Leah Von Dutch wins AIW Absolute Women's Championship at TGIF. You read that right.

Bf7e3PXCUAAud63.jpg-largeIf you’d seen the Girls Night Out 10 main event between AIW Absolute Women’s Champion Allysin Kay and challenger Veda Scott, you’d have been hotly anticipating the rematch – which happened last night at Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s TGIF show. How weird then that the news coming out of the event last night at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, OH was that we had a new Absolute Women’s Champion… called Leah Von Dutch. Err… what?

A hat tip to our friends at PWPonderings for full results of the show (via @OhioReport on twitter), which now allow us to piece together exactly what happened with the women’s division just over a month away from the return of the Girls Night Out brand.

The first thing to point out is that the Allysin Kay vs Veda Scott match *did* take place, and perhaps surprisingly given the way her character was going, Scott didn’t win the title – losing once again via submission to the AK47, who was closing in on two straight years as Women’s Champion. It was after that, however, that the shenanigans started…

Later in the show, the “#Nixon Explodes” match between Eric Ryan & Rickey Shane Page (with The Duke as a special referee) was hastily turned into a triple threat match including Leah Von Dutch, who had joined #Nixon at Girls Night Out 9 last October. #Nixon head honcho The Duke appeared to put all his eggs in one basket by fast counting a pinfall by Von Dutch on Ryan – leading to both Ryan and Page being escorted out of the building. A jubilant Duke called out Allysin Kay, claiming that Von Dutch was now due an *immediate* Championship match. Before anything could be argued out, Duke gave Kay a Duke Driver and LVD pinned Kay while The Duke (still in his referee shirt) counted three… and just like that, Von Dutch was the NEW AIW Women’s Champion.

Not exactly the most transparently clean victory of all time – and it ends Kay’s championship run at 664 days. With Girls Night Out 11 & 12 on the horizon (March 29th, to be exact), one would expect Kay to be at the front of the queue for a rematch. Incidentally, both Von Dutch and Kay are in further title action this weekend also, with LVD defending her XBW Bombshells Championship in Richmond, MI against Courtney Rush in a Steel Cage tomorrow, while Allysin Kay will be at WSU Mutiny in Voorhees, NJ tonight, defending her WSU Tag Titles w/ Sassy Stephie vs Kimber Lee & Annie Social.

— Stew Allen
— Photo via Leah Von Dutch


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