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Madison Eagles Nicole Matthews Ichiban DrunkThere has been a lot of talk throughout the week about the finish of the main event of SHIMMER Volume 68 on Saturday night, in which Nicole Matthews became the sixth wrestler to win the SHIMMER Championship following a fireball thrown at the face of Madison Eagles, concluding a four way elimination match that also featured the former champion Cheerleader Melissa and Athena. In amongst the shock from people who did not attend the show that a fireball was used in a women’s promotion, a theme emerged from the conversation – namely that of overbooking.

This piece is inspired from listening to the Pro Wrestling Ponderings Weekly Newscast, where the assertion was made that Matthews’ title win was marred by the fact that three referees were knocked out of commission, and that she then resorted to using a fireball on Eagles in order to secure the championship. In case you may think I am writing this to say that’s wrong couldn’t be further from the truth. Those are the facts – three referees were indeed incapacitated in the closing stretch of the matchup, and Matthews did indeed light up some flash paper and throw it in Eagles’ face. On the surface, and to any fans who just read the results and weren’t in the Berwyn Eagles Club on Saturday night, that does indeed come across as overdoing it in order to get to an end destination that could have been easier to reach.

What I’m setting out to explain are the reasons why the finish came about the way it did, and the lengthy backstory to support it. And for this, we have to go back nearly a full year to October 19th 2013, and SHIMMER Volume 58.

On that night, following a successful comeback run in SHIMMER after 18 months out of wrestling, Eagles issued an open challenge to see if anyone could defeat her. Up stepped Matthews – even though she claimed she had an unbeaten streak of her own, this was comedy, as it came the volume Nicole Matthews Ichiban Drunkafter she and Portia Perez lost the Tag Team Titles to the Global Green Gangsters. Regardless, the two proceeded to have a fantastic match that ended in a 20 minute time limit draw, which both wrestlers refused to extend.

Following this, Eagles and Matthews exchanged barbs with each other, mainly based on their preferred coffee chains, and then formed an uneasy and slightly comical alliance, dubbed the “Worst Best Friends”, which included an unsuccessful attempt at 3G’s Tag Team Titles at Volume 62 in New Orleans this April. Eagles would suffer a broken wrist on Volume 63 in a match with Heidi Lovelace, which limited the storyline somewhat, although there was some development when Matthews publicly declared her intentions to ask for the rematch knowing full well that Eagles was injured – and according to Eagles, Matthews actually drove her to the hospital. This made it seem that when Eagles was 100%, the relationship with Matthews would kick up another gear.

As it turned out, it went from second to top gear. The main piece to set up the events of Volume 68 came earlier in the day on Volume 67. Upon hearing that Athena and Nikki Storm were to battle for number one contendership for the SHIMMER Championship, Eagles and Matthews agreed that they would have their rematch, but only if the same stipulation was put in place for their match. Feeling that the fans deserved a winner between the two, SHIMMER management agreed to the request.

Bret Hart Steve AustinEagles and Matthews proceeded to have a match just as good as their Volume 58 bout, maybe even better, as there was a goal to work towards on this occasion. The finish was wonderful – in a tribute to Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996, Eagles had Matthews in a sleeperhold, but Matthews was able to kick off the turnbuckle pads and pin Eagles in the middle of the ring. Only problem was, unlike Hart and Austin that night at Madison Square Garden, Matthews also tapped out to Eagles’ sleeper. Referee Bryce Remsburg was only able to detect Matthews’ pin, but fellow referee PJ Drummond came out to explain to Remsburg that Matthews had submitted. It was eventually agreed that both situations cancelled each other out, and another draw was declared, resulting in both Eagles and Matthews qualifying for the Volume 68 main event.

Drummond’s availability to notice that Matthews had tapped out for me was the major Chekov’s Gun that made the Volume 68 finish work and make sense in the context of the storyline. If he had not seen the submission, Matthews would have claimed her win over Eagles, and gone into a three way with Melissa and Athena for the championship, instead of a four way with Eagles also involved. So for Nicole’s plan to work, she needed to make sure that every single referee in SHIMMER was knocked out when the time was right. If just one referee noticed that Matthews was planning to disfigure Eagles to the point of being stunned for a three count, then that would be a disqualification, even in a four way elimination match, and Matthews couldn’t take that chance. It’s similar in ways to movies where the villain needs to commit a crime so disgusting that in addition to killing the main target, they also need to kill every possible eye-witness in order to get away with it.

Sure, Matthews could have just blasted Eagles with a steel chair or something to that extent, but if you’ve watched the Canadian Ninjas for any extended period of time, then you’ll know that they’re based very heavily on Memphis territory heel tag teams, who use stalling tactics, bump all over the place for the babyface team, and then use the most nefarious means ever to steal victories. The most famous heel in the Memphis territory was a certain Jerry “The King” Lawler, and one of his most celebrated traits was the amount of fireballs he threw at opponents. So given the influences of Matthews and Perez, what else would Nicole do to cement herself in SHIMMER folklore and claim the biggest prize in the promotion?

Madison Eagles Ichiban DrunkBeing there in the front row on Saturday night, I cannot forget the disgusting stench that came following the launch of the fireball. I could still smell it the next morning. And leaving the Eagles Club at gone 11pm on Saturday night (thanks to technical difficulties between the two volumes), I was kind of surprised to read that people weren’t happy about the finish due to the overbooking. And they’re entitled to think that way, but when you consider the roots of the storyline, and the roots of how Nicole Matthews has been booked over the past several years, in addition to the events of earlier in the day, then you can truly appreciate why the SHIMMER booking committee went with what they did. And the bottom line is that one of the most entertaining partnerships of the past year in the company is now it’s hottest… no pun intended.

Martin Bentley
– Photos by Ichiban Drunk (1,2,4), WWE (3)


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Ringbelles Roundup (21 October 2014) – Nicole Matthews rules the SHIMMER roost, a call to action & more

Nicole Matthews Kristine RoperNicole Matthews was turned down the first time she applied to wrestle for SHIMMER. However, considering she had only been in the business for around a year, it may have been a little too soon for the ambitious yet inexperienced Canadian.

“Nicole’s first demo was sent to me when she had less than a year of actual experience as a professional wrestler,” said SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak during an interview with SLAM Sports – Wrestling in May 2009. “Much like I did with her eventual partner Portia Perez a year earlier, I let her know what I thought of the first demo and encouraged her to work as many independent wrestling events as possible to get more ring time, work on a few things, and gather new footage to include on a follow-up demo. I remained in contact with her, and when a last-minute opening came up on our volumes 15 and 16 taping a year later, we gave Nicole the opportunity to come to Chicago and show us what she could do.”

Matthews worked on the constructive criticism she received and made her debut in the promotion on October 13, 2007 where she teamed with Perez – who she only met when Portia picked her up from the airport in Chicago on her debut weekend – to defeat Ashley Lane and Lorelei Lee. She was the second match on the card but started to rise up the ranks with encouraging performances and a character development as part of her tandem with Portia, later titled the Canadian Ninjas. Nicole’s first big singles break came against the woman who elicited a change of her first name for her debut, falling to Nikki Roxx on volume 19 before embarking on a feud with Daizee Haze in May 2009 which drew many plaudits, and she culminated the weekend by winning the Tag Team Titles with Perez. The pair held the belts on two occasions, racking up reigns totalling 973 days and Two time SHIMMER tag champs, Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews. Photo: Portia Perez's Twitteronly ending last April when they were usurped by current champions Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa. Making a splash in both the singles and tag team ranks – highlighted by a great feud with Jessie McKay in late 2010-early 2011, Nicole was Cheerleader Melissa’s first SHIMMER Title challenger in March 2012, though she fell to the new champion.

After losing the tag straps, Matthews embarked on her current feud, which started out as a friendly war over what was the best coffee. Tim Hortons-loving Nicole fought to a 20-minute draw with Starbucks fan Madison Eagles and the pair began a Cold War where they would be friendly but try to get under each other’s skin or undermine the other – exemplified during their Tag Team Title challenge against 3G on volume 63 earlier this year. The inconclusive nature of their singles matches against each other continued last weekend when they went to a draw on volume 67, leading to them both being inserted into the following volume’s singles title match – one which Matthews went all out to win.

Following the shock dismissal of Melissa by Athena in the 4-way elimination match to guarantee the end of her second title reign and also promise a new champion, the Fallen Goddess was quickly dispatched by Matthews thanks to a distraction by a vengeful Melissa, leaving the two frenemies to battle it out for the belt – and it was Nicole using flash paper to throw a fireball into Eagles’ face which was the deciding factor, as it lead to Matthews getting the pin to become the first SHIMMER Champion from Canada, the most decorated wrestler in SHIMMER history with three title reigns and the first wrestler to rise up the ranks through the promotion rather than be an original like Melissa or MsChif or come in with some buzz like Eagles or Saraya Knight.

“It was pretty surreal to become SHIMMER Champion,” 27-year old Matthews exclusively told Ringbelles earlier today. “When I decided to start training in November 2005, my only goal was to wrestle at SHIMMER. When that happened, I was ecstatic. You can only imagine how cool it was for me to go from that to becoming the tag champions with Portia and now becoming the SHIMMER champion. To go from opening matches to the champion is an awesome journey, and one I don’t think that a SHIMMER champion has gone through before me.

“I’m also really glad my first title defence was against Evie because I felt like that was a great representation on what this title reign is going to be. This is going to spice up the main event. There will be new faces there and if I’ve won this belt, who’s to say Evie isn’t next? Or Portia Perez? Or Courtney Rush? Or Nikki Storm? It’s going to get interesting…”

Nicole Matthews Portia Perez SHIMMERInteresting indeed. When you consider that because of the antics of herself and Perez they have formidable opposition by recently-turned babyfaces Eagles and Jessicka Havok, one can see that the main events in SHIMMER have been shaken up by the title change. However, it’s not the first earthquake that Matthews has caused this year, as this title win comes quickly after her reign as Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Champion, which came to an end earlier this month after she won the belt in August, much to the delight of the fans in her home promotion.

“I’ve had a fantastic year and didn’t predict any of it coming my way,” says Nicole. “Becoming the ECCW Champion was really unexpected, as was the reaction and publicity that got. It just shows how crazy and unpredictable wrestling can be. You never know what’s going to happen, and all you can do is go along for the ride.”

At the moment, Matthews’ ride is at a peak, and looks set to climb even further. Much like a ninja, she has quietly seized opportunities and left a slew of victims in her wake. She may also have snuck into Wrestler of the Year contention too…


Kay Lee Ray Evie Kristine RoperElsewhere at SHIMMER over the weekend – results here and here along with thoughts from Reid Allen who was in attendance – Kay Lee Ray and Candice LeRae put on arguably the match of the weekend, Mayumi Ozaki (who was one of four joshi debuts) and Saraya Knight ripped shreds out of each other before forming a unit along with Rhia O’Reilly – who had a career high weekend topped off by wrestling LuFisto. Despite losing her title challenge, Evie’s performances were well received, the Kimber Bombs continued their ascent to what will probably be the Tag Team Championship – despite losing a title challenge at the weekend – while Nicole Savoy impressed many in her debut weekend. Nikki Storm continued to entertain with her Stormeo cookies and falling out with Courtney Rush after the Winnipegger tore her letter which was allegedly from the Backstreet Boys.

Speaking of the Tag Team Titles, they’re still in the hands of 3G, despite Tomoka Nakagawa’s impending retirement at the end of the year. However, her t-shirt which she was selling at the weekend has the year noted as 2015, so she may wrestle again next year. Incidentally, she and Skater have now notched up a record 13 successful defences, and if they hold the belts until the tapings in the spring, they will have the longest SHIMMER Tag Team Title reign ever and possibly the longest reign of any title, beating MsChif’s 715 days with the singles belt.

Injury-wise, LuFisto suffered a broken left hand, Athena needed to be helped to the back after being knocked out with a curb stomp during her volume 69 match against Melissa and Sassy Stephie hurt her ankle, ruling herself out of next weekend’s NCW Femmes Fatales show where she was meant to face Kc Spinelli – she will now take on Allysin Kay instead.

