression, as well as Savoy’s released German and Dragon suplexes tied in with her heel swagger. Despite this match not being the cleanest affair, I enjoyed their hard work.

Raze Kitana Vera Larry Carlin AWS• Amazona pinned Candice LeRae by countering a sunset flip in around 80 seconds. While it was a shocker, it seems a waste for the best wrestler in the tournament to go out in less than a minute and a half.

• Raze is clubbering. She’s aggressive and no-nonsense, which works for her heel gimmick. Sage Sinn’s work seemed to be more flashy and generated excited reactions from the fans, which was all wrong for a heel, and it was highlighted by her going for a tope in the closing moments of the match. I can’t say that I cared too much for Kitana Vera’s selling, and Allie Parker’s hot tag didn’t last long. It just felt like a long squash, and the only one of the four who stood out was Raze.

• More kicks to the back in the tournament semi final between Christina Von Eerie and Cole Pistol, along with some big chops by both women. There was a nice moment where Von Eerie countered a headscissors attempt with a sidewalk slam after falling prey to the same move earlier in the contest, and the contest was set up to make it seem like Christina was too experienced and smart for her opponent.

• Nicole Savoy’s matches do seem to have an increased sense of drama about them, and her battle against Amazona was better than against fellow luchadora Datura in the first round. Amazona kicked out of the Royal Butterfly and locked in a pretty unique submission hold which had elements of the Cattle Mutilation to it for the tap out. I like Savoy, and would be happy to see more of her.

Serena Deeb Cheerleader Melissa Larry Carlin AWS• Please – do you really need me to tell you that Cheerleader Melissa v Serena Deeb was great? With hard-hitting, great chain wrestling and intensity which was far higher than anything else on the show, this was the Match of the Night. While the finish was hot – the referee got wiped out with a Deeb spear so wasn’t there to count when Serena hit the same move on Melissa, only for the SHIMMER Champion to avoid the second attempt and connect with the Air Raid Crash – it was the little things that I liked such as babyface Serena popping the crowd by doing three armdrags. No headdrops, dangerous suplexes or crazy dives – just armdrags. Great stuff.

• Hudson Envy has been generating some buzz over the past year, and it’s easy to see why. With her striking appearance and tattoos, she certainly stands out from most other female wrestlers out there at the moment. It is also evident that she is getting mentoring from LuFisto, as her AWS Women’s Championship defence against Brittany Wonder had a LuFeel about it.

• While the previous contest was a precision outing, this was more like a HOSS FIGHT, and I had a good time watching it. The match spilled to the outside for a considerable amount of time, but it was inside the ring where I saw a couple of moves which really impressed me. One was Envy reversing an Irish whip with a huge Capo Kick, and then turning a monkeyflip into a Tornado DDT. Hudson Envy Brittany Wonder Larry Carlin AWSEnvy finished the Ultragirl off with an Air Raid Crash – which would look like a booking snafu, considering it was the finish of Melissa v Serena, but it makes sense when you consider that the AWS Women’s Champ and SHIMMER titleholder have been feuding, and saw Melissa come out after the match to deliver an Air Raid Crash to her rival.

• Von Eerie v Amazona in the tournament final completely fell apart. A few miscues aside, things seemed to be going in the right direction until about nine minutes in when Amazona seemed to lose all sense of what she was doing and the match degenerated into a mess for the next seven minutes. After a bunch of moves – broken up by some really weird stand-offs – Von Eerie got the win out of nowhere with a Cobra Clutch. Strange, strange, strange.

• The main event was a 12-person comedy match, with the sixth man on the men’s team being referee Rick Knox, who refuse to officiate the contest because of the harsh treatment he had received from women on previous shows.

Candice LeRae Larry Carlin AWS• As for the match, it was about 20 minutes of comedy spots and about 10 minutes of moves. The finish came following a series of LeRae Ballsplexes and Ryan retaliating with a Boobplex on Nakamura before Knox got the flash pin with a schoolboy, underlined with a fast count by referee Ray Rosas. The men celebrated as if it was a major victory for their gender, which was a nice role reversal on how many treat women when they beat a man. The show ended with the guys dancing to The Village People’s Macho Man.

