NCW: Femmes Fatales XI – Two new champions crowned; LuFisto/Martinez feud heats up further

Mercedes Martinez Kalamity NCW Femmes FatalesHistory is being made at the Centre St-Barthelemy in Montreal, Quebec tonight as NCW: Femmes Fatales offers up a card with international implications – putting three of the world’s female wrestling championships on the line. In the main event, Femmes Fatales International Champion Kalamity defends her title for the seventeenth time against longtime rival Mercedes Martinez.

In addition, Sweet Saraya Knight defends the SHIMMER Championship against LuFisto, just one week before stepping into a steel cage with Cheerleader Melissa at SHIMMER Vol 53, while Bellatrix World Champion Allison Danger returns to Femmes Fatales to put her title on the line against the suplex master Courtney Rush. Cheerleader Melissa, who was planning on a shot at Jessicka Havok‘s WSU World Title on this show will instead have her hands full with Allysin Kay.

Click through after the page break for live results as they come in, direct from Montreal.

1. Sweet Cherrie pinned Sassy Stephie (with Mademoiselle Rachelle) with a Stunner.
2. “Pink Flash” Kira pinned Jewells Malone with a crossbody. Malone used a rougher style than expected, using illegal holds and showing attitude to the fans. After the match, Saraya Knight came out and attacked LuFisto‘s trainee Kira. LuFisto made the save and threatened to kill Saraya and leave with the SHIMMER Championship later in the show.
Kellie Skater Angie Skye NCW Femmes Fatales3. Midianne (with Desiree) pinned Xandra Bale with the “People’s Pin” after interference by Bettie Rage, who appears to be the new enforcer for Midianne/Desiree. Rage gave Bale a World’s Strongest Slam while Desiree distracted the referee.
4. “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater pinned Angie Skye (with Kath Von Goth) with a DDT variation. Hard fought battle with lots of chops. Kath Von Goth distracted Skater and Skye attempted to sucker punch her, but Skater ducked and Skye clocked Von Goth.
5. Cheerleader Melissa pinned Allysin Kay following a Missile Dropkick. Described as the best match so far. After the match, Stephie & Rachelle of the Midwest Militia ran in and attacked Melissa, leaving her laying.
6. Cherry Bomb made Mary Lee Rose submit to Anger As Beauty.
7. Bellatrix World Championship: Courtney Rush pinned Allison Danger (c) with the Skyward Suplex to win the title – NEW CHAMPION – The two started the match with a Gagnam Style vs Justin Bieber dance-off and finished with a hug.
8. SHIMMER Championship: Saraya Knight (c) pinned LuFisto in a No DQ/No Countout match to LuFisto Sweet Saraya Knight NCW Femmes Fatalesretain the title. Reported to be a brutal fight which saw Knight attack security before the bout. Mercedes Martinez ran in and cracked LuFisto on the head with a chair shot, meaning Saraya could secure her the win via referee stoppage via the Bridal Rocking Horse.
9. NCW:FF International Championship: Mercedes Martinez pinned Kalamity (c) after a Fisherman Buster on a chair – NEW CHAMPION – Lots of chair shots leading up to the finish.

Thanks to Pat Laprade, co-author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs: The Untold Story of how Montreal Shaped the World of Wrestling for the live updates. Buy his book.


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