Kaori Yoneyama Tsukasa FujimotoAmusingly, Kaori Yoneyama and Tsukasa Fujimoto also ended up on WGN Chicago’s news broadcast last Thursday as they were filmed walking through O’Hare airport as part of a report into screenings for ebola. They’re not at any risk – it’s just that they happened to be there while the cameras were rolling.


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I’m hoping to put it together at the end of October. What I’m asking is if you can record a quick piece onto a smartphone or onto your computer with your thoughts – no longer than 5 minutes – and send the audio file to

Thanks a lot to everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing the stories as I compile it.


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Alexa Bliss spoke to the Miami Herald about a range of subjects including getting into bodybuilding after being involved in cheerleading and how it helped with an eating disorder – Torrie Wilson has a similar story – applying to WWE through the Diva Search and how she studies Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara because of her lack of height – she’s 5 feet tall… Charlotte beat Becky Lynch in a non-title match on last week’s NXT. Carmella also won her debut match on the show, defeating Leva Bates. AJ Lee defeated Layla on SmackDown after the latter walked out on the Divas Champion during their match on last week’s Raw. Paige laid out her enemy with the Paige Turner afterwards. Speaking of which, AJ v Paige has been announced for Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV with the Divas Title on the line. Hopefully this will be the end of Eden Stiles WWEtheir feud… Following the departure of ring announcer Justin Roberts, Lilian Garcia has taken over duties on Raw. Eden Stiles (Brandi Rhodes) will replace Garcia on SmackDown… Paige and Alicia Fox have been added to the cast of Total Divas. They will join the show on January 4 when the show returns from its mid-season break. Presumably this means Paige isn’t winning the Divas Title on Sunday, considering the rule that the championship can’t be on the show, though she cryptically tweeted that rules change – though Stephanie McMahon has come out to say that there is no policy. Figure Four Online claims that the reason why AJ Lee isn’t part of it because of her marriage to CM Punk, though there are also claims that she and Layla turned down the opportunity to be on the show… Credit to WWE – it’s changed its Talent Wellness section on the corporate section of its website. Now renamed Talent Programs and Policies, it has a section focussed on the issue of domestic abuse. It says “WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.” To be pedantic, the term is now domestic abuse rather than violence as the new title incorporates things like mental, emotional and financial control, but it’s a positive step, and is possibly a reaction to domestic abuse arrests/accusations involving members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and National Football League.

Havok beat Madison Rayne on last Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling to retain the Knockouts Championship… Gail Kim described Nikki Storm as the “best audition” of the Glasgow heats of British Boot Camp 2, which kicked off on Sunday. Viper also made a good impression but did not make it through to the next stage, while Storm and Kay Lee Ray did. You can read what Kim ahead Viper Kay Lee Ray Nikki Storm Gail Kim TNAof the show’s premiere by clicking here.

North America
Vanessa Kraven spoke about why she attacked Courtney Rush at the end of the Smash Wrestling CanUSA Classic last month. She says she has nothing against Rush but she wanted to send a message to every woman in the ring during the medal ceremony. She expressed her desire to be the best female wrestler in the world… The Wrestling Observer reports that Amazing Kong needs surgery for two herniated discs… Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan retained the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team Championship on Friday, beating Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano… John Greed beat Seleziya Sparx on Sunday’s Squared Circle Wrestling show in a Tables Match… Mickie James indicated on Twitter that she would be open for a return to WWE. She gave birth to her first child last month… Jessie Belle Smothers’ retirement didn’t last long – she’s taking bookings again.

She may be retiring at the end of the year but she’s not done winning titles yet: Tomoka Nakagawa won the Pro Wrestling WAVE Tag Team Championship on Wednesday alongside Kyoko Kimura by beating Mika Iida & Kyusei Sakura Hirota in the Dual Shock Wave tag team tournament final… Command Bolshoi celebrated 25 years in the business on Sunday, beating Meiko Satomura.

Queen Maya marked her return to wrestling after becoming a mother by beating Lady Lory on Saturday to regain the italian Championship Wrestling Women’s Title… Fierce Females Champion Kay Lee Ray will not be part of this Saturday’s charity show; she’s booked in a tag team match in Edinburgh for Premier British Wrestling. Speaking of the charity show, Violet O’Hara, Fiona Fraser and the Owens Twins have been added to the lineup.

Makoto and Maki Narumiya have been wrestling in CMLL over the last week as part of its talent sharing initiative with REINA. They took part in a Mexico v Rest of World match on Sunday, with the foreigners winning.



October 14: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Comandante, Makoto & Maki Narumiya b Estrellita, Goya Kong & Princesa Sugehit

October 15: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b Kaho Kobayashi; Mio Shirai & Misaki Ohata b Melanie Cruise & Rina Yamashita; Yuu Yamagata, Mari Apache & Kana b Hikaru Shida, Yumi Ohka & Sawako Shimono; Syuri b Shu Shibutani; Ayako Hamada b Moeka Haruhi; Kyoko Kimura & Tomoka Nakagawa b Mika Iida & Kyusei Sakura Hirota to win the WAVE Tag Team Championship

October 15: TNA Impact Wrestling (Bethlehem, PA) – Havok b Madison Rayne

October 15: AAA (Naucalpan, Mexico) – Jennifer Blake, La Jarochita & Súper Nova b Eterno, Sexy Lady & Taya Valkyrie

October 16: WWE NXT (Orlando, FL) – Charlotte b Becky Lynch; Carmella b Leva Bates

October 16: United States Championship Wrestling (Callhan, FL) – Santana Garrett b Ashleigh Lynn Ford

October 16: Lucha Libre Total (Xalapa, Mexico) – Jennifer Blake, Princesa Metalica & Gabriel o Gabriela b Muneca Sarcasmo, Taya Valkyrie & Demasiado

Shanna Liberty Swiss Wrestling EntertainmentOctober 17: Swiss Wrestling Entertainment (Bern, Switzerland) – Shanna & Sara Marie Taylor b Lana Austin & Liberty

October 17: House of Pain Evolution (Derby, England) – Felony b Erin Night

October 17: Tidal Championship Wrestling (Darlington, England) – Courtney b Ruby Summers

October 17: WWE SmackDown (Birmingham, AL) – AJ Lee b Layla

October 17: WWE NXT house show (Leesburg, FL) – Bayley b Becky Lynch

October 17: WWE house show (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Naomi & Natalya b Cameron & Layla

October 17: House of Bricks (New Bedford, MA) – Mistress Belmont b Nikki Valentine; Amanda Fox b JB Tickle & The Raging Bull in a 3-way

October 17: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane b Heather Patera & Kimber Lee; Athena & Heidi Lovelace b Christian Faith & Gregory Iron; Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane b Athena & Heidi Lovelace

October 17: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (Reseda, CA) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan b Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

October 17: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Makoto, Maki Narumiya & Zeuxis b Dark Angel, Lluvia & Marcela

October 18: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Aoi Kizuki & Kyuri b 235 & Kurumi; Miyako Matsumoto b Yume Hayashi; Aoi Kizuki v Neko Nitta went to a time limit draw; Cherry & Meari Naito b Risa Sera & Tsukushi

October 18: Women’s Wrestling Big Match in Niigata (Niigata, Japan) – Kyoko Kimura b Sareee; Eiger b Sakura Hirota; Eiger b Sakura Hirota; Kaho Kobayashi & Alex Lee v Yumiko Hotta & Dump Matsumoto went to a double count out; Aja Kong b Kagetsu; Manami Toyota, DASH Chisako & Nanae Takahashi b Yoshiko, Ray & Tsubasa Kuragaki; Meiko Satomura b Ayako Hamada

October 18: Italian Championship Wrestling (Torino, Italy) – Queen Maya b Lady Lory to win the ICW Women’s Championship

October 18: German Wrestling Federation (Waren, Germany) – Blue Nikita b Vanessa La Bestia

October 18: DOA Wrestling (March, England) – Penelope b Chanel & Addy Starr in a 3-way

October 18: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Motherwell, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne b Viper

October 18: Extreme World Wrestling (Hastings, England) – Skarlett b Chuck Cyrus

October 18: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL) – Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb b Bambi Hall & KC Cassidy; Heidi Lovelace b Nicole Savoy; Sassy Stephie b Crazy Mary Dobson; Athena b Nikki Storm; Portia Perez b Courtney Rush via DQ; Nevaeh b Jenny Rose; Mayumi Ozaki b Saraya Knight; Evie b Kay Lee Ray; LuFisto b Rhia O’Reilly; Nicole Matthews v Madison Eagles went to a draw; Kaori Yoneyama, AKINO & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Kellie Skater, Tomoka Nakagawa & Mia Yim; Cheerleader Melissa b Kana; Cherry Bomb b Thunderkitty; Xandra Bale b Miss Natural; Marti Belle b Solo Darling; Kay Lee Ray b Kimber Lee; Leva Bates b Nevaeh; Nikki Storm b Candice LeRae; Courtney Rush b Veda Scott; AKINO b Heidi Lovelace; Vanessa Kraven b Jessicka Havok via count out; Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki b Kana & LuFisto; Evie b Mia Yim; Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa b Kaori Yoneyama & Tsukasa Fujimoto; Nicole Matthews defeated Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Eagles & Athena in a 4-way to win the SHIMMER Championship

October 18: WWE NXT house show (Tampa, FL) – Bayley b Becky Lynch

October 18: WWE house show (Mexico City, Mexico) – AJ Lee b Paige

October 18: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Santana Garrett b Joey Mayberry

October 18: Alpha Omega Wrestling (Victorville, CA) – Andrea The Giant b Evan James

October 18: Proving Ground Pro (Havana, IL) – Lucy Mendez & Randy Ray b Cousin Gator & Duke Cornell

October 18: Northeast Wrestling (Waterbury, CT) – Mark Shurman & Velvet Sky b Dan De Man & Jake Manning

October 19: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Bolshoi Kid b Leon & Ray; Command Bolshoi b Meiko Satomura

October 19: Stardom (Aichi, Japan) – Star Fire b Hatsuhinode Kamen; Kairi Hojo v Mystique went to a time limit draw; Yoshiko & Reo Hazuki b Kyoko Kimura & Kris Wolf; Nanae Takahashi, Miho Wakizawa & Koguma b Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani & Takumi Iroha

October 19: Pro Wrestling Ulster (Belfast, Northern Ireland) – Katey Harvey b Viper

October 19: House Of Pain (Nottingham, England) – Felony v Jenna went to a double count out

October 19: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL) – Courtney Rush b Nikki Storm; Madison Eagles b Marti Belle; Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb b Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling; Rhia O’Reilly b Xandra Bale; Jenny Rose b Veda Scott, Candice LeRae & Leva Bates in a 4-way; LuFisto b Nicole Savoy; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Kaori Yoneyama b Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh; Cheerleader Melissa b Athena; Kana b Kay Lee Ray; Portia Perez b Jessicka Havok via DQ; Mia Yim b AKINO; Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa b Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki; Nicole Matthews b Evie; Nikki Storm b Kaori Yoneyama; Vanessa Kraven b Crazy Mary Dobson; Allysin Kay & Taylor Made b KC Cassidy & Bambi Hall; Kay Lee Ray b Candice LeRae; Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki b Solo Darling & Heidi Lovelace; Veda Scott b Thunderkitty; Evie b Jenny Rose; AKINO b LuFisto; Miss Natural b Xandra Bale; Mia Yim b Tsukasa Fujimoto; Kana b Courtney Rush; Athena b Cheerleader Melissa; Nicole Matthews v Tomoka Nakagawa went to a no-contest; Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa v Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews went to a no-contest; Jessicka Havok, Madison Eagles, Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa b Kimber Lee, Cherry Bomb, Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews

October 19: Premiere Wrestling Xperience (High Point, CT) – Jaxson James & Tessa Blanchard b Dark Journey & Lance Lude

Seleziya TabercilOctober 19: Squared Circle Live (Toronto, ON, Canada) – John Greed b Seleziya Sparx

