In Video: Ivelisse Velez’s AAA debut

Ivelisse Velez Sexy Star Taya ValkyrieIt’s a rare venture into the world of lucha libre, thought its profile has seen an upswing since the debut of Lucha Underground on US TV. A combination of alternative production and some entertaining matches has made it a desirable show to watch, and it is already seeing some crossover of talent among the luchadoras to AAA in Mexico – namely Ivelisse Velez.

The former SHINE Champion has had the opportunity to showcase her verbiage as well as her wrestling skills during her time on Lucha Underground, playing the nasty heel alongside Son of Havoc and has got under the skin of the promotion’s premier babyface Sexy Star. That rivalry has continued into AAA but has seen a flip-flopping of their demeanours as Sexy was already a heel in Mexico, meaning that Ivelisse is working face.

The video we have for you here is Velez’s debut in the promotion from November 28 where she teamed with Faby Apache against Sexy and AAA Reina de Reinas Taya Valkyrie in tag team action. The video shows the build-up – which would be more useful for you if you can speak Spanish – as well as the post-match antics. Have a look.


Ringbelles Retro: Fathers team up with their daughters

Ayako HamadaWe’ve seen fathers and sons – Dusty and Dustin Rhodes plus Vince and Shane McMahon immediately spring to mind – team up in wrestling, and mothers and daughters – such as Saraya and Britani Knight as well as Raven Lake and Bambi Hall – have done the same. Less common is fathers and daughters linking up for matches, but we’ve got a match in today’s Retro where we’ve got two pairs of women teaming up with their dads in a match against each other.

The match in question is from joshi outfit ARSION, which went the way of the dodo in 2003 after 5 years of running shows. This contest took place in April 2000 with two women in their late teens and still waiting to celebrate their second anniversaries in the business seeking to follow in the footsteps of their hugely successful parents.

Ayako Hamada linked up with her father Gran Hamada – who also saw older daughter Xóchitl Hamada also enter the industry – while Faby Apache was tagging with her dad Gran Apache – who has trained many luchadoras for AAA in Mexico. You can watch the contest below.

Taya Valkyrie wins the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Taya Valkyrie AAAIt wasn’t the cleanest of victories, but Taya Valkyrie made history at last night’s AAA TripleMania XII show in Mexico City, Mexico when she became the first foreigner to win the Reina de Reinas Championship from Faby Apache.

As well as receiving liberal help from Sexy Star, Valkyrie also had a hand in the form of rúdo (heel) referee Hijo del Tirantes in order to wrest the title from Apache. Despite the interference and biased officiating, the titleholder held her own for a lot of the match, and even bloodied the challenger’s nose along the way. It became a sticking point as Tirantes refused to count pitfalls for Faby to check on whether the Canadian could continue, and he even broke up submission holds to make sure Taya did not submit. Eventually, an errant dropkick by the champion wiped out the referee and saw Sexy interfere further, though she ended up being ejected from the arena by commissioner El Fantasma. In the end, the 27-year old’s victory was clean as she hit a Northern Lights Suplex and a kangaroo style double stomp to claim the championship. On commentary, her fellow Canadian lucha star Vampiro remarked “I’m very proud of her. She slept on floors, she had no money to eat, she is a true success story.”

It was later revealed that Valkyrie had suffered a broken nose in the contest, which would explain the blood.

Taya has spent more than two years wrestling in Mexico. She travelled south in April 2012 to wrestle for Perros Del Mal before debuting for AAA seven months later. She competed in a tournament to crown a Reina de Reinas titleholder in November last year and made it to the final by beating Jennifer Blake, but lost the 4-way decider which also involved LuFisto, Mary Apache and Faby, who ended up winning the belt. Apache only defended the title twice during her reign, beating Blake in July and losing to Valkyrie last night.

– Photo by AAA

Ringbelles Roundup (19 March 2013) – TNA One Night Only tapings, Bellatrix, GLOW documentary & more

tna-one-night-onlyWARNING: Spoilers lay within.

TNA Wrestling is saying goodbye to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL by hosting a series of One Night Only pay-per-views. In last week’s Roundup, we discussed the Knockouts Knockdown all-women show which saw a number of former Knockouts turn down the offer of being there. At the time, Traci Brooks was one of the women who had declined the offer, but it was not because she was holding a grudge of any description, tweeting “I had to say no to TNA for the KO ppv as I couldn’t make it that day. No other reason”.

Payton Banks (Rain) and Winter (Katarina Leigh) pointed out last week that they had also been asked but said no, while Salinas (Shelly Martinez) vlogged that she wasn’t asked. However, it was the former Roxxi who came out and explained in detail why she didn’t go back for Sunday’s show.

Nikki Roxx (who was messed around during her two stints in the promotion) spoke to the Greg DeMarco show about her turning down the offer, saying, “You can only get kicked so many times… I think that I had finally had enough. They had trouble treating me very well to begin with and I felt like I was being a glutton for punishment every time I went back… I felt like it was the right time to tell them no. It was like one of those bad relationships where you keep trying to get away from it… You can’t treat people badly and then hope that they’ll come back and hang out.” Continue reading “Ringbelles Roundup (19 March 2013) – TNA One Night Only tapings, Bellatrix, GLOW documentary & more”

Mickie James to appear in AAA

Lucha libre promotion AAA has announced that TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James will be appearing at its biggest show of the year, TripleMania XIX on June 18 at the Palacio de los Deportes (“Sports Palace”) in Mexico City, Mexico.

It made the announcement on its Twitter page earlier today:

MICKIE JAMES será la invitada especial en #Triplemanía XIX! Gracias por sus votos!

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that translates to:

MICKIE JAMES will be the special guest in #Triplemanía XIX! Thanks for the votes!

We told you in yesterday’s Ringbelles Roundup about how AAA was running a fan poll to see which Knockout they would like to appear at TripleMania. Everyone exept Sarita was eligible (she couldn’t make an appearance, as she is contracted to rival promotion CMLL), and the people wanted Mickie.

This is the second year that TNA wrestlers will be appearing at TripleMania – last year, Beer Money, Christopher Daniels and Abyss competed on the show – but James will be the first TNA contracted female to be there. However, last year saw former Knockout Peyton Banks – under her more well-known character of Rain – team with Jennifer Blake and Sexi Star (as Las Gringas Locas) to beat Cinthia Moreno, Mari and Faby Apache.

You can find out more about AAA by clicking here.