• So, to final thoughts. It seems as if the crowd had a lot of fun, though I could have done without the one woman chanting “Amazona” throughout all of her matches. It also seems as if the fans are regular visitors as they were clued up with the characters and their storylines, and they also got into the comedy aspect of the main event. The wrestling was fine for the most part, though there was a definite step-up in match quality when Serena Deeb and Cheerleader Melissa took to the ring. Of the wrestlers who I had not seen before, I liked Nicole Savoy and Brittany Wonder, and also appreciated Raze working heel. Sage Sin would be better suited as a babyface, and I would like to see more of Cole Pistol and Kikyo Nakamura to get a better impression of them. However, I would urge everyone to keep an eye out for Hudson Envy, as she is interesting, aggressive and has earned the confidence of the AWS promoters – evidenced by her working a feud with Melissa. AWS’ 4th Women’s Tournament is not world-beating, though it’s probably worth a look. Interested? You can download the 125 minute show for $12 by clicking here.

– Photos by Larry Carlin/AWS

Review: WSU Secret Show #3 – Havok defends against Shanna, Alpha Female throws people through walls

Nevaeh WSU Secret Show 3 by Get Lost PhotographyTomorrow, Women Superstars Uncensored returns to iPPV with “United” – a show headlined by the two big winners of the last “Queen and King of the Ring” show – new WSU World Champion LuFisto and newly crowned “Queen” Mickie Knuckles – in what will be the Canadian’s first defence of her title. Of course, there’s the added wrench in the machinery that is Jessicka Havok – the previous WSU Champion, who was fired and “banned for life” only two months ago, but who has threatened to show up and intrude on the event. Given that she still considers herself the WSU Champion, a possible showdown with LuFisto (or Knuckles) is on the cards, alongside one with WSU/CZW management DJ Hyde. We will, as usual, be back with live coverage of that show tomorrow.

Unlike most WSU iPPV shows, this time, there’s no “Secret Show” taking place the night before the main event, but thanks to StreamWSU, we’ve been watching Secret Show #3 from the day before WSU Mutiny earlier this year.

As I’ve said before about these shows, these are shows for the hardcore fan rather than the first-time fan. It’s a very rough around the edges show, the venue is a parking garage with two sides of the ring up against walls, wrestlers may or may not have entrance music depending on the whim of the technology gremlins at any time – but for people (like me, and hopefully you) who like these wrestlers already, the Secret Shows are usually a fun way of getting a little more content out of these WSU weekends. In saying that though, this show in particular promised something a little bit special. Following a last minute substitution in the main event of Mutiny (which saw Alpha Female gazump Shanna for the iPPV WSU Title shot), Shanna’s title challenge was switched to this show – making her match with Jessicka Havok the biggest and most important match to date on the Secret Show series. With Alpha Female also debuting on this show, might this be the best Secret Show to date? Let’s find out.

1. Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Shynron pinned JT Dunn with a rana pin.
2. Mickie Knuckles pinned Kimber Lee with a pump handle driver. Jewells Malone made the save after the bell when Knuckles continued to attack Kimber.
— Barbi Hayden cut a promo, explaining that she was above wrestling on this show, as she was a World Champion now (she’s the NWA World Women’s Champion)
3. Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal beat Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie when Garrett pinned Von Eerie after a Shining Star Press.
4. Alpha Female destroyed Barracuda Britney, leading to…
5. Alpha Female defeated Jenny Rose via submission (Full Nelson)
6. Athena pinned Hania following an O-Face.
7. Intergender Match: Candice LeRae pinned Chris Dickinson following a Ballsplex
7. WSU World Championship: Jessicka Havok pinned Shanna with a Demon Drop to retain her championship.

• Interestingly the show starts with a men’s match – a Beyond Wrestling Showcase, in fact – pitting JT Dunn vs Shynron. Given Drew Cordeiro’s ownership in both WSU and Beyond Wrestling, it’s probably not a surprise at all to see something like this, as he tries to create a crossover between his two brands. The two guys did a really good job getting the show off to a good start with an athletic match, ending when Shynron pinned Dunn with a rana pin in about ten minutes.

• Next up was Mickie Knuckles vs Kimber Lee. This was predominantly a showcase for Knuckles, Mickie Knuckles vs Kimber Lee WSU Secret Show 3 by Get Lost Photographywho was really magnificent in using her size to dominate Kimber Lee for a lot of this match. Knuckles was in a weird mood, licking things and generally using head games, mixing up strong wrestling and reversals with a more violent style. Honestly, I thought Knuckles took too much of this match, suffocating Kimber at times and dominating her a bit too much – yes, Knuckles had a big match the next day with Jewells Malone, but KL was challenging for the tag titles, and this match didn’t do much for her at all. Knuckles’ pump handle driver ended the match, but Mickie continued to beat down Kimber afterwards with headbutts, eventually drawing out Jewells Malone to run her off.