October 19: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalys, Dark Angel, Makoto, Maki Narumiya & Zeuxis b Amapola, Estrellita, La Vaquerita, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit

October 20: WWE Raw (Kansas City, MO) – Alicia Fox b AJ Lee; Brie Bella b Summer Rae


October 24: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Glasgow, Scotland) – Nikki Storm v Leah Von Dutch

October 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Sumie Sakai v Kacee Carlisle; Kimber Lee v La Rosa Negra; Tessa Blanchard v Nikki Addams; Kimber Lee v La Rosa Negra v Hania; Mia Yim v Jessie Brooks

October 25: Southside Wrestling (Stevenage, England) – Mark Andrews v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Rich Swann v Kay Lee Ray v Curry Man

October 25: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Dundee, Scotland) – Nikki Storm v Leah Von Dutch

October 25: NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling (San Antonio, TX) – Kat Green & Danny Ramons v Athena & Mathew Palmer

October 25: NWA Houston (Cypress, TX) – Barbi Hayden v Delilah Doom

October 25: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Raze & Sage Sin v Nicole Savoy & Candice LeRae

Kc Spinelli Allysin KayOctober 25: NCW Femmes Fatales XVI (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Jodi D’Milo v Vanessa Kraven; Courtney Rush v Cheerleader Melissa; LuFisto v Mia Yim; Kc Spinelli v Allysin Kay; Pink Flash Kira & Mary Lee Rose v Bettie Rage & Deziree; Saraya Knight v Sweet Cherrie; Kaitlin Diemond v Missy

October 26: Premier British Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Grado & Kay Lee Ray v Davey Blaze & Carmel Jacob

October 26: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

October 26: Kamikaze Pro (Birmingham, England) – Nixon Newell v Leah Von Dutch

October 26: Smash Wrestling (Mississauga, ON, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven v Portia Perez v Heidi Lovelace v Kimber Lee

October 26: WWE Hell in a Cell (Dallas, TX) – Brie Bella v Nikki Bella; AJ Lee v Paige

October 31: XWA Wrestling (Sudbury, England) – Nikki Storm v Kay Lee Ray

November 1: Melbourne City Wrestling (Melbourne, Australia) – Tommy Hellfire & Siren Monroe v The Cremator & Vixsin

November 1: Flemish Wrestling Force (Limsburg, Belgium) – Leah Von Dutch v Katey Harvey

November 1: XWA Wrestling (Colchester, Essex) – Rhia O’Reilly v Addy Starr; Nikki Storm v Pollyanna

November 1: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Clinton, MA) – Davienne & Taeler Hendrix v Rosita & Alexxis Nevaeh

November 1: Coastal Wrestling Federation (Mesquite, TX) – Gail Kim & Jessica James v Angelina Love & Angel Blue

Jinny PollyannaNovember 2: PROGRESS Wrestling (London, England) – Jinny v Pollyanna

November 2: Alpha 1 Wrestling (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – Seleziya Sparx v Jasmin

November 8: 4 Front Wrestling (Brisol, England) – Nadia Sapphire v Chardonnay

November 8: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ)

November 9: Squared Circle Wrestling (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Hania v Alexia Nicole v Jasmin

November 15: Riot City Wrestling “City Chicks” (Adelaide, Australia)

November 15: True Grit Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Lana Austin v Nixon Newell

November 16: Tidal Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Shax

November 16: British Empire Wrestling (London, England) – Dragonita v Dean Michael; Lola & Nina Samuels v Astronomica & Nightshade

November 22: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Hudson Envy v Cheerleader Melissa

November 21: New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Perth, Australia) – Saraya Knight v Demi Bennett v Evie v Madison Eagles

November 23: Melbourne City Wrestling ‘Fight For A Cause’ (Hampton Park, Australia)

November 23: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

November 23: SMASH Wrestling (Mississauga, ON, Canada) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan v Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks

November 29: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Savannah Summers v Kellyanne English

February 22: Dragon Pro Wrestling (Newport, Wales) – Nixon Newell v Pollyanna

March 14: Rock N’ Wrassle (Nottingham, England)

April 4: NCW Femmes Fatales (Montreal, QC, Canada)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by SHIMMER (front page/3), Kristine Roper (1,4), Portia Perez (2), WWE (6), TNA (7), Swiss Wrestling Entertainment (8), Tabercil (9)
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch,, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

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SHIMMER volumes 69-70 live results

It's SHIMMER time againAfter a monumental title change at the conclusion of yesterday’s DVD tapings, SHIMMER returns for another two shows with Nicole Matthews looking to kick off her title reign in style against challenger Evie – though she has history working against her. The New Zealander got the win in their first encounter in the promotion earlier this year on volume 66 and is also on a four-match winning streak, so she could be seen as the favourite going into this title match.

Elsewhere, Tag Team Champions Tomoka Nakagawa and Kellie Skater face a tough challenge from Saraya Knight and Mayumi Ozaki who formed an alliance after yesterday’s tapings which also saw Rhia O’Reilly brought into the fold. Grudges will come to the fore with Jessicka Havok looking to dismantle Portia Perez, while the fallout from volume 68’s main event also sees Cheerleader Melissa and Athena square off.

Kay Lee Ray faces Kana, AKINO battles Mia Yim, Courtney Rush takes on Nikki Storm and Vanessa Kraven goes up against Crazy Mary Dobson over the course of today’s double tapings.

As with yesterday, NHB GirlsReid Allen is providing us with results so keep hitting refresh to see them come in as they happen.

SHIMMER Volume 69

1. Courtney Rush pinned Nikki Storm with the Deep Sea Diverticulitis.
– Marti Belle came out to cut a promo but was interrupted by Madison Eagles, who was still angry over yesterday’s events. Eagles says she wants to fight, even though the doctor doesn’t recommend it, leading to…
2. Madison Eagles beat Marti Belle with Hellbound.
3. Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb defeated Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling. Solo was pinned by Cherry after the Lungblower/German Suplex combination. The Kimber Bombs then said they wanted a Tag Team Title shot.
4. Rhia O’Reilly pinned Xandra Bale with the Rhiadjustment after Bale was distracted by Miss Natural.
5. Jenny Rose beat Veda Scott, Candice LeRae & Leva Bates in a 4-way. Rose pinned Scott with a Flatliner.
6. LuFisto defeated Nicole Savoy with a Burning Hammer.
7. Tsukasa Fujimoto & Kaori Yoneyama beat Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh. Fujimoto pinned Stephie with the Venus Shoot.
8. Cheerleader Melissa beat Athena via referee stoppage. Melissa legitimately knocked out Athena with a curb stomp and the match was stopped when Melissa applied the Kondo Clutch. Athena was helped to the back.
9. Kana made Kay Lee Ray tap out to the Kana Lock.
10. Portia Perez beat Jessicka Havok via DQ when Havok attacked referee Bryce Remsburg.
11. Mia Yim pinned AKINO with a Firebird Splash.
12. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship – Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (c) defeated Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki to retain the titles. Nakagawa pinned Ozaki with the 120% Schoolboy.
13. SHIMMER Championship – Nicole Matthews (c) pinned Evie with the Vancouver Maneuver to retain the title.

SHIMMER Volume 70

1. Nikki Storm beat Kaori Yoneyama with the Eye of the Storm.
2. Vanessa Kraven pinned Crazy Mary Dobson with a chokebomb.
3. Allysin Kay & Taylor Made defeated KC Cassidy & Bambi Hall. Cassidy was pinned with a wheelbarrow/cutter combination.
– The Global Green Gangsters came out for an interview which was interrupted by the Canadian Ninjas. Nicole Matthews says neither of them will ever be THE Champion. Tomoka Nakagawa laid out Matthews and posed with the SHIMMER Title.
4. Kay Lee Ray beat Candice LeRae with a Gory Bomb and Swanton Bomb.
5. No DQ – Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki defeated Solo Darling & Heidi Lovelace when Ozaki pinned Darling following a Polish Hammer with a chain wrapped around her fist.
– Saraya grabs Daffney after the match but Daffney hits her in the groin.
6. Veda Scott pinned Thunderkitty with her feet on the ropes for leverage.
7. Evie defeated Jenny Rose with a TTYL.
8. AKINO beat LuFisto with a Saito Suplex.
9.  Miss Natural bested Xandra Bale with a Jumping Spike Piledriver.
10. Mia Yim defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto via Package Piledriver.
11. Kana made Courtney Rush submit with a Rings of Saturn.
12. Athena made Cheerleader Melissa tap out to the Red Wedding (cross-leg STF).
13. SHIMMER Championship – Nicole Matthews (c) v Tomoka Nakagawa – the match didn’t last long, with Portia Perez breaking a pin off a Fisherman’s Suplex and the match gets thrown out. Kellie Skater wants to fight
14. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship – 3G (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) vs Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) – the Kimber Bombs attacked and the tag match was thrown out. Jessicka Havok entered the ring, followed by Madison Eagles who gave everyone  a round of stunners. Eagles and Havok demanded an 8 Woman No DQ tag
15. Jessicka Havok, Madison Eagles & 3G defeated the Kimber Bombs & the Canadian Ninjas with a Hellbound, a Hangover and a Chokeslam.


• I’m on the road back home to Minnesota and have had some time to collect my thoughts about all that happened over this past weekend. In the grand scheme of things, this was a bit of a strange weekend with how pretty much all the major matches and developments happened very early in the weekend. There was certainly good stuff worth checking out on the final two days but you definitely got the feeling that the climax had already happened.

• Pretty much the entire weekend revolved around the war between the Canadian Ninjas and Madison Eagles & Jessicka Havok. J Hav was already targeting Portia Perez for hitting her in the head with a wrench in the Spring but the interesting development was the escalation in the Nicole Matthews and Madison Eagles feud. Before this weekend, their rivalry was treated very lighthearted with a lot of playful banter and poking fun at each other over things like taste in coffee. But that seems like a distant memory now that they’re throwing fireballs at each other. One of the better moments of the weekend was Madison’s first appearance after the fire incident where she appeared genuinely upset about how Nicole had suddenly changed from a goofball to diabolical and wondered if this was Nicole’s plan all along when they became friends. For someone as skilled and dominant as Eagles, this was a nice bit of vulnerability shown from her that I think really helped make her even more sympathetic to the fans than just getting burned would have.

Jessicka Havok Portia Perez Kristin Roper• Meanwhile, Jessicka Havok finally was able to get her hands on Portia Perez but her bloodlust proved to be her undoing as she wouldn’t stop pummeling her despite referee Bryce Remsburg’s pleading. And after Havok forcefully shoved Bryce out of the ring, he had no choice but to disqualify her and award the win to Portia. Afterwards, Nicole appeared shouting “We won!” and the two celebrated like they won the tag titles. And in the main event, despite Madison Eagles showing up to assault Nicole before her title defense against Evie, Matthews was able to leave with the championship after a spirited battle with the Kiwi.

• The plot for the next volume got started with the Global Green Gangsters doing an interview in the ring to discuss the Kimber Bombs requesting a shot at the tag team championships and that looked like it was heading for Tomoka Nakagawa discussing her upcoming retirement. However, Nicole and Portia gatecrashed, incredulous why so much attention was being given to Nakagawa. Nicole said that no matter how long Tomoka held a tag team title, she would never hold Nicole’s title and that prompted Tomoka to attack the Ninjas and send them scurrying. This led to the main event of Nicole defending the SHIMMER Championship against Tomoka. But as we would find out, the actual main event was far bigger.

• The initial title match was thrown out rather quickly as Portia Perez interfered after about three minutes. This caused an irate Kellie Skater to come to the ring who wanted to fight because her friend got screwed out of a title shot, even offering to put up the tag titles as incentive to get the Ninjas to agree to a match. This brought out the Kimber Bombs who presumably were upset their challenge got passed over and they ended up attacking 3G and getting *that* title match thrown out. So then finally Jessicka Havok and Madison Eagles rushed the ring (the latter with four Stone Cold Stunners for the Ninjas and Kimber Bombs) and demanded to team with 3G for a No Disqualification 8 woman tag match. And after disposing of the Kimber Bombs and sending Nicole fleeing from receiving a retaliatory fireball, Portia was left all by her lonesome to take everyone’s finishing moves and get pinned to end the weekend.

