Stew with Ayumi Kurihara in New Jersey, April 17, 2010

Stew Allen

(Site co-founder, co-host of the Women of Wrestling Podcast)

Pro-Wrestling has been Stew’s drug of choice since early childhood, when the allure of Saturday afternoon British wrestling on ITV acted as a gateway to the glitz and excitement of late 80s WWF & NWA. By the time of the mid 90s tape-trading boom, Stew was watching matches from all over the world. If it involves grapping, chances are Stew’s watched at least some of it – and possibly written about it or commentated on it. As well as irregular contributions to Fighting Spirit Magazine and various fanzines & websites, Stew is also the English voice of CMLL lucha libre (broadcast nationwide in Canada on The Fight Network, on demand in the UK via BT Vision and across Africa on SONY Max), as well as several other international and domestic wrestling & MMA organisations, including Dragon Gate UK. He recently also became the English language commentator for NJPW, providing the first English language New Japan TV commentary in 20 years – it is currently airing across Canada on The Fight Network as “Fighting Spirit Wrestling”. Stew directly credits a fascination with Beth Phoenix (borne out of her appearances in early 2000s Jim Cornette era OVW) for inspiring him to pick up a DVD of SHIMMER Volume 1 on a fateful day in 2006.  The DVD changed his life.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Lee Burton

(Site co-founder, co-host of the Women of Wrestling Podcast)

Like Stew, Lee has been a wrestling fan since childhood.  It began with him being given a copy of WrestleMania VII, then expanded into him taping WCW on late night TV, reading wrestling wrestling magazines in newsagents and spending all his money on building up a library of WWF pay-per-views. Lee is a qualified broadcast journalist and has worked at radio stations across the heart of England – skills which saw him become the co-host of the Powerslam Radio show for four years.  He has also written for Lords of Pain UK, The Wrestling Press, and has been a semi-regular contributor for The Sun‘s wrestling portion on its website since 2003.  Lee’s interest in women’s wrestling started in 2005 when he met a grappler called Skye.  He went to ChickFight VII in January 2007 because she was wrestling there and experienced Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif for the first time.  During the interval he bought SHIMMER Volume 4, and hasn’t looked back.