• Barbi Hayden cut a promo next, claiming that she was too important now she was NWA World Women’s Champion to wrestle on shows like this… eventually this drew out Santana Garrett and Amber O’Neal, which eventually led into the next match.

• Nevaeh & Christina Von Eerie came out to “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden, which ruled pretty hard – and they proceeded to wrestle Santana & Amber in what appeared to be an all babyface match until CVE & Nevaeh kind of adopted that heel role. The match was perfectly fine, if unspectacular, and ended when Santana was able to take advantage of what looked like a Von Eerie miscue on an attempted springboard, hit Sole Food and finished her with the Shining Star Press. With Garrett challenging Barbi Hayden the following afternoon, this was the right finish.

• Next up was a pretty strong showcase for the debuting Alpha Female, taking on Barracuda Alpha Female vs Barracuda Brittney WSU Secret Show 3 by Get Lost PhotographyBrittney (who we’ve seen once before at the Uncensored Rumble). A total squash, ending with a Dominator like finish. This drew out Jenny Rose, who is one of Brittney’s trainers – leading to an impromptu challenge and an Alpha Female vs Jenny Rose match – which resulted in further domination. Rose was at one point thrown into a wall which cracked under the force, leaving a hole. Rose gets in a little offence, such as a crucifix and a spear, but Alpha snuffs her out and wins with a Full Nelson. Superb way to build up Alpha Female ahead of her match with Jessicka Havok, crushing two competitors in a row. Rose totally took one for the team here.

• Hania vs Athena was definitely the most competitive and athletic of the WSU matches on the show. Lots of back and forth action, progressive moves and aggression. Hania’s actual execution is fantastic… everything she does she hits damn near perfectly. Best match on the show, though for me personally it lacked a babyface/heel dynamic. That being said though, this was thoroughly enjoyable. Athena got the pinfall with a crushing O-Face, but Hania left a really positive impact with this match. Kudos all round.

• I was pretty sure I was going to love Chris Dickinson vs Candice LeRae before they had even Candice LeRae Ballsplex Chris Dickinson WSU Secret Show 3 by Get Lost Photographylocked up, and I’m pleased to confirm that my faith was not misplaced. Dickinson is fantastic at working these intergender matches as the sleazy “Dirty Daddy”, and LeRae is super sympathetic and easy to support. Before the match, Dickinson proclaimed that “I am the greatest women’s wrestler EVER… and I don’t even have a vagina!” This was in some ways reminiscent of the Dickinson/Addy Starr intergender matches in WSU, where Dickinson was so totally overpowering his female opponent, rag-dolling them around, and only coming unstuck when the female gets to use technique and leverage. It wasn’t quite as unsettlingly violent as the Starr match, however, and Candice was able to pin Dickinson with a Ballsplex to win the match. Thoroughly enjoyable.

• The main event then… Jessicka Havok vs Shanna… and well, I enjoyed this match but Jessicka Havok vs Shanna WSU Secret Show 3 by Get Lost Photographypresumably to give Havok as strong a push as possible going into her match with Alpha Female the next day, this was almost all Havok. Shanna played her role really well, but that role wasn’t as a credible challenger for J-Hav’s title – it was as a chickenshit heel who knew she had very little chance against Havok and spent much of the match trying to stay away from her opponent. There were a couple of brief Shanna rallies where she might have pulled off the upset and Chris Dickinson helped out at ringside too, but otherwise this was 90% Havok, finishing things off with a Demon Drop (Air Raid Crash). Post match, there was a confrontation between Havok and DJ Hyde, which resulted in Hyde spitting in Havok’s face and Havok returning the favour. “I am the champion until I say I am done”, quoth Havok, which is interesting considering the state of play going into WSU United tomorrow night.

• The full show on StreamWSU lasted a short 1hr 37mins, so this is a very, very easy (and quick) watch. If you have StreamWSU or are considering signing up, I recommend that if you don’t find the time to watch the whole show, go out of your way to watch Hania vs Athena and Dickinson vs LeRae, while the Alpha Female showcase matches are impressive, if not particularly competitive. As usual, a fun and diverting show. Looking forward to seeing Secret Show #4 debut on StreamWSU soon, I hope.