• I apologize for writing so much about that one feud but that was really the only thing of consequence that happened over the weekend. There were a couple miniature spats that got reasonably resolved before the conclusion of Volume 70 but nothing that really seems like it will continue further. Athena and Cheerleader Melissa had a match based on Athena pinning Melissa in the title match on 68 and later in that match, Melissa’s distraction caused Athena’s elimination. But Athena got legitimately knocked out early in the match by a Curb Stomp and the match was ended shortly after. Once it was decided she was okay, a rematch with the stipulation of knockout or submission falls only got signed that Athena won. Elsewhere, Saraya Knight and LuFisto briefly continued their feud from the Spring but by Sunday, both parties were busy with other things. Mia Yim and AKINO had a singles match based off their interactions in the big trios match on Volume 67. And on the undercard, Xandra Bale and Miss Natural traded victories. So despite regular acts being there and as entertaining as ever, it really felt like much of the shows were in a holding pattern.

Kay Lee Ray Evie Kristine Roper• Four of the people who made big strides, though, were people just starting or still fairly young in their SHIMMER careers. Scotland’s Kay Lee Ray returned to Berwyn and really broke out this weekend with four singles matches that ranged from great to outstanding. She was put in the ring with a bunch of established talent and really impressed against all of them. Her matches with Evie, Kana and Candice LeRae were all wonderful and while her match with Kimber Lee didn’t quite measure up to the other three, it was still a very solid, very hard-hitting outing.

• And although I touched on them in my Saturday recaps, AKINO and Nicole Savoy were both very welcome additions to the roster. AKINO capped off her weekend with the aforementioned match with Mia Yim and then faced LuFisto, someone AKINO had a hand in training. They were well on their way to a spectacular match that just when it was getting really exciting, ended prematurely for my taste after an AKINO Saito Suplex. Nicole Savoy also got to try her hand against the Wounded Owl Ronin on the previous volume and had another incredible match. This was more like a match out of All Japan Pro Wrestling in the 1990’s with all the brutal strikes and dropping each other on their head and neck. Who knows what the future holds in regards to AKINO returning but Nicole Savoy is absolutely one to pay attention to. Even though she only had two matches and lost them both, she really held her own with two double-tough opponents in Heidi Lovelace and LuFisto and she certainly has the potential to be a major player in SHIMMER over the next couple years.

• Finally, this weekend saw the Berwyn debut of Canadian veteran Vanessa Kraven who immediately made an impact. I already touched on her match with Jessicka Havok, a match that I believe is the closest SHIMMER will ever come to a climactic fight from a Gojira film, but her other match of the weekend was a dismantling of Crazy Mary Dobson. Kraven is also someone to watch in the future because she has a complete set of skills that she can bring to matches. She has a wide array of power moves, she has the speed and agility to fly if necessary and her strikes rival the hardest ones of Mercedes Martinez. With SHIMMER feeling like it’s in a transitional phase, someone like Vanessa Kraven could really make an impact sooner than later.

• That will wrap up my sort of general thoughts for the weekend. However, I will be back on my home site of NHB Girls later in this week to provide a more thorough breakdown of the weekend for the Australasians who competed. Otherwise, that will do it for me for the SHIMMER tapings of October 2014. I have a need to thank Lee Burton for giving me the chance to share my thoughts with you readers. Even though it still breaks my heart that it’s not Stew’s column you’re reading, I hope I did him and his legacy justice this weekend because everything done this weekend by everyone in the Berwyn Eagles Club was done with his memory in mind and wanting to make him proud. Until next year, this is Reid Allen signing out.

– Photos by Kristine Roper

SHIMMER volume 67-68 live results: New Champion crowned


SHIMMER‘s contribution to this Female Fight Season kicks off today with a double DVD taping featuring 38 wrestlers and sees its first show headlined with a titanic encounter, with Cheerleader Melissa putting the SHIMMER Championship on the line against Kana with each wrestler claiming a win over the other in the promotion. Elsewhere, four joshis will make their SHIMMER debuts as AKINO, Tsukasa Fujimoto, Kaori Yoneyama and Mayumi Ozaki all look to make a big first impression, and it seems like Ozaki is gunning for Saraya Knight.

Portia Perez is seemingly looking to make peace with Jessicka Havok after accidentally hitting her in the head with a wretch on the last taping and the Coffee Cold War between Madison Eagles and Perez’s partner in crime Nicole Matthews is also expected to carry on.

We’ll update this post with all the results as they come in courtesy of Reid Allen, and he has also agreed to let us know about the big matches and moments from the first day of this bumper weekend of wrestling. Sit back, keep hitting refresh, and we’ll watch it all unfold.

SHIMMER volume 67

Before the tapings began, Allison Danger took to the ring to eulogise our dearly departed friend Stew Allen. There was a five bell salute in his memory.

1. Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb defeated Bambi Hall & KC Cassidy. Lee pinned Hall follow a lungblower/German suplex combination.
2. Heidi Lovelace pinned Nicole Savoy with a frog splash.
3. Sassy Stephie beat Crazy Mary Dobson with the Kiss My Sass.
4. Athena made Nikki Storm tap out to a modified Bow and Arrow. As a result she will be part of a triple threat SHIMMER Title match on the next volume.
5. Portia Perez beat Courtney Rush via DQ when Jessicka Havok came out to attack Perez. Rush was not happy with Havok’s interference causing her to lose.
6. Nevaeh pinned Jenny Rose with a Death Valley Driver.
7. No DQ – Mayumi Ozaki pinned Saraya Knight with a spinning backfist. The pair shook hands afterwards and then went to the bar.
8. Evie pinned Kay Lee Ray with the TTYL.
9. LuFisto beat Rhia O’Reilly with the Burning Hammer.
– Knight came out afterwards to attack LuFisto – Ozaki also came out and it turns out that Ozaki, Knight and O’Reilly are a unit.
10. Nicole Matthews v Madison Eagles went to a draw. Matthews pinned Eagles while in a sleeper hold but tapped out at the same time.
– The winner was meant to move on to the triple threat title match on volume 68, so referee Bryce Remsburg says both will advance and the main event will now be a 4-way.
11. Kaori Yoneyama, AKINO & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Kellie Skater, Tomoka Nakagawa & Mia Yim. Yoneyama pinned Skater with a senton.
– Afterwards, Yoneyama and Fujimoto challenged Skater & Nakagawa for the Tag Team Championship. 3G accepted.
12. SHIMMER Championship – Cheerleader Melissa (c) beat Kana after 10 curb stomps and 2 Air Raid Crashes to retain the title.

SHIMMER volume 68

1. Cherry Bomb pinned Thunderkitty with an inside cradle.
2. Xandra Bale defeated Miss Natural by countering the Natural Disaster with an inside cradle. Natural attacked Bale afterwards.
3. Marti Belle beat Solo Darling with the Stroke.
4. Kay Lee Ray pinned Kimber Lee with a Gory Bomb and Swanton Bomb.
5. Leva Bates defeated Nevaeh with a Cutter after escaping a Death Valley Driver.
6. Nikki Storm beat Candice LeRae with the Eye of the Storm.
– Courtney Rush came out to say that she was initially upset with Jessicka Havok causing her to be disqualified, but says she’s past it now. She then called out Veda Scott.
7. Courtney Rush made Veda Scott tap out to the Sharpshooter.
8. AKINO pinned Heidi Lovelace with a Saito Suplex.
9. Vanessa Kraven beat Jessicka Havok via count out following a distraction by Portia Perez.
10. No DQ – Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki defeated Kana & LuFisto. LuFisto was pinned by Knight following interference from Rhia O’Reilly.
11. Evie pinned Mia Yim with the TTYL.
12. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship – Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (c) defeated Kaori Yoneyama & Tsukasa Fujimoto to retain the titles. Nakagawa pinned Yoneyama following the Hangover.
13. SHIMMER Championship: Fatal Four Way Elimination – Nicole Matthews defeated Cheerleader Melissa (c), Madison Eagles & Athena to win the SHIMMER Championship.
– Athena eliminated Cheerleader Melissa following a Hellbound from Eagles, Vancouver Maneuver from Matthews and then the O Face.
– Matthews pinned Athena with a tights-assisted roll-up.
– Matthews pinned Eagles after she launched a fireball at Madison.



Nicole Matthews Portia Perez SHIMMER• Hello, good readers of Ringbelles! I am Reid Allen from NHB Girls and I have been asked by Lee to provide the live recaps of this SHIMMER weekend. And to start, I’d like to borrow a quote from the great John Oliver and say, “Let’s all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird. It looks weird, it feels weird, it even sounds weird.” I wish more than anything that it was Stew’s words you were reading right now instead of mine. So I hope I do him, Lee and all you readers justice with this recap…

• First of all, I want to go on record and say that for my money, SHIMMER Volume 67 may be the single greatest card ever put on by the promotion. Before yesterday, I’d have said that Volume 65 held that distinction in a landslide but 67 certainly made a very strong case for being in the conversation. Seven of the twelve matches were in the range of “great” to “outstanding.” And while 65 had a greater number of matches in that range, I feel that the best stuff delivered by 67 eclipsed the best matches on 65. So it’s a tough judgment to make about which was truly “better.” I’d advise that you buy the DVDs as soon as they’re released and judge them for yourself because both are well worth your money.

• Now, moving on to the big news of the day and that is the crowning of Nicole Matthews as the new SHIMMER Champion, who bested Madison Eagles, Athena and former champion Cheerleader Melissa in an elimination match to earn the gold. While the tactics she ended up using to ultimately claim the championship are certainly controversial and will no doubt be hotly debated for the duration of her reign, nobody can deny that Nicole is certainly worthy of representing the company as champion. She has grown into one of the finest wrestlers in the world today and her reign will no doubt be filled with some classic defenses to add to her resumé.

• Anybody who doubts her skills should be sat down and forced to watch her match against Madison Eagles from Volume 67. Those two went out and put on one of the best displays of technical wrestling ever seen in the promotion. Both girls were absolutely surgical with their offense as they dissected key limbs of their opponent with Eagles focusing on the arm and Nicole tearing apart Madison’s bad knee. It was very reminiscent of Bret Hart‘s masterpieces from the 90’s and it even threw out direct shout out to a couple by replicating the finish of his match against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VIII and Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996. But this had the added element of after Nicole using the turnbuckle to flip back over Madison and pin her to the canvas, she submitted to Madison’s submission hold during the count and so the match was declared a draw, letting both girls advance to the title match on the next volume.

Nicole Matthews Madison Eagles Ichiban Drunk• One thing that is for certain is that in addition to a furious Madison Eagles, Nicole will have no shortage of prospective challengers wanting a shot at her title. There were several very impressive debuts as well as some exciting new developments from ones familiar to the fans. The joshi contingent that came over for these shows were all impressive. And while Mayumi Ozaki seems to be more focused on raising hell after aligning herself with Saraya Knight and her prodigy Rhia O’Reilly, the remaining debuts all certainly made very strong impressions. The one who stood out most for me was AKINO who unleashed a flurry of some of the hardest kicks I’ve ever heard live. Tsukasa Fujimoto and Kaori Yoneyama both brought a ton of speed, energy and athleticism to their matches as well. I would be happy to see all four return in the future.

• Another extremely impressive debut was from Nicole Savoy. She may have had the most impressive debut match I’ve seen from somebody not coming in with any real fanfare. She and Heidi Lovelace had an absolute cracker of a match in just the second match of the tapings. This match was preformed at such a pace and with such intensity that it would not have looked out of place going five or six matches later on the card. They really set the standard for what the rest of the locker room would need to try and eclipse later. And while there did end up being an abundance of great matches, this one should not be overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Be sure to keep an eye on Nicole Savoy because even from just her one match, it was very apparent that she has the potential to become a serious force in the future.

