WOW Podcast #72 with Heidi Lovelace

WOW Heidi Lovelace

Episode 72 with Heidi Lovelace

We’re big advocates for Heidi Lovelace here at Ringbelles – so a year and a bit after we had one of her first ever wrestling interviews on an edition of Fight Like A Girl, we thought it was time to welcome her back and feature her on the main Women of Wrestling Podcast – and why not? She’s done so much in the last year or so that she’s got a lot to talk about. Amongst the topics discussed in this 90 minute show include winning the AAW Heritage Title last Friday night in Chicago (her career highlight to date), a breakdown of the great months-long storyline she was involved with in Ohio Valley Wrestling last Summer with Taeler Hendrix, becoming a player in SHIMMER this year, ushering in the return of CHIKARA, making sense of intergender wrestling, wrestling for AIW, working heel, being one half of The Buddy System with Solo Darling at SHINE, and yes, squirm-inducing tales from the IWA: Mid South Queen of the Death Matches show this year… not to mention the reason *why* she wanted to do a Death Match tournament in the first place (and whether you’ll see her in any more). There’s talk also of future plans, and this episode’s Wacky Roadtrip Story involves crotch chopping and veiled threats to kill. Yes. Take a listen!

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WOW Podcast #71 with Mia Yim

WOW Mia Yim

Episode 71 with Mia Yim

“You guys should have Mia Yim on your Podcast” is something we’ve heard for what seems like years. Well, we finally got around to asking her – and we’re pretty confident that you’ll find it was worth the wait. A monster of an interview, clocking in at over 100 minutes, touching on pretty much every aspect of her career to date from her initial training and inspirations to get involved in the business right up to her challenge this weekend for Barbi Hayden‘s NWA World Women’s Championship at Inspire Pro Wrestling in Texas. Subjects up for discussion include… Mia’s history of being bullied at school and how pro-wrestling helped her self confidence – and how her own debut match in 2009 inspired someone else to completely turn their life around, her training in Virginia, followed by joining both the ROH and CZW training schools, her gear, feuding with Greg Excellent in CZW – leading to the big TLC blow-off (and generally about just how underrated Greg Excellent really is). We touch on DJ Hyde and the mini controversy over his “BJ Club” comments at WSU a couple of weekends ago. We discuss the most influential voice in Mia’s early years, getting to go to Japan really early in her career (and being considered one of the “big” girls in Japan), wrestling Manami Toyota, and which Joshi stars she feels she works best with. We talk her knee injury earlier this year and how it played into her SHIMMER weekend in April, and how she changed her style to compensate. We discuss adjusting her style in general, working smarter in the ring and the major part Mercedes Martinez has to play in mentoring that. Obviously the Lucha Sisters and her time in SHINE is up for much happy discussion, including Leva‘s cosplay ideas and how they felt winning the first ever SHINE Tag Titles. We talk Mia’s infamous feud with Allysin Kay in AIW, from the nose-breakery to the crazy steel cage match, working in TNA for two consecutive Knockouts Knockdown PPVs, and Mia’s wacky road trip story involves one Robert Evans! Enjoy!

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WOW Podcast #70 with Veda Scott

WOW Veda Scott

Episode 70 with Veda Scott

Wrestler, manager, commentator, interviewer, legal representative… Veda Scott wears a lot of hats in the world of pro-wrestling – not bad for someone who’s still relatively young in her career. That means lots to talk about, including lots about her career to date in Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling, and her upcoming Steel Cage Match against Gregory Iron at their ‘Battle of the Sexes’ show on July 26th. We get the background to the feud, and why you should want to see the cage battle, and recount some of Veda’s most hardcore moments in AIW, ranging from bleeding all over the ring to being curb stomped into a kiddie pool full of cheeseburgers. We talk the art of the promo – something which Veda excels at, and try to throw out some advice to wrestlers who don’t feel comfortable selling themselves (or selling tickets) by simply talking. We talk about her transition to babyface in AIW and her turn to the heel side at SHIMMER this year, her favourite moments in SHIMMER and getting to do commentary for SHIMMER, WSU and more. We talk ROH‘s ‘Future of Honor’ show on July 27th, what that’s all about, discuss the future of the ‘Women of Honor’ in ROH, and even touch on The Romantic Touch. Veda gets all excited to talk Texas’ Inspire Pro Wrestling promotion, we discuss her cryptic “Europe” tweet recently and we continue our series of ‘Wacky Road Trip Stories’ with the tale of Veda, Canada, Whirlyball, snow and near-death. No hookers though. There’s also an intro where we run down the card for AIW next weekend and talk WWE‘s newfound interest in featuring women in multiple storylines. Check it out, everybody!

