Stacy Carter responds to Ivory's comments

[Stacy Carter] was a poison. She used her Jerry Lawler card just to get on board and Jerry Lawler was an announcer, so he’s got a lot of push on who he can say great things about and interject about during his two hours on TV and then he’s also privileged to be in on the writers’ meetings. So here you’ve got a person who comes on board that has somebody rooting for them. She snuck her way into an angle with Chyna as the Mini-Me girl; look at all the stuff she got on board with that was already existing without her help – Right To Censor… she [even] got in on the Women’s Title and what did she do with it? Nothing.

Looks like those words from Lisa “Ivory” Moretti from our two most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast episodes (which you can still listen to and download by clicking here) caught the attention of Stacy Carter herself. In a recent interview on VOC Nation, the former WWF Women’s Champion responded to Ivory’s statement:

It’s part of her character as a person. I wouldn’t expect anything else from her.

In the two hour interview, Carter also discussed one of her run-ins with Ivory, and she implies that some of the friction between the two may be down to jealousy:

I was in the locker room eating a Kit Kat. Ivory came up to me and said look at you; I have to work out everyday to look like this, and you can eat Kit Kats, not work out, and look like you do. She was very happy that she had to lose the belt to me.

Of course, not everyone is going to get on, and people are allowed to have negative opinions of others, but what do you think? Does Ivory have a point with Stacy Carter, or is the former Miss Kitty right when she claims the cool feelings between the two are down to envy? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section – we would love to know what your feelings are.


One thought on “Stacy Carter responds to Ivory's comments

  1. Ivory is a natural athlete, always in good shape, i.e. elegant and muscular, sexy and strong, radiating health and energy. No reason to be jealous of Stacy Carter IMO. No, the controversy is about a plum job, about accomplishment and achievement.
    Ringbellesonline shouldn’t care too much about Carter’s reply. In fact, The Kat echos Ivory’s words and explains her position without denying Ivory’s vision. One distinction: Stacy pass the buck to Jerry Lawler who was her mentor, motivator and inspiration. He made and conducted The Kat. What was she without Jerry in her life, she’s wondering.
    Stacy also confirms her privileged position in the WWF. She wasn’t obliged to do the hard work that other divas had to do. Even non-wrestlers like Sable, Debra and Terri Runnels, even Liliane Garcia, went to the gym.
    Hard working wrestlers Ivory and Jacqueline had just snatched away the title from non-wrestlers Sable and Debra. At long last! Then came Kitty, who never worked out, never went to wrestling training, and she got a star role and the championship. Wasn’t that funny? Poor Ivory, expecting that talent and hard work would get a performance related remuneration.


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