• Elsewhere, a couple of favorites added a new wrinkle to their personalities that will keep things interesting for their future opponents. Nikki Storm seems like she’s dangerously close to snapping and really getting violent. While during her entrance and prematch speeches, she was her usual overconfident, vain and downright hilarious self, once the bell rang she frequently had wild outbursts of punches and choking before she’d take a few deep breaths and reign herself back in. Who knows what may happen if she ever decides to not worry about keeping her cool? And Courtney Rush did away with her usual jovial entrances by eliminating all the dancing, singing along with her theme and greeting the fans. Rush was clearly all business in her first two matches of the day against two of her chief rivals, Portia Perez and Veda Scott. Now that Rush has achieved revenge on Veda for her tactics in their Volume 66 match, we may see a return to a happy Courtney on the remaining volumes.

Vanessa Kraven Jessicka Havok Kristine Roper• Speaking of Perez, she is living very dangerously with her antagonizing of Jessicka Havok. The two got into a brawl during Portia’s match with Rush after Havok stormed the ring, seeking revenge for Portia accidentally hitting her with a wrench at the previous taping. Portia returned the favor later during Havok’s match with Vanessa Kraven. And real quick, I just want to tangent and rave about how great that match was. Two of the biggest women ever to compete for SHIMMER went face to face and had a very physical, very entertaining war. But Perez ended up being the difference maker as she came out to distract Havok, allowing Kraven to brutalize her on the outside and secure a countout win. When Portia and Havok inevitably collide, we may see Jessicka Havok provide some truly graphic violence against the Canadian.

• That will conclude my initial thoughts for now. I will be back tomorrow to wrap things up and provide news of any further happenings from an already memorable tapings. If you’d like to follow along with all the results as they happen, I will be on Twitter providing all the results and highlights live from the Eagles Club, or do a search for the hashtag #AAWSHIM to get not only my coverage but several others also in attendance. See you tomorrow.

Photos by SHIMMER (1), Ichiban Drunk (2), Kristine Roper (3)

Ringbelles Roundup (30 September 2014) – Trish talks about the current Divas, plus a preview of Girls Night Out

AJ Lee Trish StratusTrish Stratus spoke about the current crop of WWE Divas and while she was complimentary, it was tinged with criticism.

“Right now you see the girls with the girls, which is fine, but you can only do so much with the same characters. Unfortunately, they don’t have super developed characters at the moment,” she told CBS News. “The potential is there because there’s some great workers. That’s what we had at the moment things shifted for us. We had the right things.”

I got to get in the ring with The Rock and Kurt Angle… Big Show tossed me over the top ropes. Certainly, those things all resonate with the fans.”

The WWE Hall of Famer and record-setting Women’s Champion seems to like what the current crop like AJ Lee and Paige are doing, but having them align themselves with male characters may not necessarily work out. Brie Bella seems to have regressed in her development as both a wrestler and a character since she became more integrated with her husband Daniel Bryan – while Nikki seems to be fine without associating herself with main squeeze John Cena, even though to do so would compromise Cena’s squeaky clean gimmick to be seen with his bitchy other half. While AJ Lee WWEStratus may claim that wrestlers like Paige need more development, at least the growth is coming while being independent of a guy rather than because of it. If you look at AJ Lee’s history, it’s filled with alignments with men like Primo, Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler – and she enjoyed the best push of the wrestling aspect of her career when she stood by herself.

Sure, Trish enjoyed her first main event alongside Triple H against The Rock and Lita in the summer of 2000, though she was no great wrestler at the time and was there more because of the way she looked rather than the strength of her character – which was still in the process of being shaped. When Lita main evented Raw around the same time, the storyline was focussed on The Rock, Triple H and Kurt Angle’s impending SummerSlam main event and her Women’s Title challenge against Stephanie McMahon was the sideshow – albeit one with a popular outcome.

It’s a fair argument that Paige, AJ and the rest may not be as popular as Lita and Stratus were at their peak but at this point if they succeed they can claim all the credit – similarly if they bomb it can’t be blamed on their alignment with men. Besides, the pair have been feuding for six months, while Lita and Trish battled on and off for six years. The correct writing could get the new stars over without ever having to associate themselves with the males – and would that not be the most positive feminist statement that WWE could make?


AIW Girls Night Out posterFemale Fight Season continues this weekend with Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out tapings which feature a mixture of stars, fresh faces and one return after an extended absence.

The main event of GNO13 is a rematch from the previous taping earlier this year with Athena defending the Women’s Championship against Allysin Kay – who is hoping it’s third time lucky when it comes to title challenges in the last month. Considering the match where Kay lost the belt was an impromptu contest, it will be interesting to see the dynamic when both are billed as being ready for each other.

Elsewhere we have international returns in the shape of Nikki Storm and Xandra Bale, as well as the US debut of KC Cassidy, who will take on Storm in a first-time ever encounter. There are also some domestic debuts by second-generation wrestler Tessa Blanchard as well as Chasity Taylor, who will be coming in from North Carolina. The return comes in the form of Mary Elizabeth Monroe, who hasn’t been at a GNO since the first one in 2009.

AIW has invested a lot in women’s wrestling in the last year. As well as having the GNO shows, the promotion has spent a lot of time working with people like Athena, Seleziya Sparx and Heidi Lovelace – which included a Battle of the Sexes intergender event over the summer which seemed to go over well. These GNO shows will be intriguing in the sense that it is providing a platform for wrestlers to make big impressions, and will be highlighted by the stars to draw in the audience. It will certainly be worth a watch.


We’ve had a mixed bag of stuff on the website this week: there’s been a Retro with Ayako Hamada and Faby Apache teaming with their respective fathers, a video of Sasha Banks before she signed with WWE, an interview with Violet O’Hara where she talked about getting Match of the Night at Bellatrix X – which she accomplished – and a prediction for who will win this year’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50.


Got any news, results or upcoming events that you want to tell everyone about? Are you a female wrestler looking to tell us about upcoming bookings? Are you a fan who went to a show and saw a match, and would like to tell others about it – what you liked, what you didn’t and would like to encourage others to check it out for themselves? Would you want to discuss your feelings on any particular subject about women’s wrestling as part of The Soap Box? Send us an email!

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AJ Lee Paige WWEAJ Lee is such an unlikeable babyface. After sitting at the commentary desk watching Paige beat Naomi with a ropes-assisted roll-up on Main Event, she took to the ring and hit Paige in the back of the head with the Divas belt for no reason. It’s the most heelish thing that’s been done in the Paige/AJ feud since Paige turned on July 21. Speaking of that feud, it was nudged along on Raw with Paige saying that Alicia Fox – who was beaten by AJ on the show – was her new best friend. Elsewhere on Raw, Brie Bella beat Eva Marie and Cameron in a handicap match set up by sister Nikki, and Layla defeated Rosa Mendes in the latest Total Divas advert… Bayley secured another shot at the NXT Women’s Championship after beating Alexa Bliss on last Thursday’s show. She then issued the challenge to Charlotte, who accepted – their match will take place on Thursday… The Wrestling Observer reports that Vince McMahon has a rule in place that none of the Total Divas cast can be Divas Champion. There is also the proviso that he’s always liable to change his mind at the drop of a hat. Speaking of the Observer, it reported that AJ Lee had been a victim of the nude photos hacking scandal which has been going on this month. It’s not true – the alleged photo is not her, and she said so on Twitter at the weekend… Cameron worked at the Performance Center earlier this year in the hope of improving. It may not have worked… A self-professed insider posted on Reddit that the Bella Twins may fight in a Hell in a Cell match at the PPV with the same name. It seems unlikely though. AJ Lee and Paige are rumoured to be fighting at the show though… Tamina Snuka says she is doing agility ladder drills as part of the rehab of her ACL.

It was thought to be very unlikely that there would be a Knockouts match at Bound For Glory in Tokyo, Japan on October 12 after Wrestle-1’s Jimmy Suzuki tweeted “We have too many good cards and having difficulty make it less than 10… Sorry but I don’t think there will be a room for girls this time”. After that was said, it was announced yesterday that there would be a women’s match after all – Havok will face Velvet Sky in what appears on paper to be a heel v heel match… Speaking of Havok, she faces Gail Kim with the Knockouts Title on the line on tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling episode.

North America
Mickie James and her boyfriend Magnus have welcomed their first child into the world. Donovan Patrick Aldis was born on Thursday morning… LuFisto will defend the Women Superstars Uncensored Championship at NCW Femmes Fatales XVI on October 25 against the debuting Mia Yim… Since she’s unable to be part of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out shows this weekend, Seleziya Sparx has lined up another booking – she’s defending the Conflict Wrestling Women’s Championship against Jewells Malone in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match… Nikki Valentine became the first Lucky Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship on Friday by beating Davienne in a cage match… Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling titleholder Nicole Matthews retained her title by beating Danny Deeds on Saturday. Elsewhere on the show, a tournament kicked off to determine a new Women’s Champion with Cat Power beating Violet… LuFisto – who told Wrestle Talk TV that protege Kalamity has now retired – went after DJ Hyde with a knife on Saturday’s Combat Zone Wrestling show for his murder of Pegaboo on WSU’s show earlier this month. Nevaeh beat Kimber Lee in a WSU showcase match on the same event… Hudson Envy held Heather Patera Kimber Lee AAWonto the Alternative Wrestling Show Women’s Championship at the weekend by beating Leah Von Dutch… Angelus Layne challenges Gary Jay for the St Louis Anarchy Championship on Friday in a 2 out of 3 falls match… Heather Patera and Kimber Lee are teaming up for AAW’s Tag Team Championship tournament taking place on October 17… Portia Perez made a grandstand challenge to Ronda Rousey on Twitter for her to show up to fight her at SHIMMER. Don’t bet on it happening though. Incidentally, SHIMMER says the advance ticket sales for the tapings coming up in two and a half weeks are the best ever and it’s expecting a legit sellout on Saturday when you factor in the walk-up sales.

Following her month-long participation in the Stardom 5*STAR GP, Cheerleader Melissa has been named as a US advocate for the promotion in order to see which Americans could be useful in the promotion.

Kimber Lee’s been booked into another match for Southside Wrestling’s collaborative weekend with Combat Zone Wrestling. She will team with Drew Gulak against Kay Lee Ray & El Ligero in Nottingham, England on October 10… They will fight again: after at least three contests over the course of 2014, Rhia O’Reilly and Addy Starr will wrestle as part of Pro Wrestling: EVE’s return at XWA’s show on November 1… Sammi Baynz beat Blue Nikita in the main event Builders’ Cage Match at Bellatrix X on Sunday to retain her RQW European Women’s Championship. Elsewhere on the card, Chanel scored her first win the promotion by beating Saraya Knight following interference from Baynz, Liberty defeated Allysin Kay to hold onto the Bellatrix World Championship, and Penelope beat Violet O’Hara in a cracker to win the British Title. The show ended with a massive brawl between Sammi and Saraya… Nikki Storm will defend the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship against Kay Lee Ray in a No DQ, No Count Out match on October 31’s XWA Wrestling show. It’s her first defence since her DQ loss to Rhia O’Reilly in May last year.

Estrellita is out at the moment with a rib injury, meaning her scheduled challenge for Xeuxis’ CMLL Mexican Women’s Championship has been postponed.

Australia & New Zealand
Harley Wonderland is demanding that her title challenge to Riot City Wrestling Women’s Champion Demi Bennett be delayed until a time of her choosing… There will be an intergender match at Melbourne City Wrestling’s 4th Anniversary Show on November 1. Tommy Hellfire & Siren Monroe face The Cremator & Vixsin.