Photography by Get Lost Photography

Ringbelles Roundup (3 June 2014) – Charlotte v Natalya, Serena v Ivelisse & Natsuki☆Taiyo retires

Charlotte WWEThere have been many plaudits for Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Championship tournament victory over Natalya at Takeover last Thursday, and with good reason. It was a great match which played to both women’s strengths – and with Charlotte’s father Ric Flair and Natalya’s uncle Bret Hart in their respective corners, it added to the drama of the whole deal. Given a big video package to hype it, a seal of approval from former titleholder and reigning WWE Divas Champion Paige, big entrances – along with new music for Charlotte which is a dance track with Flair’s theme sampled – 17 minutes to have a contest which built up to a fever pitch and shows of respect after the bell, the match was a home run and the best contest of the show.

The match itself was great, with the pair exchanging holds at the start and Charlotte looking to beat Natalya at her own technical wrestling game and Natalya taunting Flair by delivering a “whoo” right at him. Charlotte got the edge with a dragon screw from the apron which probably worked better in theory than in practice, and went for a risky moonsault which didn’t pay off. It gave Natalya the opening to lock in a Sharpshooter before Charlotte beautifully reversed it into a figure four leglock and ended with her hanging off the apron for extra leverage. Back in the ring, she abandoned her plan to re-apply the hold in order to lock in a Sharpshooter of her own while looking square at Hart in what was a great moment. Natalya fought loose but was kicked away, allowing Charlotte to nail her Bow To The Queen facebuster for the clean pin. Seriously, this match was brilliant and is worth going out of your way to watch.

It’s even more startling considering Charlotte debuted less than a year ago and didn’t start training until mid-2012. She’s been promoted as being a natural in the ring, and there’s a lot of evidence to support that. Coupled with her gymnastic ability, height and physique, she is certainly a great prodigy for the Divas division, but let’s not get too carried away yet. Continue reading “Ringbelles Roundup (3 June 2014) – Charlotte v Natalya, Serena v Ivelisse & Natsuki☆Taiyo retires”

SHIMMER volumes 65-66 live results

shimmer logo

We’re back for a second day of DVD tapings for SHIMMER, with questions being raised about LuFisto‘s current intentions. After being denied another chance at the SHIMMER title in the near future while Cheerleader Melissa still holds the belt, she came out to try to help Yumi Ohka win the strap in the main event of volume 64, but was rebuffed for her actions. The pair came to blows after Melissa retained the championship, leading to LuFisto and Ohka meeting as part of the volume 65 card today.

Elsewhere, Melissa defends the title against Mia Yim following Yim’s wins over Hikaru Shida and Mercedes Martinez, while Shida and Martinez will face off in a first-time ever match. Following her walking out of their tag team match yesterday, Veda Scott will wrestle Leva Bates in a rematch from volume 62, but with more hostile feelings abound.

Meanwhile in tag team action, Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb square off against Ray and Leon, while Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa defend the Tag Team Championship against Saraya Knight and Rhia O’Reilly.

As with yesterday, we will have ongoing results after the jump courtesy of the Twitters of Reid Allen and Dave Muscarella, so keep refreshing to get the updates as they happen. Continue reading “SHIMMER volumes 65-66 live results”

SHIMMER volumes 63-64 live results

SHIMMER neon logo

The bumper weekend of DVD tapings that is SHIMMER is upon us with more than 30 of the world’s top female talent descending on the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL for what will be around 40 matches over the next two days.

Following the controversial ending of SHIMMER 62 last week in New Orleans, LA, LuFisto will team up with tag partner Kana to take on Mercedes Martinez and SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa, looking to get some revenge following her loss in her title challenge, and to possibly secure another crack at the championship at some point over the weekend.

Elsewhere, we may see friction within the Canadian Ninjas following Nicole Matthews‘ decision to team with Madison Eagles to unsuccessfully challenge the Global Green Gangsters for the Tag Team Championship last week – a move which raised the hackles of Portia Perez, who tweeted her displeasure at the development.

You can read more about what we could see over the next four DVD tapings by looking at this week’s Roundup, but we will also be bringing you live results courtesy of the Twitters of Reid Allen and Dave Muscarella, who we thank for their constant great work in getting the word out to the rest of us – and Stew will be back after the tapings for some in-depth thoughts. Click the jump to see the results – and keep hitting refresh to make sure you’re up to date. Continue reading “SHIMMER volumes 63-64 live results”