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WOW Podcast #69 with Cherry Bomb

WOW Cherry Bomb

Episode 69 with Cherry Bomb

With SHINE 20 just a day away, we caught up with one half of the Kimber Bombs – none other than Cherry Bomb – on the eve of the night she’s certain they’ll become SHINE Tag Champions. Order the show here. We discuss her recent ankle injury suffered at SMASH wrestling and get an update on how it’s holding up after getting back in the ring last weekend. From there, we discuss – nay, *enthuse* about the tag team of The Kimber Bombs, how they came together, their name, their chemistry in the ring… oh, and ‘Hello Kitty’ cookies. We also find out what happened to the proposed Taeler Hendrix/Cherry Bomb tag team that was first mooted by Taeler on our show last November. We also touch on Cherry’s career ambitions to make it to the top, and the chances she had to work a TNA taping and a couple of ROH TV tapings last year. Amongst other things, there are mentions of CZW, WSU, the upcoming SMASH CanUSA Classic (where she’s defected to Team USA by way of marriage), whether marriage has changed her experiences in wrestling, her upcoming bikini fitness competition and a couple of wacky road trip stories. And before Cherry even gets on the show, we’ve got 20 minutes or so of chat about this coming weekend’s worth of female wrestling shows, the final goodbye to Vickie Guerrero on Raw and the upcoming Paige/Naomi match this weekend. Check it out!

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WOW Podcast #68 with Saraya Knight

WOW Saraya 14

Episode 68 with Saraya Knight

It’s been almost two years since we had the force of nature known as Saraya Knight on our podcast, so ahead of Bellatrix IX this weekend in Norwich, we figured we’d check in and see how “mum” is doing, especially now that her little girl Paige is the WWE Divas Champion. During the 80+ minute show, topics include include the Channel 4 “Fighting With My Family” documentary from a couple of years back; her extended family (and her ongoing campaign against people imitating her family members on social media); a preview of this weekend’s show (including a discussion on just how good Sammi Baynz is, the ridiculous and true story of Destiny‘s broken bone injury; and a look back at some previous Bellatrix shows, including – believe it or not – the deaf, dumb and blind wrestler who competed on the last show); the wacky story of the night she saw her daughter win the Divas Title on Raw; an update on her eye-watering collection of injuries; the art working the crowd and whether we could see a babyface Saraya Knight in America – and then she tops it all off with a ten minute road-trip story from back in the day that involves a broken down van, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a ditch, a bull, multiple breakdown vehicles, commando manoeuvres in a field and an unexpectedly painful groin. Mental – but we love her. Enjoy the show.

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WOW Podcast #67 with Sassy Stephie

WOW Stephie
Episode 67 with Sassy Stephie

When we last had Sassy Stephie on the Women of Wrestling Podcast back in 2010, this website didn’t even exist yet. Lots to catch up on in the last few years, then – not least the fact that this past weekend Stephie was appearing as Brenda “Juice” Jones in something called the Lingerie Fighting Championships. Err… what? Find out what that’s all about here and how that deal all came together. We also talk of the return of Stephie and her S-N-S Express buddies at SHINE 20 later this month, and speaking of female trios teams, we talk about the (now pretty much former) Midwest Militia of her, Jessicka Havok & Allysin Kay and the role that group played in getting all three of them over, including participating in the only female War Games match. We talk about the changes in WSU since the change of ownership, and the story of the AMISH HORSE ATTACK which destroyed half of Stephie’s car en route to a WSU event. We also talk SHIMMER, wrestling joshis and 1950s throwbacks, injuries in wrestling, the perception people have of her as a “veteran” and how she feels about that role. Stephie gives her picks for the top talents people need to watch out for in the next couple of years, and we talk about her personal life changes of late – including moving to Montreal and her engagement. We get the story of her proposal at the Met-Life Stadium at WrestleMania 29 and the simply awesome discussions she and her fiancé Chris have had over possibly including a guest wrestler at the reception. It’s about an hour and a half long, but given that we haven’t delivered a full-length WOW Podcast for a few months, it’s the least we could do. Enjoy.

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WOW Podcast #66 with Amazon Ayesha Ray

WOW Ayesha

Episode 66 with “The Female Predator” Amazon, Ayesha Ray
Almost two years after doing her very first wrestling interview on our My Name Is show here at Ringbelles, the UK’s “Female Predator” Amazon steps up to a full Women of Wrestling Podcast appearance – and why not? She’s international news these days, fresh off a three month tour of Japan which saw her win the Artist of STARDOM Trios Titles at Korakuen Hall, and wrestle on shows promoted by legends such as Meiko Satomura and Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta. That was her second tour of Japan in 2013, in fact. Not bad going for someone we first clocked as a trainee with potential about six years ago. Apart from discussing Japan, the language, the loneliness and spending Christmas in Japan, Ayesha discusses her hidden talents, breaking into wrestling under Justin Richards in the UK, her early association with London Inc, spreading her wings in WAW, the tag team match that got four women legitimately suspended from Premier Promotions, the “Amazon” character, her real-life friendship turned in-ring tag team with Rhia O’Reilly, working with Alpha Female (and a car door) at Pro-Wrestling: EVE, wrestling in Australia and we try to get some scoops about her plans for 2014. Oooh, there’s even a creepy clown story. What more could you want?

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