September 23: Gatoh Move (Tokyo, Japan) – Sayaka Obihiro b Emi Sakura; Riho b Sayaka Obihiro; Riho b Hatsuhinode Kamen; Madoka b Riho; Madoka v Makoto went to a draw; Kaori Yoneyama b “Kotori”

September 23: WWE Main Event (Little Rock, AK) – Paige b Naomi

September 23: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Marcela, Silueta & Skadi b Amapola, Dalys & Tiffany

September 24: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Risa Sera b Akane Fujita; Miyako Matsumoto b Meari Naito; Mio Shirai & Yuri Kotobuki b Hamuko Hoshi & Shiori Akiba; Maki Narumiya & Makoto b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Koyuki Hayashi

September 25: Ray Produce (Tokyo, Japan) – Makoto & Koharu Hinata b Kikutaro & Hamuko Hoshi; Tomoka Nakagawa b Gabai-jichan & Cho-un Shiryu in a 3-way; Command Bolshoi b Kaho Kobayashi; Ray & SYU*RI b Leon & Meiko Satomura

September 25: WWE Superstars (Memphis, TN) – Naomi b Alicia Fox

September 25: WWE NXT (Orlando, FL) – Bayley b Alexa Bliss

September 26: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Mika Iida b Rabbit Miyu; Sawako Shimono b Koharu Hinata; Fairy Nipponbashi b Kyuri; Sumire Natsu b Shiori Akiba; Kaho Kobayashi & Risa Sera b Rina Yamashita & Manami Kanda

September 26: WWE SmackDown (Little Rock, AK) – Layla & Summer Rae b Natalya & Rosa Mendes

September 26: NWA Signature Pro (Tampa, FL) – Leva Bates & Mia Yim b La Rosa Negra & Solo Darling

September 26: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Hudson, MA) – Nikki Valentine b Davienne to win the LPW Women’s Championship

September 26: RESISTANCE Pro (Willowbrook, IL) – Crazy Mary Dobson b Angel Dust

September 26: WWE House Show (East Rutherford, NJ) – Natalya b Paige

September 26: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Santana Garrett b Joey Mayberry

September 26: Santino Bros Wrestling (Bell Gardens, CA) – Ruby Raze b Ali Hussein

September 26: CMLL (Zumpango, Mexico) – Australian Suicide & Faby Apache b Eterno & Sexy Star

September 27: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Maki Narumiya b Akane Fujita; Maki Narumiya b 235; Kurumi & Kyuri b Miyako Matsumoto & Shiori Akiba; Kurumi v Yuka -went to a time limit draw; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Risa Sera b Aoi Kizuki & Yuri Kotobuki

September 27: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – KANNA b Ai Shimizu; Yuka Sakazaki b Chikage Kiba; Miyu Yamashita & Shoko Nakajima b Nonoko & Erin

September 27: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Glasgow, Scotland) – Bete Noire b Nikki Storm

September 27: American Wrestling Rampage (Killarney, Ireland) – Kasey Owens & Leah Owens b Kazza G in a handicap match

September 27: Combat Zone Wrestling (Dayton, OH) – Nevaeh b Kimber Lee

September 27: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada) – Cat Power b Violet; Nicole Matthews b Danny Deeds

Leah Von Dutch Hudson Envy Chad SimplicioSeptember 27: Ronin Pro Wrestling (Miami, FL) – La Rosa Negra b Leva Bates; Solo Darling b Justine Silver via DQ

September 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Raze b Melissa Coates; Hudson Envy b Leah Von Dutch

September 27: West End Wrestling (Stowe, PA) – Annie Social b Amber Rodriguez

September 27: Pro Wrestling Riot (Titusville, FL) – Chasyn Rance b Santana Garrett

September 28: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Osaka, Japan) – Mio Shirai b Moeka Haruhi; Melanie Cruise b Sawako Shimono; Misaki Ohata b Shu Shibutani; Mika Iida & Sakura Hirota b Sumire Natsu & Rina Yamashita; Dynamite Kansai & Fairy Nipponbashi b Kana & Kaho Kobayashi; Yuu Yamagata, Mari Apache & Ayako Hamada b Hikaru Shida, Yumi Oka & Tomoka Nakagawa

September 28: Chigusa Nagayo Produce (Takasaki, Japan) – Leon b Yua Hayashi; Yumiko Hotta & Takako Inoue b Dump Matsumoto & ZAP; Kayoko Haruyama b Rabbit Miyu; Nanae Takahashi b Koguma; Command Bolshoi & Arisa Nakajima b KAORU & Mima Shimoda

September 28: Sendai Girls (Niigata, Japan) – Hanako Nakamori b Raideen Hagane; Eiger b Alex Lee; Manami Toyota & Tsubasa Kuragaki b Kagetsu & Ray; Meiko Satomura & DASH Chisako b Aja Kong & Kyoko Kimura; DASH Chisako won a battle royal

September 28: Ice Ribbon (Kanagawa, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b 235; Jun Kasai & Miyako Matsumoto b The Winger & Mochi Miyagi; Tsukasa Fujimoto, Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Akane Fujita, Kurumi & Tsukushi

September 28: PAID Promotions (Morecambe, England) – Kay Lee Ray b Carmel Jacob

September 28: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Beith, Scotland) – Courtney b Viper

13 Chanel Saraya Knight BellatrixSeptember 28: Bellatrix X (Norwich, England) – Erin Angel b Lady Lory; Amy-Lee Krammer b Shax; Penelope b Violet O’Hara to win the Bellatrix British Championship; Chanel b Saraya Knight; Liberty b Allysin Kay; Karama & Leah Elise b Holly Burage & Elsie; Skarlett b Miss Mina; Sammi Baynz b Blue Nikita

September 28: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit & Skadi b La Comandante, La Seductora & Zeuxis

September 29: WWE Raw (Rosemont, IL) – Layla b Rosa Mendes; Brie Bella b Cameron & Eva Marie; Alicia Fox b AJ Lee

September 29: CMLL (Puebla, Mexico) – La Comandante & La Seductora b La Vaquerita & Lluvia


October 3: House Of Pain Evolution (Mansfield, England) – Nixon Newell v Violet O’Hara

October 3: Premier British Wrestling (Lambert, Scotland) – Kasey & Leah Owens v Kay Lee Ray & Lucy Cole

October 3: St Louis Anarchy (Alton, IL) – Gary Jay v Angelus Layne

October 3: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Ivelisse Velez & Tommy Dreamer v Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan; Hania v Veda Scott

October 4: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Toni Storm v Savannah Summers

October 4: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Audrey Bride v Leah Owens v Hikaru Shida

October 4: Empress Pro (High Wycombe, England) – Addy Starr v Pollyanna Peppers

October 4: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Maria Kanellis v Ivelisse Velez; Candice LeRae & TBA v Veda Scott & Christina Von Eerie

October 4: Ring Wars Carolina (Lumberton, NC) – Devyn Nicole v Katie T

October 4: Coliseum Championship Wrestling (Evansville, IN) – Marriah Moreno v Mickie Knuckles

October 4: American States Wrestling Alliance (Mansfield, OH) – Nevaeh v Samantha Heights

October 4: Conflict Wrestling (Kitchener, ON, Canada) – Seleziya Sparx v Jewells Malone

October 4: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 13 (Cleveland, OH) – Tessa Blanchard v Veda Scott; Athena v Allysin Kay; Nikki Storm v KC Cassidy; Taeler Hendrix v Xandra Bale; Angel Dust v Chasity Taylor; Annie Social v Thunderkitty

October 4: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 14 (Cleveland, OH) – Taeler Hendrix v Mary Elizabeth Monroe; Tessa Blanchard v Chasity Taylor; Xandra Bale v Angel Dust

October 5: Dragon Pro Wrestling (Newport, Wales) – Addy Starr v Pollyanna Peppers; Rhia O’Reilly v Nixon Newell

October 5: Futureshock Wrestling (Stockport, England) – Danni Hunter & Bete Noire v Lana Austin & Viper

October 8: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Violet O’Hara v Kimber Lee

Kay Lee Ray Kimber LeeOctober 10: Southside Wrestling (Nottingham, England) – Kay Lee Ray & El Ligero v Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak

October 10: SHINE 22 (Ybor City, FL)

October 11: Discovery Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Shanna v Viper v Sammii Jayne

October 11: Southside Wrestling (Nottingham, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Kimber Lee

October 11: East Coast Wrestling Association Women’s Championship tournament (Carneys Point, NJ)

October 12: TNA Bound For Glory (Tokyo, Japan) – Havok v Velvet Sky

October 12: Southside Wrestling (St Neots, England) – Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak v Jim & Lee Hunter; Kay Lee Ray v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Mark Andrews v Rich Swann v Shane Strickland

October 18: DOA Wrestling (March, England) – Penelope v Chanel v Addy Starr

October 18: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Motherwell, Scotland) – Viper v Sammii Jayne

October 18-19: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

October 24: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Glasgow, Scotland) – Nikki Storm v Leah Von Dutch

October 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Sumie Sakai v Kacee Carlisle; Kimber Lee v La Rosa Negra; Tessa Blanchard v Nikki Addams; Kimber Lee v La Rosa Negra v Hania; Mia Yim v Jessie Brooks

October 25: Southside Wrestling (Stevenage, England) – Mark Andrews v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Rich Swann v Kay Lee Ray v Curry Man

October 25: NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling (San Antonio, TX) – Kat Green & Danny Ramons v Athena & Mathew Palmer

October 25: NWA Houston (Cypress, TX) – Barbi Hayden v Delilah Doom

LuFisto Mia YimOctober 25: NCW Femmes Fatales XVI (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Jodi D’Milo v Vanessa Kraven; Courtney Rush v Cheerleader Melissa; LuFisto v Mia Yim

October 26: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

October 31: XWA Wrestling (Sudbury, England) – Nikki Storm v Kay Lee Ray

November 1: Melbourne City Wrestling (Melbourne, Australia) – Tommy Hellfire & Siren Monroe v The Cremator & Vixsin

November 1: Flemish Wrestling Force (Limsburg, Belgium) – Leah Von Dutch v Katey Harvey

November 1: XWA Wrestling (Colchester, Essex) – Rhia O’Reilly v Addy Starr

November 2: Alpha 1 Wrestling (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – Seleziya Sparx v Jasmin

November 8: 4 Front Wrestling (Brisol, England) – Nadia Sapphire v Chardonnay

November 8: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ)

November 15: Riot City Wrestling “City Chicks” (Adelaide, Australia)

November 15: True Grit Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Lana Austin v Nixon Newell

November 16: Tidal Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Shax

November 16: British Empire Wrestling (London, England) – Dragonita v Dean Michael; Lola & Nina Samuels v Astronomica & Nightshade

November 21: New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Perth, Australia) – Saraya Knight v Demi Bennett v Evie v Madison Eagles

November 23: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

November 23: SMASH Wrestling (Mississauga, ON, Canada) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan v Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks

March 14: Rock N’ Wrassle (Nottingham, England)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE (1,2,4), Chad Simplicio (6)
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch,, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

© Ringbelles

Ringbelles Roundup (26 August 2014) – Bella battles, forgotten Funkadactyls, and SHINE Title challengers

Brie Nikki Bella WWEA funny thing has happened with the Bella Twins over the course of the summer. I have found myself having less and less time for Brie and more and more time for Nikki.

It can’t even be an argument about exposure making me fatigued with Brie, as Nikki has spent more time on TV over the past few months due to Brie quitting the promotion as part of her storyline to stand by her husband Daniel Bryan. Maybe it because when we have seen Brie, she has been involved in the higher profile segments and has been overshadowed from a performance perspective by Stephanie McMahon. Hell, she was even overshadowed in the wrestling aspect at SummerSlam before being defeated thanks to Nikki’s heel turn.

Granted, Nikki is not much of a promo or actress either, but her performance on last night;s Raw in particular gave me a little bit of hope, as she showed fire and aggression in yelling down her sister – the contents of which we we get to in a moment – as well as the heated attack on bother her and Jerry Lawler, who was acting as a mediator at their in-ring summit. On the other hand, Brie’s acting of being bewildered and upset has felt hokey and as if she’s trying to act upset rather than being upset. Her attempts to force out tears last night were especially bad.

It’s been said in the past that Brie was the better wrestler of the twins, but that could possibly come into question too. Nikki’s work against Emma on Main Event last Tuesday showed a nice heel aggression and swagger, and she has her own moveset, unlike Brie who has seemingly adopted her husbands repertoire at the expense of her own.

