WOW Podcast #68 with Saraya Knight

WOW Saraya 14

Episode 68 with Saraya Knight

It’s been almost two years since we had the force of nature known as Saraya Knight on our podcast, so ahead of Bellatrix IX this weekend in Norwich, we figured we’d check in and see how “mum” is doing, especially now that her little girl Paige is the WWE Divas Champion. During the 80+ minute show, topics include include the Channel 4 “Fighting With My Family” documentary from a couple of years back; her extended family (and her ongoing campaign against people imitating her family members on social media); a preview of this weekend’s show (including a discussion on just how good Sammi Baynz is, the ridiculous and true story of Destiny‘s broken bone injury; and a look back at some previous Bellatrix shows, including – believe it or not – the deaf, dumb and blind wrestler who competed on the last show); the wacky story of the night she saw her daughter win the Divas Title on Raw; an update on her eye-watering collection of injuries; the art working the crowd and whether we could see a babyface Saraya Knight in America – and then she tops it all off with a ten minute road-trip story from back in the day that involves a broken down van, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a ditch, a bull, multiple breakdown vehicles, commando manoeuvres in a field and an unexpectedly painful groin. Mental – but we love her. Enjoy the show.

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WOW Podcast #67 with Sassy Stephie

WOW Stephie
Episode 67 with Sassy Stephie

When we last had Sassy Stephie on the Women of Wrestling Podcast back in 2010, this website didn’t even exist yet. Lots to catch up on in the last few years, then – not least the fact that this past weekend Stephie was appearing as Brenda “Juice” Jones in something called the Lingerie Fighting Championships. Err… what? Find out what that’s all about here and how that deal all came together. We also talk of the return of Stephie and her S-N-S Express buddies at SHINE 20 later this month, and speaking of female trios teams, we talk about the (now pretty much former) Midwest Militia of her, Jessicka Havok & Allysin Kay and the role that group played in getting all three of them over, including participating in the only female War Games match. We talk about the changes in WSU since the change of ownership, and the story of the AMISH HORSE ATTACK which destroyed half of Stephie’s car en route to a WSU event. We also talk SHIMMER, wrestling joshis and 1950s throwbacks, injuries in wrestling, the perception people have of her as a “veteran” and how she feels about that role. Stephie gives her picks for the top talents people need to watch out for in the next couple of years, and we talk about her personal life changes of late – including moving to Montreal and her engagement. We get the story of her proposal at the Met-Life Stadium at WrestleMania 29 and the simply awesome discussions she and her fiancé Chris have had over possibly including a guest wrestler at the reception. It’s about an hour and a half long, but given that we haven’t delivered a full-length WOW Podcast for a few months, it’s the least we could do. Enjoy.

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SHINE 18 live results – Ivelisse defends against Saraya; Martinez/Deeb steal the show; Havok hit by a car

Saraya playing at SHINE 18It’s a final one-two punch for the Spring version of Female Fight Season over the next two evenings as SHINE Wrestling presents SHINE 18 live on iPPV tonight, and up in Montreal, NCW:Femmes Fatales presents Femmes Fatales XIV tomorrow. With SHINE being live (and available on VOD shortly after), we certainly encourage you to go to and get your order in for a pretty stacked card, but if you’re not able to watch live, we’ll have live updates in this post.

Given that it’s a week after SHIMMER Vols 63-66, and a lot of the import talent for those shows are still in the US, there’s a different feel to this show, with long term SHINE feuds like Allysin Kay vs Jessicka Havok (who will be colliding in a possibly show-stealing Ybor City Street Fight) sit alongside matches that, while they don’t have the buildup, may be once-in-a-lifetime style matches – such as the main event, where Ivelisse defends her SHINE Championship against former SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight, or the intriguing matchup between Amazing Kong and the “Galaxy Famous” Nikki Storm. There’s also a SHINE Tag Title defence on the card, though the exact opponents for the Lucha Sisters has yet to be announced, following Madison Eagles‘ injury last weekend. As of this moment, SHINE’s website lists the challengers simply as Evie & TBD. Join us after the cut for results as they come in. Continue reading “SHINE 18 live results – Ivelisse defends against Saraya; Martinez/Deeb steal the show; Havok hit by a car”

Wrestling… YAY! – A Fortnight of Awesome

Rhi NHB GirlsA fortnight ago, I embarked on an adventure. It’s not unusual that I’d take a rather long drive or trip for wrestling – I have ventured to Sydney, South Australia and Canberra for this crazy passion of mine, but this… this was truly out of my comfort zone. Getting on a plane for five hours (my longest plane trip ever), to go and see a pretty awesome sounding wrestling show, was almost crazy to my friends. “You’re going where?! For what again?”