Brie Bella WWEAdmittedly, I still fear for the time when these two will have to fight, as a number of variables are on the table. It could be like the two occasions when WWE tried to have Matt Hardy turn on brother Jeff – the first time was shat on by the fans while the second had more heat but it still felt like nobody really wanted them to fight. It could be that without Stephanie McMahon in the fold that the interest in the contest will see a noticeable dip from SummerSlam and both will be held responsible for it as it doesn’t have them under the protection of the McMahon umbrella. It could be a great wrestling match or it could be a mess – though we won’t know until it happens because they haven’t wrestled each other on TV before. However, I feel that for it to be a contest that fans will be clamouring for, it needs Brie to step up on the acting front by generating some genuine sympathy – and that could be difficult when you consider the basis for Nikki’s turn.

Last week, Nikki talked a load of waffle about how Brie always held them back as kids and how Brie was the goody-goody while Nikki was overlooked or overshadowed. Those accusations were repeated at this week’s summit but when Brie told her to stop lying, Nikki said that she would and brought out a more plausible reason for her hostilities by saying that she was the one who was punished for Brie’s resignation as she was put into handicap matches so she could be beaten down while Brie watched at home on TV and did nothing to help, which is all true. In that sense, it makes it difficult to feel sorry for Brie as Nikki has a real point.

Mick Foley once said that a heel has got to believe that what they are doing is right no matter how screwed up their logic may be. This is hugely true in this case as Nikki’s aggression may not necessarily be condoned but her reasons for being so upset are seemingly valid. It is now up to the writers to make us feel as if Brie is hard-done-by and for Brie herself to make us feel sorry for her and want her to stand up to her angry sister, otherwise she’s going to come up on the short end of the stick again.


Cameron Naomi WWEOne by-product of the Bella split is that it has totally overshadowed the Funkadactyls disbanding which took place in early July. After spending a couple of months teasing a split between Cameron and Naomi, the pair came to blows and had their first match in the pre-show of Battleground. It was a rotten contest which Cameron won in just over three minutes. The pair faced off on opposite sides of a tag match eight days later on Raw when Naomi got the win… and that’s it. They were involved in a 6-woman tag team match on a house show in Texas at the start of August but there has been no continuance of their feud. In fact, Naomi hasn’t been on TV at all this month and Cameron’s only August appearance was on the 7th when she beat Emma for seemingly no reason, as Emma has been winning a few matches on TV this month and Cameron hasn’t been seen since.

While part of the reason for their respective absences may be down to the Divas Title picture and the Stephanie/Bellas situation taking up valuable space, another issue may be that WWE seemingly had no idea what they wanted to do with Cameron and Naomi following the split. In fact, it looks like they didn’t even have that much interest in them having a blow-off match, considering their only singles match lasted a grand total of 192 seconds on a PPV hype show. Both have also suffered by changing their appearances, as Cameron’s schoolgirl look was a step down from her Funkadactyls gear, while Naomi’s braids and chequered outfit made her look like a backing dancer in a turn-of-the-century Puff Daddy music video.

Both must feel disappointed as a heel turn should have given Cameron a new lease of life but saw her blow up on the launchpad and become a jobber to the stars while Naomi went from challenging for the Divas Championship to being on the endangered list within six weeks. Even Alicia Fox’s fall from grace hasn’t been that spectacular.


7 Ivelisse Velez SHINEJessicka Havok defeated Allysin Kay in the main event on Friday’s SHINE 21 show before bowing out to move on to pastures new. Elsewhere, SHINE Champion Ivelisse Velez beat Nevaeh after the Gem City Queen earned the right to challenge for the title by winning a 4-way which also involved Leah Von Dutch, Amazing Kong and Su Yung.

Havok’s victory was discussed in the first episode of our new podcast series called Promoters’ Corner, with NCW Femmes Fatales booker Stephane Bruyere suggesting that Kay could have won in order to create a new challenger for Velez’s title. As it stands, Havok winning means that Kay is left having to gain traction again and there is no obvious answer as to who is next in line for a SHINE Championship match.

Considering the absence of Serena Deeb through injury, there is a distinct dearth of credible names to step up for a shot but some time could have been created and set up a story for her in the process. For example, Su Yung could have won the 4-way on Friday and lost to Velez, while Kay could have beaten Havok – meaning she had two straight wins over her rival – and then challenged Ivelisse at SHINE 22. Should Deeb be healthy by SHINE 23, it would have meant that Ivelisse would have seen off two Valkyrie members, setting her up to beat the leader and put that series to bed before moving on to other options.

This is all conjecture though, as what is done is done and may not have been viable any other way. For example, a condition of Havok being allowed to compete on the show considering her deal with TNA may have been that Jessicka would have to win the match, as it customary for TNA to do when loaning its stars out to indie promotions – either that or they can’t lose clean. It may be that in a situation like a Dog Collar and Chain Match where there is no possibility of something like a no-contest or a DQ, SHINE may have been painted into a corner and had to go with that option despite it not being able to lead to anything, regardless of the post-match Valkyrie beatdown outside the building.

5 Ivelisse Velez Nevaeh SHINENone of this is meant to discredit Nevaeh’s match with Velez as it was very good and told the best story it could, considering that she had never been portrayed as a title contender, and she may be eligible for another shot considering she had Ivelisse down for more than 3 following a German Suplex but the referee was in no position to count. However, considering the international talent heading in for SHINE 22 in 6 weeks time, we may be more likely to see Ivelisse against someone in a one-off affair which bears little resemblance to ongoing storylines.

In short – SHINE needs some proper contenders, and fast.


We’ve had two interviews on the website in the past week – as well as the aforementioned Promoters’ Corner, we have also had a Women Of Wrestling Podcast with Heidi Lovelace where we get the blame for her taking part in the IWA Mid-South Queen of the Deathmatches tournament. We also have a compilation of various ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos, a video of Yoshiko winning the World of Stardom Title and a Retro from the 1950s showing that progress goes at a crawl.


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Natalya beat Paige on last week’s SmackDown with the Sharpshooter after AJ Lee distracted Paige by trying to steal the Divas Championship belt. Paige defeated Natalya on last night’s Raw, with AJ coming out after the match to skip around the ring, which saw Natalya nail Paige with a discus clothesline – sore loser, eh? Afterwards, AJ gave Paige a hug and the champion looked AJ Lee Paige WWEreally uncomfortable with how she was being mentally out-foxed… Rosa Mendes has been talking about her role in Total Divas season 3, but it has also been revealed that she has never won a singles match in WWE by pinfall or submission since her debut in main roster debut in 2009. Her sole victory came on the February 25, 2011 episode of SmackDown when she defeated Michelle McCool via DQ. How is this woman still employed?… Maryse Ouellet-Mizanin and Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank were backstage at last night’s Raw.

Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love in a Last Woman Standing match on last week’s Impact Wrestling… Congratulations to Christy Hemme, who announced in an interview with FitPregnancy that she was 5 and a half months pregnant, and is due on New Year’s Eve. Hemme, 33, says she found out she was expecting in the same week that she was added to the creative team… ODB’s left TNA and her profile has been moved to the Alumni section of the company’s website. She has also starting soliciting for bookings. The 36-year old former Knockout Champion’s last match on TV was back in April, and that’s only one of two contests that she’s had on Impact Wrestling this year. Velvet Sky has also removed her TNA status from her Twitter profile recently.

North America
Kimber Lee & Annie Social will challenge JT Dunn & David Starr for the Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Championship on September 13. The Juicy Product won the straps at United on July 12 after the Chicks Using Nasty Tactics beat Veda Scott and Rick Cataldo in their scheduled defence… Candice LeRae will face Rickey Shane Page, Johnny Gargano and Veda Scott in singles matches as part of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Wrestle Rager weekend at the start of September… Marti Belle was involved in a car crash on Thursday night after her boking at New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, NY. It’s why she didn’t make it to SHINE 21… SHINE 22 is scheduled for October 10 and will featured international names considering it’s the week before SHIMMER. Therefore, you can assume that Madison Eagles, Nikki Storm, Evie, Kellie Skater and Rhia O’Reilly will be in Berwyn the next weekend… Mickie Knuckles retained the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship on Friday by beating Crazy Mary Dobson with a Superplex. She was attacked by former titleholder D’Arcy Dixon afterwards, solidifying the former champion’s heel turn in the promotion… Nicole Matthews made Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling history on Hikaru ShidaSaturday when she defeated Bishop to become the first female ECCW Champion. As a result, she has elected to vacate the Women’s Championship… Captains collide at next month’s SMASH Wrestling CanUSA Classic when Team Canada’s LuFisto will wrestle Team USA’s Amazing Kong.

Ariya & Makoto defeated Yumiko Hotta & La Comandante to win the REINA World Tag Team Championship last Wednesday… Hikaru Shida won the Regina di WAVE Championship on Pro Wrestling WAVE’s 7th Anniversary show on Sunday. Elsewhere on the card, Melanie Cruise made her Japan debut, losing to Kana via armbar… Meiko Satomura, Kyoko Kimura, DASH Chisako and Ray will be part of the International Pro Wrestling Festival in Pyongyang, North Korea this Saturday and Sunday in the first show in the secretive country since World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling co-promoted a show there in 1995. Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto defeated Manami Toyota and Mariko Yoshida on that card… Speaking of Kimura, she has been replaced in the upcoming Stardom 5*STAR Grand Prix by Kris Wolf, presumably because of her taking the North Korea booking.

Pro Wrestling: EVE has announced that it will return as part of the revival of the XWA promotion in Colchester on November 1. Champion Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray and Rhia O’Reilly have been announced. It appears to be a mixed show in the same vein as US promotions like Absolute Intense Wrestling and Inspire Pro Wrestling… Penelope challenges Miss Mina for the DOA Sirens Championship in Malmo, Sweden this weekend… Fierce Females runs its latest show this weekend. It’s headlined by Kay Lee Ray taking on April Davids and Carmel Jacob & Sara battling Nikki Storm and a mystery partner. It should also offer some answers as to why Kay Lee decided to join up with hated enemy Carmel.

Australia & New Zealand
Shazza McKenzie made her first successful defence of her PWWA Championship on Saturday. She defeated Jessie McKay. Madison Eagles and Mick Moretti won the PWA Tag Team Championship on the same show… Harley Wonderland won a 3-way involving Izzy Shaw and Savannah Summers on Saturday to become the number one contender to Demi Bennett’s Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship. The pair have been squabbling for a while… A photo has been doing the rounds online showing the women who took part in the WWE tryouts in Melbourne earlier this month. Along with the names already mentioned like Sara Jay, Toni Storm and Savannah Summers, we also had Jessie McKay, Evie and curiously, Hiroyo Matsumoto… Mercedes Martinez has vacated the IndyGurlz Australia Championship, after what New Horizons Pro Wrestling described as “a situation beyond both parties’ control”. A new champion will be crowned in November… Britenay and Evie will settle their differences on Saturday when they wrestle to decide who is the rightful Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion… Global Force Wrestling says that it’s secured partnerships with Australasian promotions like PWA Australia, Impact Pro Wrestling and Riot City Wrestling. That means the likes of Madison Eagles, Shazza McKenzie, Demi Bennett, Savannah Summers, Harley Wonderland and Evie could be on their radar.