Touching down to Perth, a place two hours behind my home city, and it was by far one of the laid back places I have ever set foot in. After hanging out for a bit and taking in the sights on Friday, I made my way to the show, which was located about 20 minutes from the inner city of Perth.

A while ago, when the show was announced I was drawn to it instantly. Not just because international talent such as Portia Perez, Tomoka Nakagawa and Saraya Knight were scheduled to appear. But because an Australian promotion was taking the time and dedicating the Global Conflict tournament to women and opening the doors to women around the world. This type of feat needed to be respected, celebrated and recognised. Going over to Perth, seemed to be the next logical step for me, plus a great opportunity to see some local talent I had not seen before and a chance to see a personal dream match of mine (that being Kellie Skater v Nikita Naridian). Continue reading “Wrestling… YAY! – A Fortnight of Awesome”

Bellatrix 7 card revealed: Bellatrix and Femmes Fatales titles on the line! Saraya vs Melissa! Plus, Bellatrix 8 debuts announced!

Courtney RushWe’ve just had the announcement of the full card for Bellatrix 7, featuring the five previously announced SHIMMER imports – along with an intriguing domestic return. Heading up the card will see the UK debut of the Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush (right), putting her title on the line against the RQW European Champion Liberty, fresh off her main event win at Bellatrix 6 – while Saraya Knight and Cheerleader Melissa return to Norfolk to (presumably) finally settle the 6+ year feud that first erupted in Great Yarmouth in January 2007.

Also, we will see the first overseas defence of the NCW:Femmes Fatales International Title as Mercedes Martinez will put her title on the line against Norwegian star Miss Mina. Along with the SHIMMER vs Bellatrix bouts, Erin Angel will defend her Bellatrix British Ladies Championship against the returning Sammi Baynes. Not sure who Sammi Baynes is? You may remember her as the other half of the Norfolk Dolls tag team with Britani KnightMelodi!

Click through for the full card. Continue reading “Bellatrix 7 card revealed: Bellatrix and Femmes Fatales titles on the line! Saraya vs Melissa! Plus, Bellatrix 8 debuts announced!”

Wrestling… yay! – The discovery of SHIMMER

38It was late 2011 when I watched my very first SHIMMER. It was Volume 37 and I am not going to lie, it was a bit of a blur. I marveled at the fact that this show catered for women’s wrestling, that the women… *actually* wrestled. There were no fart jokes, there was no nonsense timing of matches, this shit was serious and it was bloody awesome. I had always been a fan of women’s wrestling, but it was more aimed toward the Australian local scene (and with talents such as Madison Eagles and Kellie Skater, who could blame me?), I was used to seeing short matches on a card stacked with men, so to see SHIMMER match that went against the very grain of everything I knew, well: mind blown.

The main event for that show was Eagles v Mercedes Martinez. I think it’s pretty obvious in my third instalment of this column, that I am a pretty huge fan of Madison’s work and naturally this match was no exception. To see her in that match amongst her ‘own kind’ was spectacular and I was blown away with the high calibre of wrestling shown throughout the entire show. It was then I quickly realised, SHIMMER was the grand mecca of women’s wrestling. THIS was the place to be if you are a female wrestler and are damn serious about it. Continue reading “Wrestling… yay! – The discovery of SHIMMER”

WOW Podcast #57 with Erin Angel


Episode 57 with Erin Angel

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns as we welcome 10 year pro and one of Europe’s finest, Erin Angel, to the show. Erin has just returned from a 22 day tour (no days off) with Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling over in Canada’s Maritime provinces and this weekend will be in one of the major matches at Bellatrix VI on iPPV, where she challenges Rhia O’Reilly for the Bellatrix British Ladies Championship. We talk about both of those things, of course – but given that much of Erin’s career has taken place under the internet radar, we take the chance to dig into her career so far – from starting on the British camp circuit and training on the job, to who is most responsible for training her, right up through to extensive touring with All Star Wrestling and international travel (including an ambulance ride during her first ever booking in France) and right up to date. Erin talks about her experiences in Pro-Wrestling EVE (including getting to wrestle Japanese stars), previews her Bellatrix match, discusses working on over 18s shows like ICW:Fierce Females and lays out her future goals. We even hear how she effectively saves children’s lives during her other job. Truly an Angel. Enjoy!

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