August 19: WWE Main Event (Phoenix, AZ) – Nikki Bella b Emma

August 19: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Chasyn Rance b Brittany

August 20: CMLL-REINA (Tokyo, Japan) – Alex Lee b Miyako Matsumoto; Maki Narumiya b Kaho Kobayashi; Syuri & Kyoko Kimura b Marcela & La Silueta; Ariya & Makoto b Yumiko Hotta & La Comandante to win the REINA World Tag Team Championship

August 20: Gatoh Move (Bangkok, Thailand) – Riho & Blue Lotus b Emi Sakura & Peppermint

August 20: TNA Impact Wrestling (New York, NY) – Gail Kim b Angelina Love

August 20: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Mary Elizabeth Monroe b Rebel

August 21: WWE Superstars (Las Vegas, NV) – Emma b Alicia Fox

August 21: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Charlotte b Becky Lynch

August 21: WWE NXT (Largo, FL) – Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch b Carmella & Kendall Skye via DQ; Bayley b Charlotte

August 21: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Marti Belle & Rick Cataldo b Chrissy Rivera & Jolly Roger

August 22: WWE SmackDown (Phoenix, AZ) – Natalya b Paige

August 22: RESISTANCE Pro (Willowbrook, IL) – D’Arcy Dixon b Paloma Starr, Angel Dust & Lucy Mendez in a 4-way; Mickie Knuckles b Crazy Mary Dobson

1 Amanda Rodriguez Heidi Lovelace SHINEAugust 22: SHINE 21 (Ybor City, FL) – Nevaeh b Leah Von Dutch, Amazing Kong & Su Yung in a 4-way; Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling b Jayme Jameson & Amanda Rodriguez; Thunderkitty b Justine Silver; Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb b Jessie Belle Smothers & Sassy Stephie; Taylor Made b La Rosa Negra; Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine b Leva Bates & Mia Yim; Ivelisse Velez b Nevaeh; Jessicka Havok b Allysin Kay

August 22: WWE (Stockton, CA) – Emma & Nikki Bella b Alicia Fox & Layla

August 22: Classic Championship Wrestling (Oshwekan, ON, Canada) – Holly Madison b Skylar Rose & Cassie Cool in a 3-way

August 22: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dark Angel, La Vaquerita & Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, Dalys & La Seductora

August 23: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Shiori Akiba v Kyuri went to a time limit draw; Yuka b 235; Neko Nitta b Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera in a 3-way; Tsukushi & Kurumi b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Miyako Matsumoto; Tsukushi & Kurumi b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Miyako Matsumoto; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Miyako Matsumoto b Tsukushi & Kurumi

August 23: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Cherry b Kyusei Sakura Hirota & Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru in a 3-way; Moeka Haruhi b Rina Yamashita; Kana & Fairy Nipponbashi b Sumire Natsu & Tsukasa Fujimoto; Ayako Hamada, Yuu Yamagata & Sawako Shimono b Yumi Ohka, Mika Iida & Misaki Ohata

August 23: Riot City Wrestling (Wayville, Australia) – Harley Wonderland b Izzy Shaw & Savannah Summers in a 3-way

August 23: Pro Wrestling Alliance (Casula, Australia) – Shazza McKenzie b Jessie McKay; Mick Moretti & Madison Eagles b The Hive, The Green Nation, Blue Oni & Instagraham and the Samoan Warriors in a Gauntlet Match to win the PWA Tag Team Championship

August 23: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Dundee, Scotland) – Viper, Sammii Jayne & Felix Fortune b Christopher Saynt, Mickey & Nikki Storm

August 23: Warriors Of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Rosita b Jennifer Cruz

August 23: WWE NXT (Fort Pierce, FL) – Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss b Kendall Skye & Carmella; Bayley b Charlotte

August 23: WWE (San Diego, CA) – Paige b Natalya

August 23: WWE (Sacramento, CA) – Emma & Nikki Bella b Alicia Fox & Layla

August 23: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews b Bishop to win the ECCW Championship

August 24: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Rabbit Miyu b Yako Fujigasaki; Hanako Hanayashiki b Eiger; Maki Narumiya & Risa Sera b Command Bolshoi & Yua Hayashi; KAZUKI b Raideen Hagane; Kayoko Haruyama & Leon b Arisa Nakajima & Tsukushi

August 24: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kyoko Kimura v Koguma went to a double count-out; Reo Hazuki b Kris Wolf & Hatsuhinode Kamen in a 3-way; Star Fire b Kaori Yoneyama; Takumi Iroha b DASH Chisako; Kairi Hojo b Nanae Takahashi; Cheerleader Melissa b Io Shirai; Mayu Iwatani b Yoshiko

Kana Melanie Cruise Youji KawauchiAugust 24: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Cherry b Shu Shibutani; Mio Shirai, Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto b Sumire Natsu, Rina Yamashita & Kaho Kobayashi; Kana b Melanie Cruise; Kyoko Kimura b Sawako Shimono; Dynamite Kansai b Fairy Nipponbashi; Kyusei Sakura Hirota & Mika Iida b Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto and Ayako Hamada & Yuu Yamagata in a 3-way to win the WAVE Tag Team Championship; Hikaru Shida b Yumi Oka to win the Regina di WAVE Championship

August 24: Insane Championship Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew b Grado & Colt Cabana and Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy to win the ICW Tag Team Championship

August 24: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Angel Blue b Athena & Jessica James in a 3-way

August 24: WWE (Bakersfield, CA) – Paige b Natalya

August 24: WWE (Fresno, CA) – Emma & Nikki Bella b Alicia Fox & Layla

August 25: Conwy County Wrestling (Llandudno, Wales) – Jezabeth b Nadia Sapphire

August 25: WWE Raw (Anaheim, CA) – Paige b Natalya


August 29: Shropshire Wrestling Alliance (Dawley, England) – Pete Dunne & Ryan Smile v Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell

August 29: Showcase Pro Wrestling (Dumfries, Scotland) – Sara v Leah Owens

August 29: British Championship Wrestling (Kilmarnock, Scotland) – Liam Thomson & Carmel Jacob v Grado & Kay Lee Ray

August 30: Impact Pro Wrestling (Auckland, New Zealand) – Britenay v Evie

August 30: Melbourne City Wrestling (Tullamrine, Australia) – Kellyanne English v KC Cassidy

August 30: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (Dundee, Scotland) – Christopher Saynt v Glen Dunbar v Sammii Jayne v Viper v Nikki Storm

August 30: Kamikaze Pro (Birmingham, England) – Nixon Newell v Violet Vendetta

August 30: Svensk Wrestling Syd (Malmo, Sweden) – Miss Mina v Penelope

Leah Owens Rhia O'Reilly Fierce FemalesAugust 31: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne v Nixon Newell; Layla Rose v Miss Cole; Kay Lee Ray v April Davids; Nikki Storm & TBA v Carmel Jacob & Sara; Viper v Lana Austin; Kasey Owens v Bete Noire; Leah Owens v Rhia O’Reilly; Courtney v Fiona Fraser

September 5: Pro Wrestling 4U (Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England) – Pollyanna Peppers v Nixon Newell

September 5: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Rickey Shane Page v Candice LeRae

September 6: Tidal Wrestling (Darlington, England) – Ruby Summers v TBA

September 6: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Johnny Gargano v Candice LeRae

September 6: North Shore Pro Wrestling (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Sassy Stephie v Pink Flash Kira

September 7: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Star Fire v Io Shirai; Nanae Takahashi v Cheerleader Melissa; Kairi Hojo v Kaori Yoneyama; Koguma v Yoshiko; Takumi Iroha v Kyoko Kimura; Mayu Iwatani v DASH Chisako

September 7: PROGRESS Wrestling (London, England) – Pollyanna Peppers v Rhia O’Reilly

Candice LeRae Veda ScottSeptember 7: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Candice LeRae v Veda Scott

September 11: WWE NXT Takeover 2 (Winter Park, FL) – Charlotte v Bayley

September 12: Target Wrestling (Carlisle, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Kasey Owens

September 13: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Takumi Iroha v Koguma; Kyoko Kimura v Mayu Iwatani; Yoshiko v DASH Chisako; Cheerleader Melissa v Kairi Hojo; Star Fire v Nanae Takahashi; Io Shirai v Kaori Yoneyama

September 13: UK Wrestling (Wakefield, England) – Heidi Katrina v Shanna

September 13: Target Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kasey Owens v Saraya Knight

September 13: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – JT Dunn & David Starr v Kimber Lee & Annie Social

September 13: Quintessential Pro Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV) – Jillian Hall v Christina Von Eerie; Veda Scott v Serena Deeb; Candice LeRae v Laura James; Kahmora v Ivelisse Velez

September 15: Stardom (Osaka, Japan) – Kairi Hojo v Io Shirai; Cheerleader Melissa v Star Fire; Kaori Yoneyama v Nanae Takahashi; Kyoko Kimura v Yoshiko; DASH Chisako v Koguma; Mayu Iatani v Takumi Iroha

September 19: Southside Wrestling (Sheffield, England) – Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae v Martin Kirby & Kris Travis

September 20: Pride Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – DCT & Viper v Mr Byers & Fiona Fraser

September 21: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Leah & Kasey Owens v Bete Noire & Viper

September 21: SMASH Wrestling CANUSA Classic (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Amazing Kong v LuFisto

September 23: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama v Cheerleader Melissa; Io Shirai v Nanae Takahashi; Star Fire v Kairi Hojo; Koguma v Mayu Iwatani; Kyoko Kimura v DASH Chisako; Yoshiko v Takumi Iroha

September 26: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Hudson, MA) – Nikki Valentine v Davienne

September 28: Bellatrix X (Norwich, England) – Sammi Baynz v Blue Nikita

October 3: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Ivelisse Velez & Tommy Dreamer v Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan; Hania v Veda Scott

October 4: Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, Australia) – Toni Storm v Savannah Summers

October 4: Empress Pro (High Wycombe, England) – Addy Starr v Pollyanna Peppers

October 4: Family Wrestling Entertainment (Brooklyn, NY) – Maria Kanellis v Ivelisse Velez; Candice LeRae & TBA v Veda Scott & Christina Von Eerie

October 8: Tidal Wrestling (Leeds, England) – Violet O’Hara v Kimber Lee

October 10: SHINE 22 (Ybor City, FL)

October 11: Southside Wrestling (Nottingham, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Kimber Lee

October 11: East Coast Wrestling Association Women’s Championship tournament (Carneys Point, NJ)

October 12: Southside Wrestling (St Neots, England) – Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak v Jim & Lee Hunter; Kay Lee Ray v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Mark Andrews v Rich Swann v Shane Strickland

October 18-19: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

October 24: Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Sumie Sakai v Kacee Carlisle

October 25: Southside Wrestling (Stevenage, England) – Mark Andrews v El Ligero v Will Ospreay v Rich Swann v Kay Lee Ray v Curry Man

October 25: NCW Femmes Fatales XVI (Montreal, QC, Canada)

October 26: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

November 1: Flemish Wrestling Force (Limsburg, Belgium) – Leah Von Dutch v Katey Harvey

November 16: Tidal Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray v Shax

November 23: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WWE (Front page, 1-3,6), Hikaru Shida (7), Youji Kawauchi (9)
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch,, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, Ringstars, PWInsider, NHB Girls, North Starz, WrestlingData

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Nicole Matthews becomes the first woman to win the ECCW Title, then vacates the Women’s belt

Nicole MatthewsHaving a lack of viable challengers for the Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Women’s Title has worked out in a weird way for Nicole Matthews. Having successfully defended her belt against Veronika Vice and Jaida over the summer, she has also been taking on the men in the promotion to extend her unbeaten run since mid-May and saw her gain another crack at the promotion’s top title.

The 27-year old had a shot at the ECCW Championship last November when she took on then-champion El Phantasmo and was on the verge of victory when the titleholder got himself intentionally disqualified. Despite the victory, Matthews did not get another crack at the title, but her victories over the last couple of months warranted her a second attempt at the belt – and it is one that she capitalised on, as she beat Bishop on last night’s All Or Nothing show in Vancouver, BC, to become the promotion’s first ever female ECCW Champion.

In the interests of full disclosure, the popular Matthews did not win the title on her own. As you will be able to see in the video below, the Port Coquitlam native had assistance from her Riot teammates Andy “The Dreadful” Bird and Ravenous Randy to secure the championship and make ECCW history as well as secure the future of Matthews’ stable – as the Riot would have been forced to disband had Bishop retained the title.

The victory also means that Matthews has won every ECCW title that there is to win. As well as holding the Women’s strap on four occasions and winning ECCW Championship, she is also a two-time co-holder of the Tag Team Titles with her Riot buddies. The only honour that she has yet to accomplish in the promotion is winning the Pacific Cup tournament, which takes place every spring.

Check out the videos below which show the closing moments and a montage of the match, as well as Matthews’ post-match comments where she makes an announcement about her Women’s Title.

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